It disgust me how people on tumblr will use their “mental illness” like some sort of trophy, or some sort of girl scout badge to present to the world, when people with actual illnesses are trying their best to hide them, because of preconceived thoughts that society already has about mental illness.

Dear Tumbrl 14-17 year olds who like to self-diagnosis yourself and proudly proclaim your illness to the world like it’s a trophy, GROW UP. Stop using your fake illnesses as an excuse to act like little spoiled brats, stop making it harder for people with actual mental illnesses to get help on tumblr, or anywhere else.

Mental illnesses aren’t something you can parade around, it’s not an excuse for your lack of mannerism or discipline, it’s an actual thing that effects people, it’s not edgy, it’s not cool. Be considerate of those who actually do suffer, because most of you don’t.

(Same goes with triggers, because most of you don’t know or understand what those are either. )