Macabre baking maven Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen (previously featured here) created this deliciously gruesome dissected cake in response to frequently being asked what’s inside her elaborately decorated cakes and what they taste like:

"Of course only the pretty cakes look like this on the inside, all the creepy and unusual cakes are yummy sponge cakes in many different flavours! ;-)

OK, so I’m kidding. Everything is tasty.”

[via Conjurer’s Kitchen]

Going Bananas with @funwithfruit

For a cheerful dose of Elisa’s banana art, follow @funwithfruit on Instagram.

“They are such a cheerful fruit with inbuilt comedy value,” says Elisa Roche (@funwithfruit), a London-based journalist explaining her passion for bananas. While living on the Caribbean island of Martinique for a year, Elisa became obsessed with bananas. “The fruit there just tastes better,” she says. “I’d go through several a day.” But it was only recently that she discovered the curved fruit as a canvas.

“I draw whatever pops into my head using a black Biro and gel pens,” she says, adding that the shape of each banana is also a source of inspiration. Once a piece is done, Elisa takes a picture and eats the fruit. Although Elisa says it feels “cathartic” to throw the painted skin away, she admits, “If there are any scientists out there who can tell me how to preserve them, I’d be intrigued.”


Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell (previously featured here) just shared a fantastic selection of truly monstrous baked goods over on Reddit.

Here you see a batch of waffle cones that turned into a nest of ferocious be-tentacled beasties, a terrifyingly realistic facehugger made of sugar cookies (glued together with caramel and glazed with milk, sugar and nutmeg), an adorable chicken pot pie (with beak and feet carved from carrots), a fiery Danzig birthday cake, tarantula cookies prepared like Girl Scout Samoas, and a spectacular birthday cake created for a Voodoo-Bayou themed party. The tongue of the snake atop the cake is a handmade candle.

Click here to view even more of Christine McConnell’s awesome edible creations.

[via Reddit]


another piece in my Dark Souls Edible Art collection. this time I tried to recreate the shroompeople. unfortunately, the big bro was too heavy and kept bending to the right. had to ram a toothpick through his foot to not totally go yoga on me. also, because he was falling down a lot the details on the stomach got smudged. :(

anyway, big broshroom is taking his little brother trick or treating. and you all know what he does if you don’t have candy:


Shirt and tie cake I made for one of the elders at my church, he’ll be coming over tomorrow and mentioned that it was his birthday, so how could I not make him a cake!? (Especially after he missed out on the cupcakes I made at Easter)

The inside is marble and it has chocolate frosting in the middle and vanilla around the outside, and covered on my homemade fondant.

The knot on the tie didn’t come out as well as I wanted, but other than that I think it’s pretty good for a first try!