The love of my life, Maddy, for over a year.  In the beginning of our relationship I was very depressed and Maddy was unfortunately homeless. But with our love and support with each other, we found jobs, Maddy got a car, and we excelled in school tutoring each other. We’ve traveled close and far, we went to prom, we’ve gone to concerts and big plays, we’ve had exciting photo shoots (I even snuck Maddy into my all-nighter graduation party). We even won $2.00 on a lotto scratch card haha. The scratch card isn’t that amazing, but when you’re in love and spending time with an amazing and genuine person, everything makes you ecstatic. I love you, sweetie. 

I’m Rose in the purple dress, and my sweetie Madelyn is in the pink.

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nobody-special said: If you’re still taking Tales of character requests, could you please draw Klarth/Claus F. Lester? He just needs more love thank you _(:3」∠)_

REAL TALK HERE when I opened these, I went to bed that night and stared at the ceiling thinking ‘UNIVERSE, PLEASE LET SOMEONE REQUEST KLARTH,’ and so when this came in I was so over the moon ecstatic. I looove Klarth’s design.

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Yes please! A hot/sweet follow up with ambreigns to the angsty ambrollins

my baby boy, dean/roman, mentions of past!seth/dean. pg-13, kissing, fluff. sequel to just another player in your game for two.

If he’s being honest with himself, he’s never been this happy. Dean’s sort of always had bad relationships, and when he’d ended things with Seth, he didn’t think he’d ever be happy again. But here he is, actually happy. Scratch that, he’s fucking ecstatic. 

When he’d told Seth that someone could love him more than he had, and that his name was Roman, he’d partially been lying. Because he didn’t exactly know if that was true, of course. Because he’d spoken to Roman for all of five minutes, but he made a guess that he could love someone better than Seth could. 

He ended up being right. 

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I am so ecstatic to announce that because of my follower count and amount of listenings on 8tracks, I have been given the opportunity to receive unreleased tracks by multiple artists as well as work alongside the staff of the site! I am not only honored to be among a select few who receive these privileges, but I am also grateful to everyone who listens to my playlists and has helped me get to where I am today. On September 22, I will be posting one of my absolute favorite playlists (compiled of new and older pop music) with one of those unreleased tracks. Stay tuned!

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Hi! I loved your Lily/Sirius and Sirius/Regulus Headcannons. Could you do Headcannons on when James and Lily first starting dating and the marauders reactions? Thank you!

shit you sent this like a month ago, I am so so sorry it’s taken me so long! Blame it on university and life. And thank you so much!!!

  • Sirius: He would be really happy for them, because Lily would be his closest female friend and James his closest male friend - his brother - and seeing them so happy together would make him happy. They’d announce it, and he’d crack jokes about them having a threesome, and how Lily is the missus on the side because o b v i o u s l y James is Sirius’s boyfriend and Lily would laugh and play along and james would just be ecstatic that they get along so well. However he’d always have this feeling, this niggling insecurity - that he knew was dumb - that Lily was slowly pulling James away from him and Sirius can’t lose another brother. He would never express this to anyone, but it would be there especially on those dark days that tried to drown him
  • Remus: He would smile, just like Sirius he would be genuinely happy for them. He would totally have won the bet and smirk smugly at Sirius who was pouting his ass off and Peter who was grumbling quietly as they handed over the money. James was not pleased when he found out his friends betted on his love life. Remus would also happily cover prefect shifts so James and Lily could have time together.
  • Peter: Peter would be the poor bloke that walks in on these two all the time because these two kids are attractive as hell and can’t keep their hands off each other and it would be poor, innocent Peter who blushes from his hairline down his neck a bright, tomato red and yet again he saw Lily in just her bra and James’s bare arse. Peter would forever make sassy little digs about James’s arse.

The instant Sam walks into the convent, he feels it. This presence, like he’s never felt before, consuming him, hard tug in his stomach, sharp ache in his chest. He’s elated and horny and hopeful and strangely, desperately sad, all at once, it’s almost too much and Sam kind of staggers through the doors, the heat of the demon blood in him nothing compared to this.

He slaughters Lilith’s demons in the hall and then stands before her at the altar, sacrificial symbolism not lost on him as he twists his hand. He’s ecstatic as he kills her, this sudden idea in his head that if she’s dead he can get to the source of whatever it is that’s making him want like this, longing to rip up the tile floor and the earth below, ready to raze it all to the ground if it means having completion.

Sam is vaguely aware of Dean screaming his name, but the automatic pull he feels towards his brother is barely a drop of water in comparison to the glacier building up inside him the longer he holds Lilith at bay. Ruby’s screaming in his ear and there’s a rush of blood in his head and Sam keeps seeing flashes of shadows behind his eyes and it’s all too much, every bone in his body aching at the proximity of this thing.

Lilith dies. Her blood spreads across the convent floor, and Sam’s furious with Ruby, but he thinks it’s only because he knows he should be. She’s explaining to him what’s happening and he keeps feeling these electric jolts in his chest, kind of wants to fall to the ground, kind of wants to fuck the nearest warm body.

Dean busts in and Sam lets him kill her because there’s no purpose in her still living, she doesn’t mean all that much now that there’s no stopping the resurrection of Lucifer, why should he care about one more demon.

Lucifer rises and Sam clutches Dean’s shirt, staring into the white light of archangel as it bursts forth from the ground. His voice is shaky when he whispers, “Dean, he’s coming,” and there’s a moment when Sam sees a figure in the grace, long human arms and the scarred head of a jackal and curling horns, and it’s staring at him with piercing blue eyes and all Sam feels is like he’s been made whole. 


So I just need to take a moment to say how wonderful my parents are:
They know me so well, and they accept me for who I am and embrace it, and I love them so much. The bottom picture is the best though.

My dad plays basketball with an artist (Jerry Roscoe) that goes to conventions and draws comic characters, and he asked him to make me Kid Flash and Artemis. He commissioned artwork for me of two of my most loved characters. I am just so ecstatic, I can’t even begin to explain how much this means to me.

I love them both, and they just made my birthday 100 times better than I ever thought possible.

Thank you mom and dad

An end to a chapter


Today I am afforded a fresh slate, a new chapter, the potential for great possibilities and yet I sit at my desk with my usual glass of wine and the light of the candelabra in silence and sorrow. But why? I should be pleased, I should be ecstatic even, and yet part of me feels overwhelmed in sadness.

We had plans, he and I. We had faithful followers. We had a life no one else knew of and it was grande. I had fallen for him, or so I felt. His children adored me as my own adored him. And now, here I sit in my study at the manor, alone. We exchanged some rather heated words, and as I slipped his engagement ring from my finger, I hadn’t felt regret. Not even remotely. Yet one would think that when you love someone enough to spend the rest of your life with them, that you would feel remorse. I don’t. I feel sadness, but not for myself, for our children. Surely the coming days will be very trying for them all.

I suppose it will be left up to me to pick up the pieces, and carry on just as I always have. What the future holds is yet unknown, but one thing that has remained pure and unwavering is my drive. I will continue to strive for excellence and for a place at our Regent-Lords side as Grand Magister.


The Love of Your Family.
Sydney is expecting her first child and despite everyone being ecstatic for the child’s arrival, Adrian on the other hand isn’t coping all to well. His mind is running away with itself on thoughts of having a child and being a father, that is until Jill steps in.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the amazing Richelle Mead.

It felt like only yesterday that Sydney had came running through the house at full speed, barreling down everything in her path. There was chairs flung on their sides, doors almost swung off their hinges and Sydney screaming at the top of her lungs. It was very un-Sydney to Adrian. He was use to calm, collected and clever Sydney, not crazy, screaming, wrecking the house Sydney. Though despite everything, when she tackled him too the floor, effectively bringing his paints and easel with him, her smile could of lit up the most darkest of nights. She was beaming from ear to ear, and tears ran down her cheek. That was when she broke the news, she was pregnant, with his child. He was ecstatic.

Now almost two months away from when his little man or lady would be here-Sydney had put her foot down about not wanting to know the sex-and it was finally sinking in. He was going to be a father, and he had no idea what to do, or where to start. He paced back and forwards across the wooden floors of their new home not too far from the Court, but not too close either. They had made the house a home, and Sydney was forever on her toes adding bits and pieces to the babies new room. She was more than ready to be a mother, and he knew better than anybody that she would be the most amazing mother in the world.
Speaking of Sydney, he’d heard her bare feet pattering along the wooden floor, passing between their bedroom and bathroom. She had been spending most of the morning packing. Considering her family-other than her mother and her sister, Carly-didn’t accept her, she had decided to go and see her mom and Carly for the weekend. Some time to spend to herself, while he spent time with Jill. His best friend, who was practically a sister to him. They’d been through so much together, but there was no one he would trust more than her. Apart from Sydney, of course.

"Adrian, honey, do you know where my hairdryer is?" His wife’s voice broke through his thoughts, as he turned to the direction of where it was coming from. Sydney’s head popped around the alcove leading down towards the staircase, she was grinning, but he knew how tired she was. Neither of them barely got any sleep, as their little one seemed to like to kick till all hours of the morning. Adrian smiled back at her, and walked towards her.

"I’ll go get it for you, I used it the other day to quickly dry one of my paintings. I hope you don’t mind?" Sydney laughed, and wrapped her arms around his waist, the best she could with her bump. For a little lady, her bump was huge, but it just gave him more and more to love. Adrian grinned down at her, running his fingers through her blonde hair, which had grown a lot in the past months.

"As long as you didn’t short fuse it like the last one. It does still work, right?" Adrian snorted, wrapped an arm around her waist, leading her towards the studio-otherwise known as the garage. She pressed her face into his chest, grinning up at him as they walked. He knew how lucky he was to have her, and he still couldn’t believe she was his wife.

"I promise it still works, darling. What time do you leave for Carly’s?" Sydney smiled, as he caught her rubbing the top of her bump in soft circles. He bit his lip and watched ever move she made. It was surreal that there was his child in there, then it had to come out of there. He shook his head, before his thoughts ran away with him, or before he started panicing. Adrian entered the garage and routed around his boxes and drawers until he found the item he was looking for. When he turned, Sydney was sat on the steps with her hands splayed across her bump, smiling.

"Heres the hairdryer, Syd. What’s up with little bump?" He strode towards her, and pressed his hand over hers, so they were both on the bump. For a couple of seconds nothing happened, that was until there was a few faint kicks. Sydney smiled at him, and he grinned back, not moving his hand. The kicks got more frequent and faster. Adrian couldn’t help but laugh, as did Sydney.

"This little one is going to give Belikov a run for his money, especially if they keep kicking like that!" Sydney giggled, and took the hairdryer from him and pushed to her feet. They both walked back in the house, and parted ways, as she went upstairs and he made his way to the living room. Though not before he heard her shout down the stairs at him.

"Never mind giving Dimitri a run for his money! This little one might be able to kick Rose’s ass!" He grinned and laughed as he made his way into the living room, taking a seat on the couch. Not long afterwards Sydney came down carrying her suitcase, until he took it from her, leading her out to the car. She was taking the ‘Ivashkinator' as she called it, and was driving down alone, so he was internally panicking. What if she goes into labour on the road he thought. He gave her a kiss goodbye, lingering as long as possible then waved, while watching her reverse down the drive away and away into the afternoon sun.

Adrian sat back on the couch with his legs crossed and up against the coffee table. Sydney would kick his ass if she were home and saw him doing this, but he didn’t have that to worry about right not. His thoughts were plummeting while running a mile a minute, and every one of those thoughts said the exact same thing. He was going to be a bad father. He wouldn’t know how to look after that child. Sydney and he had attended Rose & Dimitri’s son’s 1st birthday party a little over a month ago, and seeing how easily Dimitri had fell into his role as a father, well it made him envious. He wanted to be a great father, one his child would look up, to go to for help and advice. As well as be there to team up with and torment their mom-Sydney. He wanted the family that was seen in the magazines.

"Adrian?" The voice was quiet, but kind and it was coming from the front door. Shit! Adrian had forgotten he’d rang Jill after Sydney left, asking her to come around to talk about the exact things his mind was running away with. He pushed away from his seat and made his way towards the front door, which was already and open. Jill was wiping her feet on the welcome mat, while grinning a lovely smile at him. She always saw the better side of things, she was such the eternal optimist. It made him smile, which he shone in return towards her.

"Hii Jailbait!" He enveloped her in a hug once she’d closed the door, then made their way to the living room. Adrian told her to take a seat, while he went and took two bottles of blood from the freezer. Something he had started to do, since feeders were only at the Court, and the commute was hard to keep too with the baby on the way.

"Did Sydney get to Carly’s okay? How have you all been keeping?" Adrian heard her voice carry across the expanse between them, and over the counter that split the rooms apart. He smiled fondly at how concerned and caring she was. It was slightly unfair, she could feel the majority of his feelings due to the bond, but he could feel none of hers. But nevertheless, he knew she loved he and Sydney like her own family.

"Carly rang me not too long ago saying she’d arrived safely, but she was taking a nap. The drive down must of taken all of her energy. We have been okay, of course we have been better, the little one inside her seems to like to keep us all awake. Kicking and punching on Sydney’s stomach like a drum." Jill was laughing when he walked back into the living room, offering her the drink that she took gratefully, then sat down opposite her, smiling. She was sat with her legs crossed, while her shoes laid across the floor.

"How have you been keeping? How’s Eddie?" Adrian took a small sip from his drink, cold blood was never nice, but he’d gotten use to it now. He internally scrunched his nose, whilst watching Jill intently as she spoke.

"I’ve been doing great, I’m finally getting the hang of using my element as a defence. Eddie on the other hand, he still won’t cave into teaching me to fist fight, so Neil is the one teaching me." Adrian snorted and nodded. That sounds about right he thought. Eddie-has never-since the very beginning let himself be the one to teach Jill to physically fight. She was a princess and should be protected. Or as Eddie worded it; Jill was his princess and his protection and Adrian honestly, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Eddie looked after Jill, and even if Eddie didn’t like it, Jill looked after him too. They were the perfect pair.

The silence strung out between them, and despite it not being awkward, it was still uncomfortable. He was an Ivashkov, he always had something to say, whether it be an insult, comeback, witty remark or stupid innuendo. Though other thoughts claimed his time nowadays, something which Jill seemed to have picked up on, as her head snapped up, so their eyes met.

"Adrian, are you sure you’re okay? I’m getting mixed feelings through the bond." Adrian sighed, trying to avoid looking at Jill, but she was as persistent as Sydney. He vision followed every move he made, and she even shifted in her seat, so she was facing him more. Sydney had left him with an important job, and now all his thoughts were pushing him under. It was ridiculous. He was 23 years old. He needed to start acting his age.

"No, not exactly, Jailbait. Honestly, I don’t know how to think about all of this. Sydney she’s going to be such a wonderful mother, you saw how she was with Hopper and he was only a little Callistana. She’s going to be amazing with this baby… But what of me, I am the immature party boy, who can barely look after himself. What do I honestly have to give this child?" He rested his head in his hand towards the end of his speech, his palms covering his face. His breathing had picked up, but he felt relaxed that he’d finally got his thoughts out. He knew he could never tell Sydney, she’d think he regretted it. When that was the last thing he wanted. Never would he regret this, it was a blessing, a miracle.

Adrian felt a hand touch his forearm, clutching on gently. When he looked up away from his hands, Jill was on her knees beside his seat on the floor, smiling up at him, with little tears in her eyes. He gave her a small back, twitching the corner of his lips slightly.
"Adrian, you have so much to give this child, your child. You get to give them the same thing you gave Sydney, and that same something you gave me. You get to give them your love, your heart and your friendship. Nobody could ask for more than that, but I know you will be an amazing father. Think of all the tricks and one liners you can teach them? Imagine how protective your going to become when your daughter starts bringing potential boyfriends or girlfriends home? That child is going to be so lucky to have you. We all are."

Adrian had tears prickling in his eyes, while Jill was swamped with tears running down their face, as they both laughed. He shuffled over and patted the gap between himself and the arm of the chair, which Jill squeezed between. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, smiling at her.

"You definitely are like the sister I never had, I really don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re like Sydney so so much, you know that? You know exactly what to say, and when to say it. No wonder you are both such close friends."

Jill grinned up at him, nudging him slightly with her hip. He laughed down at her when a small blush spread across her little nose. It was strange to see how quickly she could go from talking like a grown up, to blushing like a child. Though her words really did hit home, he would give it everything he had to make that child proud, as well as making Sydney proud of him. He couldn’t wait to have his own little family.
"Speaking of which, Jill I have something to ask you, on behalf of myself and Sydney." Jill looked up at him with a wondering, yet earnest look of innocence on her face. He watched her green eyes flicker towards his own. "We would like you to be the godmother to our son or daughter. Of couse if you would like to be?"

Adrian had no chance to hear her reply, if their was any, as she threw herself at him. Her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders, her head resting on his shoulder. She was squeezing him tight, so he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed back. “I’ll take that as a yes?”

Jill pulled back away from him, grinning, while tears ran freely down her cheeks. She was nodding frantically, while sniffing and wiping her cheeks with her sleeves. Adrian smiled fondly at her, taking her hands in his, which she squeezed again and grinned at him. “Of course I want to be. Thank you for asking me. We can both protect him or her together.”

Adrian smiled as she settled back into the chair beside him. He looked down to see her still grinning with tears rolling across her cheeks. She was right, they most definitely would protect his child, with everything they had. He wouldn’t let any harm befall his child, nor anyone else in his family. Blood isn’t family. It’s who you love, and you loves you. And Adrian loved his family with all of his heart. He knew now that no matter what happened next, he would have his family to help him on each and every step of the way.

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mirathemessenger said:

"Oh! I should go congratulate Miss Vi and Sheriff Caitlyn on the public reveal of their relationship. Perhaps I should bring flowers? Hmm.... I wonder how Jayce feels about this.... Probably equally ecstatic for his friends!"

anonymous said:

LIZA PROPOSED? Ugh, I can totally see it in my head. They both are just super ecstatic and they have had a few drinks and they are both holding hands and sorta stumbling, but, not in the incoherent kind way and searching for their car and they are both just smiling and Harry says something witty and Liza just laughs and Harry is smiling and Liza just stops and Harry is sorta confused and she just straight out asks him and he is stunned and then gets all flustered and says that he was supposed...

to ask, not the other way around and Liza gets kinda embarrassed and thinks she messed up for a split second and then Harry gets down on one knee and proposes even though there isn’t a ring and then there are tears and kisses and they find their car and just spend the rest of the night kissing and riding out their night together while they wait to sober up and just ugh. Pleaseeee, write a drabble or this is going to be my forever scene.

Yeah, in my head he said no to her first just to freak her out and then he says that she can’t take this from him and yeah, proposal! Don’t think I’ll be writing it, though!

Demi did a photoshoot for the no hair don’t care campaign and even though it’s not real im sO ECSTATIC BECAUSE I ALWAYS KNEW SHE’D LOOK GORGEOUS WITH A BUZZ CUT IM SO EXCITED

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Sandwich kid's first word was in asl- "mom". Letters was thrilled. When sandwich kid reached the age when they were going to start talking, Hammer and the Aussie constantly said "dad" to the baby. When sandwich kid finally said "dada", Hammer and the Aussie were ecstatic- except they didn't know which one of them the baby was referring to as they were both hovering over the crib at the time.

A somewhat heated debate followed regarding who of them the baby had been looking at at the time, and which of them had the right to the name of Dad. (“Isn’t there some Australian word you can use?” “We speak English, the same as you! Well. Mostly the same.”) If it wasn’t for the baby being there it could’ve come to blows - until Letters came back and pointed out that in fact, the baby was probably just making sounds, rather than trying to address either of them specifically.

Several weeks later they still hadn’t come to a decision, and the baby was very clearly calling Letters ‘mama’, but seemed to have taken to referring to the two of them as ‘hamham’ and ‘obby’. As Letters said, it served them right for not being able to compromise

My Personal Experience With Justice

I have recently traveled to New York with my family. My parents rarely allow my sister and I to go out alone here in Abu Dhabi, so when they granted us permission to have lunch alone in New York, we were ecstatic.  Once we agreed on the restaurant, we embarked on our liberating journey, which didn’t turn out to be so liberating. We arrived at the crowded restaurant, one of the best in the city, and were seated next to an old lady, who made it her job to chaperone us. I didn’t mind her as I enjoyed the delicious food, although my sister took it personally and grew weary under the woman’s cold stare. We were still eating when she was leaving the restaurant. On her way out, she approached our table and raised her boney finger us and stuttered with her throaty voice, “I-I-I know y-you M-M-Muslims. I-I know you, b-but I d-don’t u-und-derstand. W-why do you Muslims ha-hate us Jews?” At first I thought she was complimenting us, as the noisy restaurant overpowered her voice, so I simply smiled at her. But one glance at my sister, and I knew I had misheard her. She went on, mad this time, “Stop killing us! Just stop oppressing Jews!” With that, she was escorted out of the restaurant by the waiters, leaving both my sister and I in utter shock and confusion. The whole staff then came by our table and apologized on behalf of their rude customer, and later explained that she was mentally unstable.  

To be honest, I am glad that I misheard the old woman, because if I hadn’t, I would’ve probably said some things to her that I would now regret. I think we handled the situation adequately, as anger would add fuel to the flame. On the other hand, passivity would only indicate our carelessness. Both wouldn’t be beneficial in stopping this injustice. I wish, however, that I could’ve understood her and corrected her information. I wish that I told her that we, Muslims, DON’T hate Jews.  In fact, we don’t hate ANYONE. I wish I had the chance to say that we are the victims of their ignorance and that all we want is peace. I wish I could’ve said that that was very racist and unjust for her to think we are terrorists because of the hijab on our heads or the faith in our hearts. Not all Muslims are terrorists! In fact, NO TRUE MUSLIM IS A TERRORIST!! That is just a creation of their ignorance and I only hope that one day the world realizes that. I think it’s unjust that people get away with calling us “blood-thirsty terrorists” because one corrupt person is CLAIMING TO BE MUSLIM, when in reality their not.  Generalizing and stereotyping is unjust, and I think it’s about time that stops.

With much joy this morning we welcomed another beautiful healthy baby boy into this crazy world (name TBD ;-) I’m so proud of @gzer86, and Liam is completely ecstatic. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!