St. Andrew’s House, Edinburgh, Scotland
Photo by Wendy Darling

Center from of the building. In the “island” in the middle of the circular driveway  are two very imposing Deco lamps.

BTW, if anyone is wondering about the coloring of the building, it has blackened over time, due to Edinburgh industry and residential coal burning (no longer allowed). There was a recent building restoration, or so I heard, but the dark color remains. A friend of mine tells me the local stone it’s built with is too porous and that cleaning it would only make the stone more vulnerable to pollution and require another cleaning. The patina of black is actually protecting it. The same is true of a lot of Edinburgh buildings.


A sneak peak of the upcoming Jacobite Auction at Lyon & Turnbull here in Edinburgh. I was there today for the antique book auction viewing and the auction house very kindly had snuck some of the treasures for their Jacobite Auction, which is to be held on Wednesday the 13th of May.

The Ruins of Holyrood Chapel, Louis Daguerre, c. 1804

Holyrood Abbey is located next to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, built by James IV of Scotland in 1501, which became the official residence of the Monarch of the United Kingdom situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. The perspective and scale of the ruins was altered slightly to fit the walls onto the canvas.

And here is the real thing:

Scottish Grindr users on the 2015 general election

A general election will be held in the United Kingdom on 7 May 2015, and traditional polling outlets can’t call the result. Naturally, as I did for the independence referendum, I turned to Grindr.

I asked 1024 Grindr users in and around Edinburgh who they intend to vote for, with mixed results. Here is a representative sample:


Of the 1024 Grindr users I questioned, 436 responses were counted. 196 of these users settled on a party. Here are their results:

61.73% (121)   SNP
11.73% (23)     Labour
9.18% (18)       Conservative
7.14% (14)       Green
3.57% (7)         UKIP
3.57% (7)         Liberal Democrat
1.53% (3)         Monster Raving Loony
1.02% (2)         BNP
0.51% (1)         Socialist

(Of those polled above, 11 unprompted second preferences were also shared – 7 Green, and 1 apiece for the Conservatives, UKIP, SNP, and Socialists.)

A further 240 users did not settle on a party, and I’ve divided their responses as follows:

38   No intention of voting
34   Answered to tell me they’re not going to answer
33   General evasion
32   Undecided
18   Too horny to engage politically
16   Not eligible to vote
15   Bewilderment
13   Indifference
12   Incomprehensible
11   Rage/aggression
10   Obvious joke answers (“Taliban”, “Meryl Streep”, “UKIP” etc)
7     “Anyone but…” (These users made 3 mentions of the SNP, 2 Conservative, 2 Labour, 2 UKIP, 1 Green, and 1 left wing parties in general)
1     Turned out to be a spare account of someone I’d already polled

(This leaves 122 users who presumably blocked me by the time the results were counted. The minority of these users who actually responded before blocking me could not be counted in these results – “Rage/aggression” would certainly be higher otherwise.)

In conclusion, despite their resistance to independence, Grindr users will vote overwhelmingly in favour of the Scottish National Party. Given that my referendum poll was reported by many as having predicted the outcome, we can conclude from this that the SNP will form a comfortable majority government in Westminster with 62% of the United Kingdom’s vote. This prediction can’t possibly fail.