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{ ѕo, ι ғιgυred ιт’ѕ aвoυт тιмe ι do a ғollow ғorever.  тнιѕ ιѕ a lιѕт oғ people ι  нoneѕтly adмιre ѕo мυcн, мy daѕнвoard woυldn’т вe тнe ѕaмe wιтнoυт тнeм.

pleaѕe, don’т вe oғғended ιғ yoυ’re noт on тнιѕ lιѕт. ι тreaѕυre every ѕιngle one oғ yoυ. } 

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but like steve always talking to bucky about what they did in the old days before everything like ‘You used to love to go to science exhibits - always dragged me with you too’ and the next day Bucky wordlessly shows him an ad for a science exhibit and Steve is ecstatic.

And another day he’s like ‘used to make really stupid jokes too’ and bucky returns an hour later with a piece of paper in his hand and says ‘what’s the name of the first electricity detective?’ and steve raises and eyebrow and shakes his head. ‘I don’t know, Buck.’ ‘Sherlock Ohms’. and steve can’t stop laughing.

Another time, ‘at one point you used to grip my arm and not let go till we were alone cause you were scared i would go run off and get involved in a fight or something’ when Bucky starts clinging to Steve after, is when Steve starts getting suspicious

He finds what’s wrong when he and Bucky are eating out for the first time. (and he’s happy because progress!) The waitress leaves after Bucky casts his gaze to the table and shakes his head mutely at her question of ‘anything else, sir?’ 

Steve smiles and leans over the table and says teasingly, ‘surprised you didn’t have a word for the lady, Buck. You used to never be able to keep your mouth shut around ‘em’ and Bucky freezes and looks up at Steve in panic.

'I can't- don't make me-'

and steve is confused, concerned, very worried. Ushers Bucky into an empty place and asks what’s wrong. And through the ragged breathing, swallowed sobs, Steve realises that he’s screwed everything up. And he’s not sure if he can fix it. Because every time he’d shared a memory, smiled and told Bucky about ‘that time when’, Bucky had taken it as an order. An order, telling Bucky who to be - how to act. Telling him the only way Steve could love him.

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If Mary is wrong about Gillingham, she becomes a victim. All the agency she gained by taking charge of her sexuality is stripped from her. Blake then becomes the hero for warning her about the charming rogue - something Matthew never even did - and Mary is a pawn in her own story. I'm nhf "Blake smart, Mary dumb."

hm yeah, I’m not here for any of Blake’s conceited crap tbh. Even if Mary internalizes the doubt she’s getting from people, she still has to defend her decisions/actions. I don’t think she’s trying to make logical sense of something she’s unsure of; I think she does believe that her modernity is right, and that the post-war world is moving towards relationships with a better foundation than Edwardian ideals dictate. Sex is an important part of a happy marriage for her. Of course she wants to know before committing. Which is great. I for one am goddamn ecstatic that it’s a new era and Mary is moving on. idc about epic or consuming love anymore, I think lasting and quiet and supportive love is more befitting. Grief has to fade. lbr I’m not surprised by her choices this season bc I think her generation - who experienced war first-hand and are still, 10+ years on, unable to fully contextualize its trauma - clearly see the need to change societal expectations bc they were at the epicentre of the conflict that catalyzed those shifts. So idk that Mary is wrong about Tony, but if it’s all a disaster then she doesn’t need Blake to waltz in and gloat. She can own her mistakes and fight her corner.

your fave is problematic semi-automatic, ecstatic, dramatic up to no good, erratic (and) so fanatic when we hit the dance floor

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Modern AU where Christine is getting a 3d ultrasound of Erik Jr. and it shows that he has a normal face. Erik is so ecstatic he hugs the technician. (I don't even know, you wanted fluffy E/C)

I am convinced that, in that pairing, Christine being pregnant would result in more FAR nausea, anxiety, tears, and mood swings from Erik than from her

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i am beyond ecstatic about you guys working on an LP!Seriously your music has gotten me through the roughest days and seeing you all live & do what u love just makes me very happy to be a fan of such an amazing fucking group of talented people! good luck , have fun with it, we all support ya and we cant wait to hear it!

That’s super cool of you to say. We really appreciate the encouragement while we’re in here working on stuff. Means a lot to all of us. We love you.

A Date to Remember

“Oh and don’t forget our date tonight!” His voice sang down the phone and I could tell he was ecstatic about the date tonight. He quickly hung up the phone before I could ask anything about the date. I clicked my phone on. 6:02pm. I chuckled to myself, thinking of my previous dating experience with Richard. His dates were different, exciting, weird and full of meaning all at the same time. This should be interesting, I thought.

After showering (I don’t think I could have gotten myself any cleaner) I put on some slightly loose ripped jeans, a white shirt with lace elbow length sleeves and beige TOMS. I applied a subtle amount of makeup and dried my hair. Just as I was spritzing myself with perfume there was a knock at the door of the apartment “Coming!” I shouted, trying to sound as feminine as possible. I took one last look in the mirror and walked to the door. Opening it I said most flirtatiously, “Hello Mr Ham-”

“Hello Madam, I will be your chauffeur this evening,” James looked at me with a wide smile. He was dressed in a dapper suit and chauffeur cap. He tipped the cap towards me and said, “If you are ready to go.” James extended his arm for me to hold onto, I grabbed my purse, held his arm and left the apartment for what would an exciting night.

As we strolled into the parking lot, arm in arm, I seen what I would be driven around in and nothing would have suited James better than the Bentley sitting before my eyes. Richard knew what he was doing as I completely adored Bentleys.  “Such a wondrous thing to behold, isn’t it?” James was completely in awe. “Yes James.” I replied softly. “Yes it is.” I looked at him and his eyes were wide and his face was lit up just at the sight of the beautiful car. “Well, anyway, on with the evening.” He let go of my arm, rubbed his hands together and opened the rear car door and pointed his arm towards to seat. As I tried to slide in as gracefully as possible I said “Thank you, Sir.” I smiled at him and he gently shut the door. He hopped into the driver sear and we started off towards the set destination.

As the Bentley rolled through the streets the buildings grew around me and before I knew it, the car had stopped. James opened the door and I stepped out looking at the small Italian restaurant in a small side street. And sitting at a small table just outside the restaurant was a handsome man with soft brown hair, deep brown eyes and wearing a smile that lit up the whole street. And what made it better was that he was wearing that brown leather jacket that was moulded perfectly to his torso that made me weak at the knees. He stood up as James drove off and walked to meet me.

“My darling.” He picked up my hand and kissed it tenderly. He walked me to the table and pulled out my chair. I sat down, focusing on the small flickering candle in the middle of table and grinned. “You know how to make a date special, don’t you?” He chuckled as he poured water into my glass. “You look beautiful tonight.” Richard looked deep into my eyes as he said it. I blushed and giggled. “Thank you. You look extremely handsome. And stop teasing me with that jacket.” He winked at me and said in a low voice. “Just for you.”

The waiter came out and pulled out his notepad and looked up to see the people he was serving. “OH MY! YOU ARE – YOU – RICHARD HAMMOND ” The waiter tried to compose himself while Richard tried to hold in his laughter. “What-” His voice squeaked and he coughed to try and to recover. “What can I get you?” We gave him our orders and he rushed back inside. Richard and I burst into uncontrollable laughter. “How do you ever get used to it?” I managed to get out. Richard stopped laughing and looked at me with a meaning smile. “There is something I would like you to know. When we are out together and people recognise me and start to -” “Richard…” I interrupted him. “It’s okay.” “No please. Hear me out.” I nodded and he continued. “Even though people freak out and ask for photographs, autographs or just even want chat, you, my darling Sierra, you are the only person I’m thinking about, the only one I’m focusing on.” I looked into his unfathomable brown eyes, with tears forming in my own. I leant across the table and grabbed both of his hands, a tear falling down my face onto the cobbles below my feet. I spoke the only thing I could think of, quietly and as passionately as I could. “I love you.” He pulled both of my hands up to his mouth and held them to his lips and whispered to them “I love you too.”

At that moment the waiter came out with our food, still looking completely bewildered at the fact Richard was there in front of his very own eyes. Sometimes I couldn’t believe either. He set down our plates with unsteady hands, asked if we needed anything else. We said everything was perfect and he walked back inside hastily.

As we ate, we talked.But it was just meaningless conversation. It was deep. In the two hours that we sat at that table we got so engrossed in the bottomless pit of conversation, I thought we would never find our way out of the labyrinth we had delved into. But soon enough we climbed slowly back to the top of the pit, bring ourselves back to the world that we had forgotten even existed for so long. In those long hours we had glimpsed into another part of each other’s souls and it was like I had his heart and soul in my hand and mine in his; the parts no one else knew, that no one else could reach. And they belonged to us and us only.

I finished my water and Richard watched me with his wide eyes. He got up to pay the bill and just before he went inside, he leant down to me and kissed me on the forehead with all the love he could muster. “The evening is far from over my darling.” He spoke softly and then walked inside. I looked around the small street at the numerous blocks of flats, restaurants and small shops and I could see something red glinting at the end of the street out of the corner of my eye. I turned around in my chair and seen a cherry-red Porsche 911 GT3 turboperched at the bottom of the street. At that moment, our waiter came out a delivered a message to me I wasn’t expecting. He told me that ‘Mr Hammond’ had left and told me that to get to our next destination I would have to get into the passenger side of (he pointed down the street) the Porsche. I thanked him for conveying the message to me and started down the street towards the bright car. Richard was playing the evening very well. First a Bentley then this!

 I opened the passenger door and there, sitting in the driver seat, wearing a suit similar to James’ was none other than Jeremy Clarkson. I put my hands to my knees and laughed. I took a deep breath and hopped in the car beside him. I shut the door and looked at him, went to speak and then stopped after no words came out. “Sierra, all I know is two things. 1) Hammond is a can of mushy peas and 2)The destination of where I am to take you.” “Where wou-” “I am sworn to secrecy. I do apologise.” I looked at him with sad wide eyes and he just stared back plainly. I turned around in a huff and he chuckled. “All will be revealed soon enough.” And we sped off, leaving the beautiful Italian restaurant behind us.

I closed my eyes and lay back in the seat trying not to ruin the surprise of the destination that Richard had obviously tried to prevent from being spoken of. I told Jeremy to announce when we were there and soon enough, he did. “Sierra, the can of mushy peas is waiting for you. I sat up and seen something that made my heart skip at. “Thanks Jezza.” I mumbled as I got out of the car focusing on the thing in front of my eyes. He grumbled as I closed the door and drove off, making the tyres screech.

“Richard. How did you even..?” Before me, one a cliff overlooking the sea was a light blue and white VW camper. I had wanted one of these for as long as I could remember. I walked over to him, sitting beside him in the side door overlooking the vast ocean before us. We sat in silence for the rest of the night, simply enjoying each other’s company, cuddling inside the camper, looking at the beautiful scenery. As it became colder, Richard grabbed some blankets and threw them over us and we snuggled under those warm blankets eventually falling asleep. It was pure bliss. Pure peace.

Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free…
Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. <3
—  Rumi

rlly though if sam had been your friend all through eps1-3 and then carver killed him carver would literally not need anymore development whatsoever like that would be more than enough reason for the players to not only be totally ready for his death scene but to be fucking ecstatic about getting to watch it first-hand

euoi saboi: as euoi, evoe, εὐοῖ, was the cry used in the regular Bacchic [Dionysian] worship, so saboi was used in invoking Sabazios, the Phrygian Bacchus. All points to some Asiatic worship, more or less caricatured.
—  panel commentary, notes from theosophical conference; discussion of Mystery Cults and ecstatic worship

Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski

"Photo taken right after the show in Tel Aviv. Jews, Muslims, Polish people… All in one place celebrating this ecstatic ritual!!
Black metal.
Connecting people ?;)”

This is beautiful to see