Moments from Ghana and Beyond with @africashowboy

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Africa’s relationship with photography is complicated, explains Nana Kofi Acquah (@africashowboy), a journalist and creative director-turned-photographer from Accra, Ghana. “Even though it is undeniable that African photographers saw the opportunity to fight stereotypes with their pictures, the truth was that cameras and film were extremely expensive and therefore not something to be wasted on unimportant casual moments. Today, how Ghanaians interact with photographs has changed rapidly.”

Nana’s work for businesses and non-profits takes him across Africa, and his Instagram photos reflects moments both profound and banal. “I don’t believe a photograph always needs to be dramatic, ecstatic, or tragic to pique people’s interest,” he says. “I am not afraid to photograph the mundane because I know posterity might appreciate it—and in that sense, I think like a historian. My audience is anybody who is interested to know more about Africa.”

Post UF Race! ☺

Good news last week I raced a 4 mile race and finished in 25:30 something. Today we did a 5 mile race and I went through 4 miles in 21, I ended up running a new PR for the 8k in 27:45! Beat my old PR by 40 seconds! Words cannot describe how happy I am right now. God is great!

mulberry moon

oh the truth you preside over me
and i answer in stuttering gasps
bringing you to your precipice 
as you orate our overman names… 
i am your mulberry moon, 
you seize upon my escalating breathing 

oh, you cum for me and i reply to 
your intimation with susurrations 
of my ecstatic purpose over you—
we have waited in silence 
for this call and answer, 
the blues of you whet my throat
in a night of humid whispers

- mermaidsbite / Christiane Lopez

OK but my favorite part of Time Heist is how it addressed the Doctor’s new ‘detached’ attitude to people dying. Clara is clearly stricken and Psi gets really angry. “He’s not really like this,” she says and Psi replies, “I can tell you’ve been with him a long time because you’re so good at making excuses.” (paraphrasing)

Then when Psi and Saibra (omg sp their names are too awesome for me to know how to spell) show up alive? He cannot compute. He’s shocked, he’s ecstatic, he’s having difficulty processing…



supernaturalgirlsrp said:

{My muse is clearly having a very vivid dream, their body reacting to it in a very sexual manner, panting and writhing in reaction as they sleep. It seems that whatever or whoever they are dreaming of is doing a good job of turning them on. Send me your muse's response to walking in and finding them like that} Alex walked into Sam's room, not knowing that he was asleep. "Hey Sam--" She was holding a book, and she froze when she looked up. [had to :P]

Sam was desperately writhing on the bed, groaning and rutting his hips on the bed like a horny teenager, one hand was tangled in his hair, the other gripping the pillow beneath him as his hips bucked. He was so far into his dream he didn’t hear Alex, so he just kept going, gasping and moaning, cursing occasionally under his breath.

The use of the term rape culture

Hypothetically …

Everyone who sees rape culture in the relationship between Captain Hook and Emma Swan. I would like you to take every scene, every line, every sexist comment made by Hook that you believe represents rape culture and replace Captain Hook with Regina Mills. Now ask yourself would you still scream rape culture if those scenes involved Regina and Emma. My answer would be NO. Let’s be honest, if the mid-season 3A finale had shown Regina knocking on Emma’s door and then kissing her to get her memory back, the SQ fandom would have beyond ecstatic. Swan Queen would be canon. There would be no reason to scream rape culture because the SQ fandom would have gotten what the wanted.

The Maze Runner movie reaction post in bullet form (bc I'm too ecstatic to make a proper blog post)

During the movie thoughts

  • Thomas, greeting the audience by puking is not really nice.
  • *squeaks* but Ben is not runner
  • I hated Gally in the book (in the first one, at least). damn Will Poulter making me want to throw myself at him
  • Glade party isn’t so bad #kingswillbekings (NEWTMAS GAME WAS STRONG)
  • Oh my god Ben’s banishment :-((
  • Why on earth did Minho put down Alby to pull him back to The Glade I MEAN THAT WAS A WASTE OF SECONDS; and
  • what made these shank Gladers think that cheering them would actually make their progress quicker smh
  •  Ki Hong Lee’s enactment of Minho panicking when the Griever was approaching is so on point it makes mE CRY
  • but lmao at Thomas bearing the weight of Alby alone
  • that’s a good hiding spot Thomas tbh wHY THE SHUCK DID U LEAVE
  • Minho making me jump more than the Griever what a bitch
  • Chuck waiting for the wall to open again awwwe
  • Gally, acting mad at Thomas won’t conceal your love for him
  • Thomas was completely never pissed off at Chuck in the movie and I’m not complaining
  • Ki Hong Lee is so cute when running
  • The Blades dafuq (a clever part of the maze tho ngl)
  • New beer game: drink a shot whenever Minho yells “Don’t look back”
  • Ooh Gally did Thomas just slay you hahahahahahaha
  • Nalby Nalby Nalby Nalby, Thomas back off don’t interrupt Nalby
  • why was there only 1 wall open in the first place
  • why is Newt skipping (*remembers he’s limp after 7secs*)
  • So satisfied w/ Gally’s punch on Thomas’ face
  • I actually loved how Teresa couldn’t believe she worked with WICKED
  • Aw Gally felt betrayed, so sorry babe it’s your fault you shouldn’t have acted like a shank
  • Idk what to feel about this version of the Gladers attacking the Grievers hmm
  • JEFF DIED??!?!?!?!?
  • but I want the “Float, Catch, Bleed, Death, Stiff, Push” code :(
  • they didn’t fall in the hole, did they
  • *Gladers see the Exit sign* “Seriously?!” SAME FRYPAN SAME
  • I just saw a Crank. A Crank.
  • Why the shuck does Gally look cute with that Griever sting uhm¿¿¿
  • Gally got Rue-ed (Marvel spearing her in The Hunger Games)
  • wow helicopter. fancy
  • DADDY JAMES DASHNER WTH!!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!11
  • I legit thought Chancellor Ava Paige killed herself hm k

After the movie thoughts

  • what
  • where am i
  • am i alive or
  • ????

I WANT TO START BY CONGRATULATING EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE MAKING OF THE MOVIE. Wes Ball made an astounding feature directorial debut. I am so happy for James Dashner for all of this success and am very proud too. The cast did an incredible job in portraying the characters and I know all of the book series’ fans couldn’t be any more grateful for that. Production crew, thank you for helping in bringing the book to life. :)

There were a lot of changes, yes. But remember a book adaptation doesn’t mean every exact bits of the book will be depicted. It will never happen so stick that in your mind every time. In the end, The Maze Runner film exceeded all of our expectations. TMR series fans, celebrate as wild as you can. Finally, the movie is “now playing”. :)

I watched the movie twice yesterday. First, in IMAX which has a funny story behind it. I meant to buy a ticket for the 2:15pm screening time but the ticket lady gave me the first screening time which was 11:30am. There’s a clock behind her and when I looked at it, it said “11:28am”. Ok then. Hahah. Also, it’s my first time to watch a movie in IMAX and I wasn’t sure if my seat was the best one or not because the screen looked so wide for my eyes I felt like it was going to eat me if I blink. There were only less than 15 people inside the theater (bc like I said, it was the 1st screening time) and I was very pleased, haha.

The second time I watched the movie was just 4 hours later and that time I was with my brother and mum. I first watched TMR alone bc duh fangirl moment pls haha. It was exciting because then I got to see people’s reactions to the movie. So many people screamed and jumped. I did my best to hide my laughter, hahaha. Props to my mom for figuring out the plot early. :d

To end this post, I’m going to share what a guy said behind us when Thomas and Teresa were talking in the look out tree. “They’re siblings!
*cue the readers’ chuckle and smh*

PS: There are still so many thoughts swirling in my mind but I just can’t tell them yet because I’m knackered. TMR destroyed my brain.

anonymous said:

would you rather have will or hannibal eat you out, jw?

IT’S BACK IT’S BACK THE # I Truly Think I’m In Trouble With The Lord IS BACK I AM ECSTATIC

Oh, Nonnie, I don’t know. There’s a general consensus that Hannibal knows the human body like the back of his hand and thus would know every sweet spot. On the other hand, Will would be attuned to every reaction, every movement and desire, just like Hannibal, but not through the same process.


It then boils down to personal preferences, and to that I have no clear answer. I’ll try both and I’ll tell you the results, mmmkay?

viciousnarcissus replied to your post “send me a word or person or genre or video game or tv show or some…”

actually tbh if it wouldn’t be too private i’d prefer to hear a playlist of xibalba. favorite music of headmates, music that captures the ambience, etc. but if not then yeah, crystalline ecstatic void

[ xibalba ]

"in praise of bacchus" (type o negative) • "the shattered fortress" (dream theater)
"carry me" (nick cave + the bad seeds)"may it be" (enya)
"sunshine (adagio in d minor)" (john murphy) • "sex + religion" (steve vai)
"far from any road" (the handsome family) • "get ready for love" (nick cave + the bad seeds)
"lucifer" (behemoth) • "undisclosed desires" (muse)
"space oddity" (david bowie) • "death is the road to awe" (clint mansell) • "welcome home" (coheed and cambria)

[ crystalline ecstatic void ]

"rigor mortis" (wikluh sky)"stance" (puissance)
"my violent heart" (nine inch nails) • "space dementia" (muse)
"ride the comet" (ayreon) • "seven years in tibet" (david bowie)
"world collapsing (riptide music - inception style)" (danny cocke) • "gravity" (steven price)
"stargazer" (dream theater) • "from the fire" (fields of the nephilim)

Korean Cosmetics Haul : Etude House Cosmetics (Review, Swatches & Makeup Look/Tutorial)

Hello loves!

I’m a huge fan of Korean cosmetics, particularly the brand Etude House, which is the focus of my mini haul and review today! Etude House is known for their super cute and girly packaging, as well as highly formulated products! I’m a total sucker for cute packaging—-pair that with exceptionally developed and high-performing products that have a lovely color range, and I’m hooked!

I am so ecstatic to share these Etude House products with you all that I recently got from a website called KollectionK.Com

KollectionK is a company based in Seoul, South Korea, and carries an amazing collection of authentic Korean cosmetics, as well as jewelry, accessories, apparel, and many more! The website ships to the US, as well as internationally. They offer free shipping on all US orders over $100 and a standard shipping fee of $7 USD for orders under $100.

Korean cosmetics in the US can be very difficult to find and sometimes ridiculously expensive! I find the prices offered by KollectionK to be very reasonable, compared to other websites that I’ve seen. My order was shipped promptly and also included a tracking number; the package took about two weeks to arrive (it was completely worth the wait).

With that said, let’s get to the fun part! I also have an eye makeup tutorial, featuring these products at the end of the blog post!

When I came across a blog review of Etude House's Limited Edition Play Color Eyes Palette, I was immediately captivated since I’ve never seen a palette like this one before from the brand. I was elated to see that KollectionK still had the palette in stock, so I quickly added the item to my shopping cart! This palette comes in two different 10-color combinations, one with bold and daring shades (#1 So Hot Play) and the other with neutral and warm-toned shades (#2 So Chic Play).

I got the Limited Edition Play Color Eyes Palette in #1 So Hot Play.



The So Hot Play Palette consists of ten eyeshadows with varying finishes and textures. There is a nice variety of colors in this palette, great for creating a mixture of eye looks from subtle to bold. These eyeshadows have great pigmentation—-except for the two metallic shades (‘Party Gold’ and ‘Snow Queen’), which has a slightly sheer consistency—-applies smoothly, and blends easily. Majority of the colors in this palette are rich and velvety, and they’re all very easy to work with.

This palette contains:

- Two metallic/foil shades 

- Four matte shades (the black eyeshadow has fine purple and gold sparkles, but applies matte)

- Four shimmer shades 



Of course, I couldn’t do an Etude House haul and not add a Lovely Cookie Blusher in the bundle! I absolutely adore these blushes and got two more shades for my collection in the colors #3 Raspberry Tarte and #9 Sweetberry Muffin.

These blushes have the most adorable packaging and comes with a cute puff for application. The color payoff of these blushes are semi-sheer and requires building up to achieve intensity. They’re very build-able, so it doesn’t take much work to get a rich coloration from these blushes.

#3 Raspberry Tarte : bright pink with silver shimmers

#9 Sweetberry Muffin : light coral-pink with a matte finish





The last item that I got from KollectionK is the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick in ‘PK013’, which is from Etude House’s Pink Talk Collection. This vibrant hot pink lipstick has a very creamy consistency with a matte finish. The color payoff of this lipstick is true-to-color and it can be layered for an intensified look. It’s a bit drying due to the matte finish, but that issue can easily be resolved by moisturizing lips before applying this lipstick!




Metallic Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Here is the eye makeup look that I created using Etude House's Limited Edition Play Color Eyes Palette in #1 So Hot Play. The step-by-step tutorial is below.


Step 1: Begin by priming the eyes with an eyeshadow primer, then apply the shade ‘Modern City’ all over the lids and lightly blend the color upwards, just above the crease.

Step 2: Apply ‘Pony Tail’ to the upper outer crease, stopping at the center of the lid and begin to blend the bronze eyeshadow thoroughly into the shimmery blue-silver color to create a nice transition between the two colors.

Step 3: Use a flat eyeshadow brush and apply ‘Naked’ under the brows, and highlight the tear ducts with the shade ‘Party Gold’.

Step 4: Line the top and bottom water lines with a black eyeliner pencil (tightlining). 

Step 5: Create a winged eyeliner, using a matte black liquid eyeliner.

Step 6: Line the outer bottom lash lines with the shade ‘Pony Tail’ and smoke out the eyeshadow to create a hazy effect with a pencil brush. 

Step 7: Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes, and pop on a pair of false eyelashes if desired for a completed, sultry and metallic smokey eye look!



I am also wearing the #9 Sweetberry Muffin Lovely Cookie Blusher and the ‘PK013’ Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick.

You can find all of the products featured in this blog post at http://kollectionk.com

I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial!


(Products were purchased with credit courtesy of KollectionK.Com. The views and opinions expressed in this post were completely genuine.)

Blog Awards Ireland - I'm a finalist!

Guys, something absolutely unreal has just happened and I don’t even know where to begin. I started this little blog exactly eighteen months ago with the hope that I’d be able to inform my friends about my love for fashion through words. Unbeknownst to me, these words somehow managed to reach the four corners of the earth and now thanks to you I’m now in the finals in the Blog Awards Ireland Best Fashion Blog category! I must say, I’m absolutely ecstatic about this and I am incredibly overwhelmed and excited for the future of COMME des VOGUĘDOWN!

Once more, I would like to deeply thank each and every one of you for supporting me in the running of this little piece of my existence, and special thanks to Blog Awards Ireland and the category sponsor Sensorpro for giving me this fantastic opportunity! Oh, if you’re feeling a wee bit curious, check out the list of wonderful finalists here.


i finally hit 40 pounds lost i am F***** ECSTATIC I ONLY HAVE 40 POUNDS TO GO and then maybe a little more but 40 more is a good goal to start with

I can’t help but laugh a lot because you go from these majestic Chinese beasts in the last page (that remind me of the watchdogs from Recort) to them riding them into the sky.

But this is so funny to me. I thought to myself “Are they asking them to ride them when they approached them? Naawww”. Next page is them riding them in such a absurd manor. It looks so ridiculous, its like they are riding into the sunset.

The fact that Fai is ecstatic about what is going on and volunteers to go with Syaoran is nice to see again; I don’t think we have actually seen Fai make that type of movement for quite a while.