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Do you have any feelings about Alison Bechdel winning the MacArthur genius award? I thought I remembered you saying you were a fan at some point but could be mistaken. Either way big deal for women in comics yeah?

yes. at first i was just extremely happy but then my mom saw an article about it and called me to say “so maybe making weird little autobiographical comics could amount to something after all”- she’s never before really acknowledged any kind of art/ creative pursuit of mine as more than a hobby/ something i’ll grow out of eventually/ nothing i can ever count on as a career (or even talked to me since the whole college thing) so i cried. little sad that it took bechdel winning an award that demands her medium be taken seriously to make that exchange happen, but i’m ecstatic about it either way. for both the universal and personal significance.

it’s all made me feel a bit less insecure and fervently doubtful about my own work. starting to think it’s not all as otiose as i tell myself it is. so yeah, god, everything about bechdel winning the macarthur is good. she deserves it.


Thank you @swimsuitsforall for choosing me as the grand prize winner of the #sexyateverycurvecontest!!!! I’m so excited to shoot with you and hopefully we can get this suit (and my other secret designs) made for distribution! I’m ecstatic!!!!! #plusswim #plussizefashion #curves #curvy #plussize #celebratemysize #honormycurves #boldncurvy #effyourbeautystandards

“every experience will fill with immediacy. Because I love this, I am never bored. Beauty constantly wells up like the noise of springwater in my ear. Tree limbs rise and fall like ecstatic arms. Leaf sounds talk together like poets making fresh metaphors. The green felt cover slips; we get a flash of the mirror underneath. The conventional opinion of this poetry is that it shows great optimism for the future. But Father Reason says, No need to announce the future. This now is it. Your deepest need and desire is satisfied by this moment’s energy here in your hand.”


Daichi: He would be pretty happy that he was able to share an umbrella with his crush. He would make sure that his partner was totally protected from the rain, so a part of his shoulder would be completely drenched. He wouldn’t exactly know what to say as they walked home, so it would be pretty silent.

Sugawara: His ears and cheeks would be slightly pink since he never got the chance to be this close to them before. Like Daichi, he would make sure that they weren’t getting wet at all. He would talk to them about what happened throughout the day as they walked home, wishing the whole thing wouldn’t end.

Asahi: He would be nervous as he walked with them under the umbrella. He would be worried about every little thing, like if he was too close to them or if the umbrella was too high. He would be worrying too much and wouldn’t even be able to talk with his crush on the way home.

Nishinoya: He would be pretty ecstatic about the whole thing and would try to take his time as they walked home under the umbrella. But he would be so happy that he sometimes kept the umbrella all to himself rather than share it with his crush.

Tanaka: He wouldn’t know what to do as they walked home under the same umbrella. He would be thinking about what his crush was thinking, wondering if they were feeling the same way he did. He would ask them once in awhile if they were comfortable and if the umbrella was covering them enough.

Ennoshita: Probably acted the most normal out of the whole team. He would talk casually with them as they walked. Talking about anything that came to his mind or what he thought was interesting enough to tell his crush. He would try to walk slowly so he could savor the moment he had alone with his crush.

Kageyama: He’d be stiff for the whole walk home and would have no idea what to say. Inside he would be both happy and nervous. He was happy that he finally had a chance to be so close to them, but now that they were right beside him he had absolutely no idea what to say.

Hinata: He would be pretty fidgety and wouldn’t be able to hold the umbrella properly. He would try to keep up a conversation with his crush, but he would be so worried about how he was holding the umbrella or if he was walking too fast or to slow to even say anything back to them.

Tsukishima: He would be pretty quite the whole time. He wouldn’t even talk to them on the way home because he would have his headphones on, but he didn’t have any music playing at all. He only wore it so that he would avoid talking with his crush because he wasn’t sure if he would have been able to answer them back properly.             

Yamaguchi: He acted pretty nervous as he walked home with them, he wasn’t exactly sure if he should talk to them and the fact that they were standing so close to him made it worse. He would be staring at the ground the whole time as they walked home, trying to avoid his crush seeing how red his face was.

Kenma: It would look like he didn’t care, but his stomach would be full of butterflies. He was never really comfortable with people being so close to him, but it was a whole different feeling with his crush so close to him. He wouldn’t talk unless his crush asked him anything first. 

When a trans student was fined by her Rio de Janeiro high school for wearing a skirt, her classmates hatched a plan.

Nine days after transgender student Maria Muniz was fined by school officials for wearing a skirt, a group of her Colégio Pedro II classmates decided to stage a protest: both male and female students would all wear skirts on the same day. Soon after their demonstration an ecstatic Muniz learned that the school’s decision was overturned, reports the UK’sOrange News.

Pedro II’s principal told Brazil’s Globo that the school will consider relaxing their dress code. After the protest, school officials posted a picture of their male and female students wearing wearing skirts to social media, where it became widely shared. 

"For me, wearing a skirt was about expressing my freedom over who I am inside and not how society sees me," Muniz told Orange News.

"I am really happy about the way my classmates supported me and hope it serves as an example to others to feel encouraged to do the right thing," she added. "I was always taught at school to accept who you are. I am only trying to live that."

Injustice Drabble

Clark messes with the various security cameras guarding the Watchtower, still tense from the earlier battle against the Green Lanterns. He’s removed the Sinestro Corps ring, not quite liking the weight of the object on his hand. There’s just something…off about the yellow ring, the Qwardian object somehow twisted in a way that makes him uncomfortable. It rests by the keyboard now, almost putting off a glow. All thoughts of the odd glow flee his mind at the tableau occurring in Hal’s shower (and why are there cameras pointed at that?).

The former Green Lantern is pressed against the wall of his shower, Sinestro’s arms bracketing the sides of Hal’s head. Hal’s head is bowed slightly, not meeting Sinestro’s eyes as the Korugarian speaks. Clark isn’t certain why they’re discussing something naked in Hal’s shower. Maybe Sinestro got impatient waiting for Hal to get out? Unearthly blue eyes widen as the magenta skinned alien presses a kiss against the crown of Hal’s head and when Hal’s face turns up a second on the brunet’s lips. Clark watches as they kiss more, shutting off the cameras with a flush as Sinestro’s hand drops down below Hal’s waist. Thankfully the cameras didn’t show exactly what the Korugarian was doing.

He’d thought it was weird how focused in some ways Sinestro had been on Hal, had always been on Hal. That the Korugarian had no qualms about offering Hal a ring when the human was thrown out of the Green Lantern Corps, about immediately calling Hal Hal. Sinestro could have let Hal fall, could have let him die but didn’t. Hell, Clark had still be close enough to hear Sinestro giving Hal the ring. The comments Sinestro had made right after reminded him of a clingy ex.

Now (accidentally) seeing them in the shower, Clark wonders if that isn’t a good description.

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Hopefully when Samcedes reunite they will finally sing a duet. Their voices are heavenly together.

We are BOUND to get another Samcedes duet before the series is through. I will be happy with any song tbh but MJ and Samcedes have a special place in my heart now and I would be friggin ecstatic if they could do another MJ duet…I want it to be their thing lmao.

But i’ll take any song! 


I really want it to be a tight race between zach and frankie and julie says that. That would be so cute they would both be soo ecstatic about it. (Lol we all know even if zach wins and frankie has 0 votes frankie will die of happiness anyway) hahaha

Barring some catastrophe, I have the job at the ritzy liquor store locked down! Met w/one of the two owners today (they’re both rly cool and only a lil older than me, one’s 25 and the other’s 27) and he said I seemed like a perfect fit. The atmosphere is fucking amazing there, it’s REALLY nice inside in terms of layout and selection, and everything’s really laidback w/room to learn and grow as I go along. Pay’s awesome, it’s not too far a drive from my house, and they’re willing to give me a lot of hours as well! All in all it seems like it’s gonna be a fantastic place to work and it’ll look REALLY good on my resume down the line and I’m fucking ecstatic to have gotten this opportunity.

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Hello Kacie, my love my dear <3 So I just found out I'm for sure going to be studying abroad in the Spring, in Aix-en-Provence, France. I'm SO excited and was just wondering if you had any advice or tidbits that you would've liked to have heard before your travels? Packing advice, money advice, travel tips, etc? I want to hear all the tips!

AH AH I am beyond, through the roof, ecstatic for you! I’ve heard incredible things about Aix and it looks STUNNING. Not to mention all of the French food and culture, ahhh! 

In terms of packing: try not to bring too much. I know it’s difficult and that it’s tempting to try to bring your entire closet just in case ANY occasion arises, but it’s really not necessary. I had a few dresses in my wardrobe in England that were far too fancy, as if I thought I would be meeting the Queen for tea or something. You don’t need most of that, just the basics. I wore plenty of jeans, leather jackets, jumpers/cardigans, fleece lined leggings, a nice winter coat, boots (tall and short), a few dresses/skirts for going out at night, etc. I’m sure it gets quite a bit warmer in France than in England, so of course you’d want some warmer weather clothes as well. I definitely would stick with the basics though, lugging massive amounts of luggage around airports by yourself really isn’t ideal. Plus, you can always pick up a thing or two over there if you are truly missing it! 

I’d also leave hairdryers, curling irons, and things like that at home. I brought all of mine and ended up having to buy new ones with English plugs—as the adaptor didn’t quite work. They ended up coming out WAY too hot and burning my hair, so that was a mess. 

Money-wise: I would definitely try to cook meals in a few times a week if I were you. It is SO essential to go out and experience the local cuisine, but cooking can definitely help you save—so aim for a balance of both. My friends and I would all chip in for taco/stir-fry/pasta night and not only was it a great way to get together, we saved quite a bit of money. I’d also try to budget your nights out and make sure you pre-drink, so you don’t have to buy too much alcohol while you’re out. 

In terms of travel tips, I would use these websites: 

  • Ryanair. Ryanair was my actual life and allowed me to see SO many places in Europe on a budget. I flew to Ireland for £9 once. Seriously. 
  • Skyscanner. Another amazing website that compares flights and helps you to find the cheapest. 
  • Hostelworld. I booked every single one of my lodgings on this website and they all turned out great. I never had any hostel horror stories, but be sure to read the comments, check the safety ratings, and do some research to make sure that you are close to major landmarks that you’d like to see.

I also recommend getting to know Aix really well! I had a few friends who jetted about Europe so much that they missed getting to know quirky Manchester, which I loved. I think getting to know the city you are in is really cool, because after all, it is your home for 6 months! 

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with! Cannot wait to hear about your adventures xx

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what are your thoughts honestly about what is happening with zankie/The Rances/The Grandes? What has change?

I honestly don’t look too much into Frankie and Zach’s family/friend drama because the majority of my attention is too focused on them rather than those associated with them. HOWEVER!

I am ECSTATIC with how supportive Joan and Ariana have been toward Zach. It makes me extremely happy to know that once Frankie and Zach return to the outside world, Zach will be welcomed by Frankie’s family with open arms!

I think that, in and of itself, will greatly aid their relationship!  

I’m also very happy that Zach’s family has been more supportive recently too. And I have faith that if Zach does own up to his feelings for Frankie, his family will support him.

Also, I don’t think we should expect the Rance’s to be completely advocating Zach’s controversial relationship with Frankie because they have yet to speak to their son and confirm whether or not his feelings are romantic or platonic. Even as his parents, it’s not their place to assert an opinion until they know for sure. So, until he’s out of the house and can speak to them and for himself, we should try to understand the situation his family is in. 

lundi 22 septembre

🌸 Cleaning..which included music such as~ “That’s the way I always heard it should be” by Carly Simon and “Indestructible” by Robyn. Yep. You heard right. lol

🌸 Some random kitchen dancing may have happened so for all the neighbors who may have seen me, you’re welcome. :)

🌸 Already got dinner in the crock pot.’s what’s for dinner.

🌸 Bought the ingredients to make a no bake cheesecake with cherry topping! Yum! I’ve been craving it-so it’s happening!

🌸 About to hop in the shower and scrub off the hurt from yesterday.

🌸 Happy first day of fall :)

🌸 Completely ecstatic for “The Blacklist” tonight!!!!! (James Spader—come do naughty things to me!)

Hope y’all have a good Monday! ;)

He admits he likes you (Brad)

Sorry I haven’t posted today. I have been dip dying my hair and making a huge mess! Hopefully this makes up for it and I should have a smut up by the end of the night. Enjoy! xx

I was walking towards my dressing room to get ready for tonight’s show. I’m the opening at for The Vamps’ world tour. It’s a long crazy year filled with hilarious pranks, lots of fun and rumours. You and Brad had been best friends since 2nd grade and you fell in love with him about 2 years ago. You were ecstatic when the boys asked you to be the opening act as you were an aspiring singer trying to get noticed on YouTube. During the tour you’ve been signed with a record label and are due to realise your debut album at the end of the year. You couldn’t thank the boys enough for everything they’ve done for you.

As you were walking towards your dressing room you overheard the boys talking about something that made you stop. “Come on Brad, what would type of girl would you love to date?” Tristan asks. You bite your lip and continue to listen. “I think I would like to date like a punk chick” he admits. “So like heavy black clothes with heaps of metal?” Connor questions. “No like someone with maybe a really out there hair colour and like facial piercings or something. Those girls look hot!” You slowly walk back towards your dressing room and sit in front of the mirror. You run your fingers through your naturally coloured hair and looked at your unpierced face and bite your lip. “Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like me?” you think to yourself. You’re disturbed by a knock at the door and you spin around to see Brad, “You ready Y/N? Show starts in 5 mins”. “Of course I’m ready!” you say. “Great! Can’t wait to see you perform!” he says, walking out of the dressing room. You give yourself one last look in the mirror. “Last night of being normal, plain, boring Y/N” you say quietly to yourself before walking out.

“Y/N? Would you like to come through?” the piercer asks. You follow them into a small room at the back of the store. You had just come out of the hairdresser with your new bright red hair and now it was time to get a piercing. “Hi I’m Amy. What type of piercing were you looking at getting today?” she asks, shutting the door. “I was looking at getting a lip piercing” I reply. “Great. We have a wide range of different starting jewellery you can pick from. Would you like it on the right or the left?” “The right please”. “Great. Just pick one of these and we’ll get this under way” she says, laying out the different types of jewellery. You look at each one and decide to go for a black ring. “Alright just lay down on the bed here” she says as she pats the bed. You do as you’re told and wait for her to sort out the equipment. You were nervous to say the least. You hadn’t gotten a piercing since you’re got your ears pierced when you were 4. “I’m just going to place a dot where the piercing is going to go” she holds up a mirror “Is this ok?” You look in the mirror and move your head slightly, trying to get the different angles “Yep that’s great”. She nods and takes mirror and places it on the bench behind her. “If you would just like to close your eyes, a lot of people feels as if it helps”. You close your eyes and wait for the needle to pierce through your skin. You feel her put her hand over your lip and you feel a sharp, stinging sensation. You clench your fists as the stinging continues until it’s all over. “Alright, all done” Amy announces. “You can stand up and look in the mirror. If you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded please let me know”. You stand up and look in the mirror to see your new addition to your face. Amy goes through the all the aftercare with you and makes sure you know how to clean it. “Great. Thank you so much Amy” you say as you head out the door. “Watch out Brad. I’m coming for you”.

You get back to hear that the boys have gone out for the day so you decide to just chill in your dressing room and wait for them to return. “Hey Y/N you in here?” James asks. “Yeah” you turn your head. “Wow. Your hair looks great! What made you get it dyed?”. “Felt like a change I guess” you shrug. James stick his head out the door “She’s in here guys” he yells. They all come in one by one and look at you in shock. Brad is the last one to come through the door “Y/N! What the fuck have you done?!” he yells. “I was trying something new. What’s wrong with it?” you ask. “Well it’s not you at all!” he sighs “Can we do this somewhere else?” “Fine” you grumble and walk towards his dressing room. “I just don’t understand Y/N. This is nothing like you! Why would you go and do something so stupid!”. “I just wanted to do this for you” you blush. “What do you mean?” he questions, looking confused. “I just meant that I overheard you talking yesterday with the boys saying that you liked girls with a really out there hair colour and facial piercings” you mumble and look down. “We were just talking about what type of girl we would date based on looks. You didn’t need to do this to make me like you I already do…” he gasps, realising what he just said. I look up at him in shock. “You like me?” you question. He blushes and looks down at the floor. “I’ve liked you for a while now” he admits. You slowly walk towards him and lift up his head. “You could have just told me” you say before kissing him lightly. There’s a knock at the door followed by several gasps. Connor clears his throat “Um Y/N you’re on in 2 minutes”. “Shit” you say and run out the door still not believing what just happened.             

Cody Rhodes is having so much fun as Stardust and that makes me happy

also he and Goldust make the homophobe commentators uncomfortable, and that makes me ecstatic


I’m very excited to say I’ve accepted a full-time News Producer and Journalist position at the Bloomington NPR and PBS affiliate stations, WFIU-FM and WTIU-TV. I’m ecstatic to continue my work in public media.