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Describe your species.

Anacinian, an (sometimes) winged reptilian humanoid race evolved from another world or universe called Edeth. Similar in appearance to humans, they have normally scaled singular colored skin, depending on the particular tribe or bloodline. Immunity to fire, and can be very masterful at magic, they’re a race of cunning creatures. 

Most Anacinians are rarely seen at all, not liking to spend there time with others. Most of them fend for themselves, like most reptiles, they lack the concepts of family that humans are familiar with. Forced out of there homes once of age, by their parents, disowned. Of course they move to new areas spending the species around.

They stand regally. Reptilian eyes, often blazing, despite standing still. They see themselves as ancient and forever, they usually do not bow or befriend to others out of pride. Hands similar to humans but tipped with 1-2 inch claws, with horns on their heads kept pointed. A thin lithe race, gunshots or injuries do not happen, bodies are made to withstand even the worst of hits. Supposedly protected by scaled-skin, a hurricane to fight with in battle, strong despite appearance.

Specifically Madrid is of a darker and more sinister group of Anacinians, deadly. They believe themselves to have evolved from ancient dragons, and are highly vicious when angered. Eerily calm, they’re natural manipulative fighters. They treat a fight like a artwork, often dodging, and weaving through their opponents with ease. An Anacinian’s opponent is a dead opponent.

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