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Umm why is America's sex ed basically abstinence ed? I just... no!

Because of parent backlash if kids are told too much. Seriously. This year’s 6th grade class was going to have a guest speaker come in and talk about sex, media, and how to talk to your parents about sex and out of 500 students, 100 couldn’t attend the assembly.

-the Polish one

La domenica pomeriggio a lavoro sembra quasi eterna. Oltretutto, come ultimamente capita di frequente, turno da sola. Quindi arrivo, chiacchiero coi ragazzi e giunta l'ora della merenda mi balena un'idea malsana. ‘Cosa ne dite di farci un giro a piedi e prenderci un caffè/gelato al bar?’. Quando si è soli non si fanno mai queste follie, perché può diventare difficile gestirli. Ma i loro occhi s'illuminano ed io non posso ritrattare e a dire il vero, pure io sono felice di uscire da qui. Comunque è andata bene, non so se è perché avrebbero davvero fatto di tutto pur di vedere il sole o se sono io troppo brava a gestirli. Credo la prima, ma nel dubbio mi beo della bella passeggiata.


I got a package of books from Ed Rosenthal’s publishing company, some of his and one by Sandy Moriarty, I can’t wait to check them out! They also included A BUNCH of books to giveaway, so you’ll be seeing these and Ed’s Big Books Of Buds in some future giveaways! Thank you Quick Trading and Ed Rosenthal!!

For the past two weeks, Deadpool has been filming at Vancouver’s Georgia Viaduct, but filming there is wrapping this weekend.

Today, they crammed in as many spoilery scenes as they could. The first video below features Colossus (motion-capture suit) dragging Deadpool, who is handcuffed to the metal-skinned mutant’s wrist. Colossus chats with his partner-in-crime Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and this is when Deadpool reaches for his knife. He then tries to cut off his OWN hand to free himself from his restraints. Don’t worry, Deadpool won’t be walking around the film hand-less. This mutant has the ability to regrow body parts, even a hand.

This second video is the first set video featuring Ed Skrein’s villainous character Ajax, but instead of Skrein we get his stuntman. The scene in involves Deadpool lifting Ajax into the air with the two swords he has embedded in Ajax’s body. 

The last video doesn’t contain any spoilers. It is just the Major of Vancouver visiting the set and chatting with Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends).


Skepta ft. Ed Miliband - That’s Not Me (Labour Remix) #ThatsNotMe

I dreamed about the end of book 3 and that the actual plot had been zaheer manipulating/forcing the krew into killing this girl who was like… a sub-Avatar, I guess. she knew she was going to die so she was crying, but the Krew realized what was happening so they all refused and were like “we’d rather die ourselves than do what you want”

And then there was a fight where Being Fong showed up in a snow suit and had Ed Elric’s automail arm. The girl fled in the confusion.

And then I was Korra with the Krew Etc. and we were traveling along a coast, searching villages, looking for the girl, and at one point the group had to split up and Mako was like “where should I go? Wherever you want to send me I’ll go” and the best decision was to have him keep combing the coastal villages so I wrapped my arm around his neck, pulled him down, and gave him a really smushy kiss on the cheek. Then i watched him leave and it was very sad