Looks like we’re anticipating a Spring 2015 completion of Give Til It Hurts. There’s talk of Sundance and SXSW. If we manage a showing at either of those, I’ll be absolutely ecstatic and will do everything in my ability to make it to one.

An announcement of sorts

The magical day has arrived. By magical I mean “fucking-finally-because-one-more-day-and-I-would-have-lost-it”. My vacation starts at some point today, soon, and I am ecstatic about it, because this end of year has been awful and very near the vicinity of “why god why”. 

What does this mean? That I will not be around as much. Why? Because I will be sleeping my ass off. And reading. And just laying around because that is the good life. So, for the next 2 weeks, my presence will be scarcer here. My queue will still be running and I will log in daily, to answer messages and such. Just, not as much blogging.

Also, please keep sending me messages for Alison’s scrapbook! It will make her birthday a million times better. :D

Lots of hugs, everyone! <3 And cookies. Duh.

Stoned./ lashton

Stoned/ lashton-Y/N

The boys of 5sos we’re stoners. There was not a simpler way to say it, they just were. After have multiple photos with fans when they have beet red eyes they knew it too. Everyone knew but no one seemed to give a shit about it.

You were friends with the four pot heads and have been since little lukey was 6 years old. It wasn’t a surprise when Luke begged you to come on tour with them.

You went for a while but had to come back 3 months before the end so you could finish finals, so when your little stoners text you to go to the cabin you were ecstatic.

The cabin was just like how it sounded it was a wooden house not far from the back of your house, the lady who owned it said you could use it as much as you like seen as she doesn’t go to it anymore after her late husband died.

You were in little black boy shorts and baggy band tee you had not so discreetly stolen from ashton and a pair of scruffy black vans.
It was freezing but you kept in mind it was only 5 minuets away from your house and you couldn’t be arsed to get changed.

Opening the door to the cabin you wear greeted to the warmth of the log fire and the not so pleasant sent of weed.

'Y/N we missed you!' Calum jumps on top of you making you fall backwards onto the sofa.

'Missed you guys to! How was the end of the tour?' You asked as the others are sat round in a circle just smiling at you waiting for there turn.

'It was horrible with out you! But amazing at the same time' Calum answers pecking your lips and jumping away.

You sit there shocked for a second as you realise Calum had just kissed you, yeah it was a peck a Bestfriend peck but that doesn’t matter.

'So you little stoners at it again!?' You laugh lightly as you can feel Ashton's eyes burning into your torso and Luke's wondering about your body.

'Iv got to say Y/N when you walk around like that, in my shirt you do look….delicious' he licked his bottom lip catching it with his teeth.

This was going to be a long long night. Luke and Ashton always got horny when being stoned, Calum passes out and Michael just sits there staring into nothing.

'Thanks' you laugh and place yourself between Michael and Calum who was actually just about to fall asleep. Shock.

'Do you want some Y/N?' Luke waved the joint in front of your face as you actually just thought 'fuck it' and took the damn thing from his fingers.

8 burns. That’s all it took you, it took you 8 burns to get stoned. You did not like the experience everything you said or anything anyone else did or say made you second guess weather it actually happened or if you were dreaming.

You guys ordered take out pizza but even as you were eating you couldn’t be sure if you actually was.

But about 25 minutes into the new experience you noticed something, you noticed you were now say on between Luke and Ashton.

Luke’s fingers were laced with yours and Ashton’s fingers were drawing shaped on your skin.

Ashton’s Hand was placed flat on your thigh untill he started inching to the top.

Luke’s breath was felt on your neck fanning your pail flesh.
But yet you didn’t tell them to stop when Ashton started slowly rubbing your core that you didn’t even realise was dripping untill now, you didn’t tell them to stop when Luke started kissing your neck, biting your shoulders and suck long your jaw.

'Shall we play Y/N? Ashton whispers up to you.

'Friends that play together, stay together right?' Luke harshly sucked on your sweet spot winding his hands round your body placing them on your chest only to start kneading your breasts.

Ashton placed a ridiculous amount of pressure to your clit through your shorts rubbing ferociously in circles.

'O-okay' you state but it turned into a moan. It was good enough for them. Luke picked you up bridal style walking up the old cabin stairs.
You were thrown on a bed and heard the door lock.

'Tell us what you want babe'

7 Major Accomplishments President Obama Has Made Since The Midterms

7 Major Accomplishments President Obama Has Made Since The Midterms

Republicans were ecstatic that they won back the Senate in the midterm elections. They vowed that they would use their newfound power to block everything and anything Obama related. They said that this will put an end to the President, and they will reign supreme and that would be a lame duck President with a lame duck Senate.

Well, not surprisingly, they were wrong. In fact, President Obama is…

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I decided to do a little experiment of how my body reacts on various songs, and as I’m absolutely ecstatic about Taylor’s new album, it was the obvious choice to pick.

At first, when I started running, I thought this was a silly idea. That it all depends on how tired I am.. but I soon realised that was not the case.

When I heard a certain song it affected me greatly, the best example here is Wonderland. I’m inlove with it and no matter how tired I was, when I heard it, it got my heart pumping harder and I ran faster suddenly getting all my energy back.

I didn’t include my warm-up and cool-down in the chart, but they were each 5 minutes, with slow pace, nearly walking/ stretching.

This was one of the most fun runs I have ever experienced! So if you’re trying to spice up your running, try making up new experiments with songs. Write down intervals on your app (mine is runkeeper) length is the same as the songs, then make sure your playlist is in order with the intervals (shuffle off) and you’re good to go. 

Would’ve loved to see Kuvira’s reaction to Bataar Jr’s survival. Would she be emotional? Relieved? A mix of ecstatic joy and the deepest remorse?

humanoddeties asked:

Can we just take a moment to freak about the final shot of the magazine at the end. Oh my God, I was like "OH, THAT just happened" A really interesting way to connect things and give a glimpse into the future of Elsa too. I suppose this means that she'll survive this season! What are your thoughts?

I know! As Elsa Mars’ biggest fan, I was so ecstatic to see she’s at least alive for the next six years. I’ve honestly been expecting her to die at the hands of Stanley this whole time, as her selfish quest for fame ultimately brings her downfall. But this is an interesting twist, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her and Stanley since we sorta know the outcome. I don’t know if she’ll necessarily survive the whole season, but anything is possible. I don’t know how far into the future we’ll go. For all we know she could die a week after she did the cover for Life (wouldn’t that be ironic…)

now that my heart rate has leveled down...

ok besides my ecstatic feelings for korrasami, i believe this finale was THE BEST out of all four seasons. it was just BEYOND PERFECT in all aspects of what a series finale is supposed to be. well done, bryke. WELL. DONE. 

Taylor my little sister got a CHRISTMAS surprise she’s seeing you next year in Tampa and is so ecstatic I would love if you would maybe give her a hug ;)


“You really should get off the floor, Inquisitor.  What if someone comes in?”

“It will be no different than when they see me laying anywhere else?”

The ambassador gave a long sigh and reached down to Nell’s prone form to hand her a list of names.  “This is a list of the guests we know about, in order of importance, which will be at the Winter Palace.  You need to memorize them.”

Nell made a face at the paper and laid it to the side with the others they had been going over.  “Yes, Josie.”

If Josephine heard the sarcasm in her voice she ignored it, instead looking down at her own paper, checking off what else they needed to do.  “You need dance lessons.  Vivienne has agreed to help.”

“Oh, I’m sure she is ecstatic about having me in her debt.”

“Her motives are a secondary concern.   We also need to work on your… diplomacy.”

The pause made her laugh, and she rolled over onto her stomach before grinning up at her friend.  “I can be diplomatic, Josephine.”
The other woman didn’t seem convinced.  “I’m not saying you are rude, Your Worship.  You are simply, very forward.”

“I think you mean blunt.”

Josephine looked as if she was going to reply, but she stopped herself and turned to set her writing board on her desk, then moved to sit in a chair near where Nell lay.  “You cannot simply say what you want to say at the Winter Palace, Nell.  The Game may seem ridiculous and pointless to you, but it is very real and very important to those that we are trying to impress.  It is also the only way you will be able to find out about the assassin.  It would not do to be turned out of the ball because you offended someone too openly.”

Nell rolled her eyes and sat up, turning so that she could face her advisor.  “Just because I don’t enjoy talking around an issue does not mean that I don’t know how.  I have spent most of my life training to be a Keeper.  Do you know what that means?”

“To be the leader of your clan, and remember the old tales, yes.”

“Is that all you think we do?”

Josephine looked down and began picking at a loose thread on her sleeve.  “I admit I do not know as much about your people as I should.  It is easy to forget sometimes that you had a life before all this.”

Nell smiled and folded her hands in her lap.  “It means that I learned about trade routes, and human and dwarven culture, and diplomacy, because when we do encounter other races the Keeper is the one who must speak for the clan.  They are the ones who have to try and negotiate safe passage or set up trade with a village, and we have to be twice as reassuring, as charming, as well spoken as the humans because we are still the ‘dirty knife-ears’ that are going to steal their babies.”

Josephine had the grace to look offended at the summation of her people’s view on elves, but she did not deny it.

“So yes, I am blunt, because I despise playing those games when it is so much easier to say what you want and then get it, but I can play them.  I won’t embarrass you, Josie, not with this at least.”

They stared at each other a moment before Josephine waved her hands.  “Alright, I believe you that you have an idea of what I’m talking about, but-“

Nell groaned and flopped back to the floor, her eyes sliding shut as the woman’s voice droned around her.

“Fine!”  She shouted after a minute of Josephine talking, and pushed herself up to standing.  She headed towards the door as the ambassador jumped up behind her.

“Where are you going?”

“To seduce someone and prove my point.”


“I’m going to work my, according to you, imaginary charm and talk one, or twenty, of the nobles into my bed… or maybe a closet.”

She could hear Josephine scrambling after her, and had to bite down on a smile.  “And when Cullen decides he can no longer be with me because I have become a woman of ill repute, you can be the one to let him know that I had to break his heart because you didn’t believe me.”

“This is not funny, Inquisitor!”

She shoved open the door to the main hall after giving an exaggerated nod.  “Oh I agree.”

It was hilarious.