e-Shrines- Master List (So Far)

In no particular order. If I didn’t find your e-shrine, add it to the notes and I will slowly update the list that is here. Sorry if there are duplicates in the list. I tried.

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Hey guys!

So this blog’s been around for just a day and it already has 50 followers. Huzzah! Thank you all for your support.

That being said, now that there’s 50 followers, there are 50+ opportunities to get submissions! Yes, that means you!

Have a poem you wrote to your deity? Share it!

Know of a song that reminds you of a certain god or goddess? Toss it this way!

You’ve created a painting/drawing/illustration/sculpture/etc. for your patron? Submit it!

This blog is only just starting, but there’s clearly a lot of interest. I’d love to see what you all have in mind for devotionals, so don’t be afraid to submit your piece!


Introduction: RedCloakLife

Hi all, I’m Red. Dodger asked me to jump in on this blog in case she has to take a Tumblr break and someone needs to be around to help run eDevotionals. 

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what to write here, since this is supposed to be your introduction to me. And, really, there’s a lot to cover.

I’m a polytheist, usually to be found working with the Fae and related deities. I don’t subscribe to one specific pantheon because a lot of dieties have poked their heads around my life lately, but the Fae are always there. I am interested in learning just about everything, though, so please don’t feel you must limit contact with me to Fae-related issues/etc.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone on this blog, and reading all the wonderful devotionals submitted to us.