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Ed Sheeran performing Bloodstream at the WAMU theater in Seattle, August 21, 2014. The loop part of this song puts me into a serious trance. And check out the big screens! Very cool. 

  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:A...kissing booth?
  • Molly:*rolls eyes* Believe it or not, Sherlock, there are some people on this planet who actually do want to kiss me. Anyway, I'll have you know I've made twenty pounds so far.
  • Sherlock:I was actually going to say...*pause* twenty pounds? in...
  • Molly:*smug* Yup.
  • Sherlock:*annoyed* Twenty people have kissed you?
  • Molly:Not exactly. Gerry and Neil from the café popped in, Mary and John donated a quid each and Mike, too.
  • Sherlock:That's five.
  • Molly:*shy smile* Um, Greg came by lunchtime looking for you...he had fifteen but... *smirks* ...I didn't see him leave with any food.
  • Sherlock:*angry* Right. *throws fifty pound note into jar*
  • Molly:Thanks.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:Well?
  • Molly:...well, what?
  • Sherlock:*snaps* Well, since I went to the bank especially and you've accepted the cash, I demand a good snog from you, Molly Hooper.
  • Molly:*giggles* Took you bloody long enough *kisses Sherlock*
  • Sherlock:*clears throat* I don't think that was worth a fifty, Molly.