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View the TED-Ed Lesson Where do genes come from?

When life emerged on Earth about 4 billion years ago, the earliest microbes had a set of basic genes that succeeded in keeping them alive. In the age of humans and other large organisms, there are a lot more genes to go around. Where did all of those new genes come from? Carl Zimmer examines the mutation and multiplication of genes.

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Taylor is featured on at least one page in Ed Sheeran’s upcoming book about his journey to fame (at the 4 second mark)!

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Via @Octopus_Books

Advances are in of @edsheeran & @phillipbutah’s amazing #edsheeran #avisualjourney out 09/10 #sneakpeek

I went through a whole Australia tour calling my promoter Dave and on the last day, someone was like, ‘Hey, Nick!’ And I was like, what…? And then, you know when you like try and cover it up and like, you’re there having a conversation and be like, ‘Ah, Nick, yeah it’s really cool to hang out, yeah Nick, it’s all good Nick,’ like overcompensating. But literally for a whole tour he didn’t correct me! Like I called him Dave once and he never corrected me, so he was from then on Dave.
—  Ed Sheeran, Toronto, September 18, 2014.