Reblog if you're a girl and you love professional wrestling.

Here’s a fun game. It seems like every time I glance at a wrestling blog and scroll a few times to see if I want to follow them, I either see the person who runs the blog say, or they’re reblogging someone else saying that girls don’t actually like pro wrestling.

Like, what does it mean to actually like pro wrestling? If a girl watches Raw and SmackDown, goes to shows (WWE, TNA, ROH, indie, etc.), posts on the internet about it, wears wrestling merchandise, but finds Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns or whoever else to be attractive, they don’t actually like wrestling? I mean, I find Paige, A.J., Alicia Fox, and several other Divas to be attractive, but I doubt anyone would argue that I actually like wrestling. That’s what it means to be a dude, other dudes just say, “yeah, man, you probably do like wrestling”. Meanwhile, I know a lot of girls who love pro wrestling, a lot of them even more than the guys I know, which is why I’m asking everyone to reblog this and spread some awareness:

Girls actually like pro wrestling. They love it. It’s awesome, and they’re going to love it because it’s fucking cool.