Ladies and gentleman, the fine young criminals who’ve been murdering war heroes and their families 
The Vucari

Edik Anohkin:
Edik is of lower birth, he doesn’t speak much and is very shy. From what most can gather, his parents were siblings and Edik spent most of his early childhood locked in a shed where he was treated like an animal. He receives much abuse and ridicule for his deformed appearance despite being of a passive nature. Edik does not delve into his ideas about the civil strife, the war or his political allegiance. 

(Neurgii) Fabi: 
Fabi is from around the areas of Kazakh and Mongolia and does not consider himself to be aligned to any side of the civil war in Rus. He landed where he is after his village was sacked by the Voyennkh. As a result, he holds much resentment against the Rus as a whole, in particular the upper class, although he does not support the Imperiya either.

Dima Volkov:
Dima hails from the sea-side town of Derevnya u Morya near the capital. A son of the noble Volkov family, he is of wealth and status, however in recent years the family name has declined with the various scandals linked to them and the pressures of the war.  Dima has allies in every part of the civil strife, and his true political stance is not clear.

Pavlo Ghora: 
Pavlo considers himself to be a Gadjo since his family, part of a group of travelling Romani, was separated during an ambush by Imperiya. Pavlo is the most used to travelling, having spent most of his life doing so. Perhaps it is this desire to always be moving around with a group he can call his own that drives Pavlo to travel with the Vucari. Since he does not consider anywhere in particular to be his home, Pavlo does not worry himself about law and politics.

Andrei Sokolov:
Andrei is the first son of Ruslana and Aleksandr Sokolov from the small village of Ozero. His father died when he joined the resistance against the invading Imperiya and some years later, a military raid of Ozero also brought death to his mother. Despite being against war in general, Andrei does not like the Imperiya and considers himself allied with the resistance.

Nikolai (Kolya) Sokolov:
Kolya is the younger brother of Andrei Sokolov and, like his brother, also grew up in Ozero. The youngest of the Vucari, Kolya is the most outwardly vicious. The traumas he experienced at the hands of the Imperiya have led to Kolya becoming callous and hateful towards all forms of authority. Caring little for politics, Kolya’s goals are aimed solely at vengeance.

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