"The Shadows in the Dark"

As long as Harry can remember, all through his childhood years,
There lived a Shadow in his bedroom, that feasted upon his fears.
Hiding in the darkness, yet darker than the pitch black night
The Shadow was always moving, forever staying just out of sight.

In the corner of his eye, he can see the Shadow creep
It’s prolly because Harry’s been bad, and for his sins he’ll reap.
He can never quite look at it, though he’ll always try,
And he knows that the night he falls asleep, is the night he’ll die.

Savouring in his terror, the Shadow breathes in Harry’s soul
And year after year of staying awake, eventually takes its toll.
Struggling with all his might, Harry finally feels his eyes close,
And the Shadow smothers him from his head down to his toes.

The last thing Harry sees, as his soul is stolen at last
Is the shapeless void of darkness, filled with sins of the past.
And the last thing that he feels, is an endless sense of dread
Echoed by his mother’s screams, as she finds him dead in bed.

Posted 4/3/2013

(Thank you to the Amazing Samantha of for giffing this for me!)

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"The Incident" is the title of a book someone found at a used bookstore.

The book had to read from right to left as where the final page usually is, instead I found the first page. It started with a Latin quotation that I translated to something like “The First is the last to die “. And instead of chapters were used the terms “Levels of Initiation” and “Archive I ,II, III “, each Archive containing 7 levels. .

The cool part about the book was that it came with some…interesting pictures
Im gonna upload the original pictures as well. 


In the late 19th and early 20th century, the Spiritualism movement was all the rage, and people sought out mediums to communicate with spirits.  

One of the most famous mediums of the day was Marthe Beraud (also known as Eva C. and Eva Carrière).  She was especially known for excreting a spiritual substance called “ectoplasm” through her nose, mouth, or ears, during seances.   These photos were taken in 1910.  She was debunked in 1922, much to the dismay of her supporter Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and her mysterious ectoplasm was found to be chiffon, gauze, and other lightweight fabrics.  (via)


'…we were in the same grade at Casper High, after all…'

phanniemay day 14: GIW

originally it was just generic giw guys but one of them turned into wes oops

look out thar be headcanons ahoy

EDIT: i continued it! part 2 / part 3

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This is for @sixpenceee

Not sure if you’ve ever heard/posted about this, but I think it’s pretty cool, not to mention the controversy surrounding it.

In the 1920’s, Thomas Glendenning Hamilton, W.T Allison, Mary Ann Marshall, and Susan Marshall began doing séances in the second floor of Hamilton’s house in Winnipeg, Canada.

Hamilton was fascinated by the concept of life after death after one of his twin sons died of the Spanish Flu at the age of three. His interest was sparked by Ouija boards, then later by more complex forms of communication, like telekinesis.

When he met Mary Ann and Susan, A.K.A. “Dawn and Mercedes,” they became active mediums in the Hamiltons’ “home circles.” One of the more popular ways they communicated with spirits was with “ectoplasm” which showed a picture of the spirit they were communicated with in it.

Their investigations were held in secret until 1926, when Hamilton began doing lectures on their findings. He continued his work in the field with his fame rising until his sudden death in 1935. His family continued his work after his passing.

Several pictures of the seances were released, the more popular ones being of Mary Marshall with “ectoplasm” coming out of her nose and/or mouth with pictures of deceased people in it. The pictures inspired many art exhibits, books, and even plays.

However, there has been a strong argument that it is a hoax by Hamilton himself. If you look closely at the photograph above, it just looks like tissue paper and cut out pictures placed on it. Even Syfy show “Fact or Faked” has looked into the controversy, and have found it to be faked.

Even if it is faked, which is a very strong possibility, there is no denying that it is interesting, pictures or no pictures.

phanniemay day 04: transformation

as most of you have probably figured out by now, i like doing redesigns a lot… so thought it would be fun to reimagine what dannys transformation could look like. i like the white beams of light thing but its not very ghostly so here is something more ectoplasmic and messy-looking C: (maybe it evaporates into steam or something so his clothes dont get ruined. otherwise he would probably destroy a horrifically unnecessary amount of clothing lol)

to go ghost, ectogoop kinda bubbles over from wherever and washes over danny completely in a wave sorta pattern. but to change back its more universally a waterfall-type action, from dannys head down to his feet. like takin a shower or something.

this would be a lot harder to animate, im sure, but its fun to think about at least