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It’s watching your daughter die, but not suddenly. It’s day by day, looking frailer, smaller, closer to a coffin. It’s not seeing her be hit by a car or be kidnapped and murdered. God knows those things must be true torture. But don’t think because it’s not sudden it’s not utterly as painful- because watching your baby slowly wither away into dust and bones is slow and agonising because every moment spent seeing her get weaker is another moment you have to come to terms with what’s happening; another moment spent thinking what caused it, who’s to blame, what do you do. But those questions can never be answered until she chooses to recover herself… You’re not recovering, you’re melting away slowly but surely. Our tranquility is commendable. We’re not screaming and shouting and crying at you, but every day I spend sitting on the verge of tears, wondering if it’ll be the same tomorrow or if you’ll be gone.
—  My dad, on having an anorexic daughter.