Nine Photographs That Left A Scar

There’s an image we have in our minds of what the ideal experience should be growing up in America.  It’s filled with the freedom of exploring, road trips, friends, the outdoors, and a ton of good stories.  This is precisely the type of photographs Jeff captures, pure imagery of youth dead in the middle of what appear to be the most nostalgic moments of their lives.  It’s no surprise brands like Levi’s and Urban Outfitters have sought out Jeff to shoot their campaigns.  

After hanging with Jeff and chatting a bit about what he might share, he decided on curating a collection of photographs that have impacted him as a photographer the most overtime.  Here’s what he said: 

"When I was trying to edit down a selection of my "favorite" photographs, I found the process to be far more daunting than I originally anticipated.  After all, there are hundreds of photographs I would consider "favorites", photos I love, that are amazing, beautiful, inspiring…  But these are nine photos that for some reason or another have lingered in my mind long after I originally saw them, photographs I find myself thinking about often, sometimes randomly…  French philosopher Roland Barthes once wrote that great photographs possess a "punctum", an innate quality of the image that pierces or wounds the viewer.  And maybe that is exactly what it is about these photos, these are the ones that left a scar."

This is a pretty amazing collection of photographs, and below are links to find out more about the photographers behind them.  And finally, if you haven’t already, then be sure to take a look through Jeff’s own photography on his site: www.jeffluker.com


1. Ed Van Der Elsken,  2. Robert Frank,  3. Dennis Stock,  5. Paul Fusco,  4. Nan Goldin,  6. Bruce Davidson,  7. William Eggleston,  8. Joseph Szabo,  9. William Gedney


Portrait shot with
Film: PX 680 Color Protection  ||  Camera: SLR 680

25 Bands in 25 Days

Day Eight:

Band: Collective Soul (A band whose name you may not know, but songs you may have heard. Screw all others, this was the alternative band for the 90’s.)

Favorite Member: Ed Roland, the soulful voice of Collective Soul.

Favorite Album: Collective Soul, their self-titles second album is a masterpiece but I also love Dosage.

Favorite Songs: The World I Know, Gel, Why Pt. 2, Heaven’s Already Here, How Do You Love?, December, Shine, Perfect Day, Energy, Better Now

First Song You Ever Heard: I think it was probably ‘Shine’, as it was their first hit, but my dad bought every album and I just kept following along with them.

When You Became A Fan: At the ripe old age of 7 years old in 1994.

Seen Live?: Unfortunately no. The first time there were really here was when I was about 12, and didn’t have a job or money and my dad couldn’t afford it, so we missed that. Then they came back when I was about 20 and did a show at a casino and of course, I couldn’t get in to that show because you had to be 21, I was a little pissed, so to speak.

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Precious Declaration - Collective Soul

Not only is Ed Roland’s voice just amazing, but look at that hair :)

Why drink the water from my hand
Contagious as you think I am?
Just tilt my sun towards your domain
Your cup runneth over again.

Don’t scream about.
Don’t think aloud.
Turn your head now, baby,
Just spit me out.

Don’t worry ‘bout.
Don’t speak of doubt.
Turn your head now, baby,
Just spit me out.

Why follow me to higher ground
Lost as you swear I am?
Don’t throw away your basic needs:
Ambience and vanity.

December promise gave you unto me.
December whispers of treachery.
December clouds are now covering me.
December songs I no longer sing.

So honored! We were personally asked by the amazing Mr. Ed Roland to open for his new band, The Sweet Tea Project, on March 1st at The Standard in St. Augustine. If you live in the North Florida area, please come out and see this awesome show! Tickets are available at www.thestandardfl.com

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Edgar Eugene “Ed” Roland, Jr. (born August 3, 1963)[1] is an American musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is best known as the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the rock band Collective Soul. He is also active with a new project, Ed Roland and the Sweet Tea Project.

Roland changed the name of his band to Collective Soul with hopes of finding success in the music business. Not finding success, however, Roland became frustrated and almost gave up on the music industry. He had been active in the local Georgia music scene since the early 1980s. Despite the initial rejections, Collective Soul independently released Hints, Allegations & Things Left Unsaid in 1993 on a label called Rising Storm. It was a compilation of some of Roland’s songwriting demos created when he worked at Real 2 Reel Studios.


This Weekend @ Slim’s & GAMH

Saturday @ GAMH - JGB with Melvin Seals
Saturday @ Slim’s - Hepcat / The Champions Inc / The Cover-Ups / The Selector DJ Kirk
Sunday @ GAMH - Titus Andronicus / Lost Boy
Sunday @ Slim’s - Ed Roland (of Collective Soul) & The Sweet Tea Project / Kingsborough
Monday @ Slim’s - Minus The Bear / Tera Melos / The New Trust 


PSA: Minus The Bear is ALMOST sold out - act fast!