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I just wanted to say that the song "Golden and Green" by The Builders and the Butchers really reminds me of Gavin in your royalty au. I might be inspired to make some kind of music video with them someday. Anyway, I love your work!

i try not to publish anon asks but if anyone is interested, this is actually a sUUUUPPPER LOVELY SONG i am ecstatic i got rec’d!!!!

here’s the youtube link

and also, LYRICS?

Because everything dies, given time
And I know that this world could be mine
So I closed both my eyes and I count my heartbeats
and I know that my wings are on fire
And everything that’s golden and green goes to hell

so good [happy sighs]


1900 Followers Follow Forever.

I would just like to thankyou all for being so amazing (yeh I’m not great at these things) I never thought I would see the day that the follower count ticked over to 1900, so to say I was ecstatic is an understatement. All the blogs that I follow are amazing so I have probably forgotten a lot. Favs are in bold. 

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When a trans student was fined by her Rio de Janeiro high school for wearing a skirt, her classmates hatched a plan.

Nine days after transgender student Maria Muniz was fined by school officials for wearing a skirt, a group of her Colégio Pedro II classmates decided to stage a protest: both male and female students would all wear skirts on the same day. Soon after their demonstration an ecstatic Muniz learned that the school’s decision was overturned, reports the UK’sOrange News.

Pedro II’s principal told Brazil’s Globo that the school will consider relaxing their dress code. After the protest, school officials posted a picture of their male and female students wearing wearing skirts to social media, where it became widely shared. 

"For me, wearing a skirt was about expressing my freedom over who I am inside and not how society sees me," Muniz told Orange News.

"I am really happy about the way my classmates supported me and hope it serves as an example to others to feel encouraged to do the right thing," she added. "I was always taught at school to accept who you are. I am only trying to live that."

a night for just two [ asami & george

George was happy, more like ecstatic to be able to spend some quality time with his world again. Honestly, before he got back from doing all of these things with the boys, he was lonely. It was like the days were dragging without her, and that his other half was missing. The other thing was that he was worried about how the pregnancy was going. It made him feel bad that he wasn’t there with her through the majority of it. But he kept on trying to stay in contact with her as much as possible. Now, once he had the opportunity the get some time, and cuddling time with her he took it. All he was focused on now was getting everything ready for tonight. He walked over to the dresser, changing into something comfy, and then making his way downstairs. Instantly heading towards to kitchen to make popcorn and get some drinks for the two of them. His hands placed the bag in the microwave, and poured the two drinks into two glasses. Gabbing the bag once it was done, pouring it into one bowl. Only to place it on the coffee table, and then placing the drinks on the coasters. He thought to himself, and then picked out her favorite movie. Placing it in, and then relaxing right after. Just waiting on her to get there.

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Hello Kacie, my love my dear <3 So I just found out I'm for sure going to be studying abroad in the Spring, in Aix-en-Provence, France. I'm SO excited and was just wondering if you had any advice or tidbits that you would've liked to have heard before your travels? Packing advice, money advice, travel tips, etc? I want to hear all the tips!

AH AH I am beyond, through the roof, ecstatic for you! I’ve heard incredible things about Aix and it looks STUNNING. Not to mention all of the French food and culture, ahhh! 

In terms of packing: try not to bring too much. I know it’s difficult and that it’s tempting to try to bring your entire closet just in case ANY occasion arises, but it’s really not necessary. I had a few dresses in my wardrobe in England that were far too fancy, as if I thought I would be meeting the Queen for tea or something. You don’t need most of that, just the basics. I wore plenty of jeans, leather jackets, jumpers/cardigans, fleece lined leggings, a nice winter coat, boots (tall and short), a few dresses/skirts for going out at night, etc. I’m sure it gets quite a bit warmer in France than in England, so of course you’d want some warmer weather clothes as well. I definitely would stick with the basics though, lugging massive amounts of luggage around airports by yourself really isn’t ideal. Plus, you can always pick up a thing or two over there if you are truly missing it! 

I’d also leave hairdryers, curling irons, and things like that at home. I brought all of mine and ended up having to buy new ones with English plugs—as the adaptor didn’t quite work. They ended up coming out WAY too hot and burning my hair, so that was a mess. 

Money-wise: I would definitely try to cook meals in a few times a week if I were you. It is SO essential to go out and experience the local cuisine, but cooking can definitely help you save—so aim for a balance of both. My friends and I would all chip in for taco/stir-fry/pasta night and not only was it a great way to get together, we saved quite a bit of money. I’d also try to budget your nights out and make sure you pre-drink, so you don’t have to buy too much alcohol while you’re out. 

In terms of travel tips, I would use these websites: 

  • Ryanair. Ryanair was my actual life and allowed me to see SO many places in Europe on a budget. I flew to Ireland for £9 once. Seriously. 
  • Skyscanner. Another amazing website that compares flights and helps you to find the cheapest. 
  • Hostelworld. I booked every single one of my lodgings on this website and they all turned out great. I never had any hostel horror stories, but be sure to read the comments, check the safety ratings, and do some research to make sure that you are close to major landmarks that you’d like to see.

I also recommend getting to know Aix really well! I had a few friends who jetted about Europe so much that they missed getting to know quirky Manchester, which I loved. I think getting to know the city you are in is really cool, because after all, it is your home for 6 months! 

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with! Cannot wait to hear about your adventures xx

pierce the Veil proposal



I smiled as we pulled up to the lake. Jaime decided to take me to the lake for Valentine’s Day and I was ecstatic. We set up a picnic on one of the picnic tables and watched the water glimmer in the sun. Jaime and I agreed on no presents this year because we were coming up here and I was fine with that. Jaime unpacked the food, the last item being a small brown box. He handed it to me. “Your dad said you could have it.” He shrugs. I copy his movement and pull the top off (image) “Oh, my, God.” I look up at Jaime. I got up and walked over to him before smashing my lips to his. “I take that as a yes?” He asks. “Yes! You big goof!” I slap his arm. He slides the ring on and kisses me.



"Y/n? I was wondering if you’d read to me." Mike questions as I walk into the living room. I smile. "Sure. What book?" I ask walking to the bookshelf. "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, please. I haven’t gotten to it yet." I nod and grab the book before walking over to the couch where Mike was sitting. I sat down and opened the book (image) I felt my eyes water as I look up at Mike.  "Y/n, will you marry me?" Mike asks. I nod my head, unable to form words. Mike takes the book and undoes the ring before sliding it on my finger. "I love you, y/n. Forever and always."




The guys told me that Tony wanted to marry me but he was nervous I’d say no and he doesn’t know what to do so I advised a little plan.

I bought an engagement ring and a silver band, something simple, and made a box. (Image) I set up a Mario map and placed the box where you would pick your players and built around it. The map set up was extra. Tony and I sat down and I pushed the yellow felt box towards him. Tony eyed me suspiciously and opened the lid. His eyes went wide and he looked up at me.

"Will you?" I ask. Tony nodded his head and got all mushy and teary eyed. I crawled over to Tony and pulled him into a hug. He helped me put on my ring as I put on his which you weren’t suppose to do until the wedding but who cares. I just proposed to my soon to be husband. "You did that way better then I would’ve." Tony spoke. I giggled and kissed him.



(This one is a bit silly, but that cupcake)

"Hey babe?! On my way home I came across this awesome little bakery and they had dark chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!" Vic exclaimed, walking in the door. "Really?!" I got excited. I love cupcakes. "Yeah. You can have it after dinner." I whined and rolled my eyes. "Okay mom." I mumble.

Vic helped me make dinner which was chicken and bow tie pasta (something my mom makes and it’s amazing!!!) which is always fun. We sat down and ate at the kitchen table and Vic told me to wash dishes while he got my cupcake. You don’t understand, dark chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are my favorite and remind me of black bottom cupcakes.

I sat at the table and vic placed this cute little box in front of me that said 'Tiffany's Treats'. The only thing standing in the way of me and the delectable sweet was a silver ring, littered with diamonds. “Vic? Baby! There is a ring in my cupcake! Is that suppose to be there?” I call out in an innocent voice, licking some of the icing. “Yes!” Vic calls back. I drop my cupcake and shriek. Vic came rushing in to see my cupcake smushed on the table. Vic chuckled and picked up the ring, licking off the icing before handing it to me.

"I don’t want it." I mumble. "W-what?" He stutters. "I’m too worried about my cupcake!" I whine, slumping in my chair. Vic chuckled and slid the ring on my finger. "I’ll go and buy you a dozen cupcakes." He tells me. I jump up and grab Vic’s sleeve, pulling towards the door.

(Hope you enjoy this! -Alexis)

Cody Rhodes is having so much fun as Stardust and that makes me happy

also he and Goldust make the homophobe commentators uncomfortable, and that makes me ecstatic


(thank you very much anon#2!! that’s really sweet to hear, i’m ecstatic you like them so much!!)

I grouped the two asks because they were the same.

Fukutomi would be the type to do the small, yet very adoring and sweet, things for his S/O. He wouldn’t want to do something that everyone would see, and eventually mock, but he didn’t want to just do nothing. So, he’d always brush his hand against theirs when everyone was preoccupied with their own business, or he’d give his S/O a light pat on the back, or he’d squeeze their shoulder reassuringly; he would want them to know he’s someone they should depend and trust to be serious about the relationship, even if it’s a bit of a professional one.

Shinkai would definitely always give his S/O snacks and other little gifts throughout the week, as he was all for seeing them smile their cute grin; he loved watching their eyes shine in excitement from something he was the cause of, so he thinks the best way to always get a reaction is with gifts.

Arakita isn’t a very affectionate guy in the first place, so he would rarely ever show affection in a sense to prove his love for his S/O. When he does, though, he tends to rest his forehead on theirs and sit in silence, staring lovingly into their eyes, just listening to their every breath drawn. When he felt he shouldn’t bother them anymore, he’d close his eyes and pull them into a hug, mumbling onto their forehead with a small trace of a smile on his lips.

Toudou would do everything under the sun to show his S/O he loves them. He would send good morning texts, check up on them throughout the day, send good night texts, kiss their cheek, give them quick hugs if they pass each other, complimenting them; everything you can think of. He would want his S/O to know he’s serious about being with them, so he’d show his love in any way possible.

Izumida would be the type to send encouraging texts to his S/O, as he wanted to always check up on them and send them support when he couldn’t be around them. He would find it the easiest way to show affection without doing PDA, as he didn’t want to make his S/O uncomfortable or uneasy around him.

Ashikiba didn’t know any other ways to make his S/O know that he loved them than using physical affection itself, which he was fond of doing, anyways. He loved holding them in his arms; feeling their warmth on his chest would be pretty reassuring for him. When he was questioned on it, he stated that he wanted to make sure they knew he was their getaway when they wanted to block out the rest of the world; his arms were their sanctuary.

Even though he isn’t as smooth and suave as he thinks he is, Kuroda would try to compliment his S/O other when he thought was appropriate and sometimes spontaneously. As he tries to speak his mind, he quickly loses confidence and ends up stuttering out his compliment instead; his S/O wouldn’t mind it, though, as they knew he cared enough to try, and that was enough for them. (One time when he tried, he ended up using the wrong word and changed the meaning of his compliment completely.)

Manami would be pretty casual with his affection, but he’d like kissing the top of his S/O’s head the most. It proves that he holds them close to his heart, and he cares about them very deeply. Even if his S/O would get embarrassed from it, he would prefer no other way of showing them from-the-heart affection.

Doubashi wouldn’t know how to effectively show affection to his S/O, just because it was such a new concept to him that it became awkward for himself whenever he thought about it. He’d do every form possible, hoping he wouldn’t look too embarrassed when he did. The most common thing he’d do is hold his S/O by their shoulders, looking them straight in the eye and telling them he’s ready to kick anyone’s ass if they tried to hurt them, as a form of reassurance for his S/O.

Yuuto’s way of showing his S/O affection would just simply be him reminding them throughout the day that he loves them. He would love watching them get flustered over the three words, but he always wanted them to know that when they’re feeling down in the dumps or mad at the cruel world. He would also, occasionally, hold them in his arms during lunch or after school, “just ‘cause he wanted to feel their warmth.”

I'm no artist, but my enthusiasm absolves my ineptitude.

Our love was borne of fire.

Paint splashed onto canvas with great fervour

And no regard for subsequence.

We spent days and nights at the easel,

To stop would bring no respite

For I’d sooner starve than miss a moment in your eyes.

That piece was fucking beautiful.

The flames grew higher,

They licked at your metal skin.

I was certain you would alchemise;

Twist and contort into me,

Send your ecstatic gold burning through my thirsty veins.

You ran,

Brushes tucked into your back pocket.

I understand.

I took to our canvas with the sharp edges you left behind.

The moon-bound rocket returned it,

The volcano spat it out and

It floated up from the ocean floor.

I left it in the alley behind the house,

It set his homeless heart alight but scorched in ways he could not stand.

I’ve severed the damn thing a thousand times,

Each time it reappears,

With colours brighter than before.

Eternally incomplete,

In the back of my mind

An open door over whose threshold I can never step.

I’ve surrendered to the way the breeze howls through.

I might be learning how to sing along. 

The Sunday Currently Volume Three

It’s been a while since my last Sunday Currently entry and I’m ecstatic to do this one! We had a super long weekend (yeah, I do consider it super long because we barely have these kinds of suspensions plus a 3-day weekend) and to be honest, I haven’t done anything remotely productive. I keep on seeing tweets from some of my blockmates that they have been studying or reading and here I am being a quiet and lazy potato. Anyway, have a happy and blessed Sunday everyone!

C U R R E N T L Y … 

  • R E A D I N G Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins, the third book in the Anna and the French Kiss companion novels. I love Stephanie Perkins’ books! I became an instant fan after reading Anna and the French Kiss (ugh St. Clair!!). Her books made me feel really giddy and it also made me flaunt an uncontrollable ear to ear smile. I’m recommending her books to you! And I’m going to make a review about Anna and the French Kiss after I reread it.
  • W R I T I N G this blog post. Okay, really, I’m currently not writing anything. After prelims I only had chill moments and I kinda miss doing a lot of things. Or am I supposed to do tons of things but I’m unaware of them?
  • L I S T E N I N G to random chill songs. I’m currently loitering around 8tracks trying to find cool playlists to listen. I’m trying to fire up my kpop feels again, I miss spazzing, sighs. 
  • T H I N K I N G about how will I survive TomWeb. Yes! I also passed the interview and I’m already a trainee. I stalked the groups, and wow just wow. I don’t even know if I can do the things they can. 
  • S M E L L I N G fried rice. My mom’s cooking!
  • W I S H I N G to have a great great year! I’m also wishing for some new stuff like books, clothes and shoes. I don’t really consider myself a fashionista (I’m not really into wearing fashionable items, I’m okay with a t-shirt, and pants) but some clothes are just hngg and some shoes too. 
  • H O P I N G for good prelim exam results! Some results were already released and honestly, I’m disappointed. I know I can do more and exert more effort but yeah I’ll stick to the cliché Babawi nalang ako sa Finals.
  • W E A R I N G something… ME. Shirt, shorts and no slippers.
  • L O V I N G the weather now. It’s been a scary weather week and I miss seeing the good ol’ sun.
  • W A N T I N G more money. Christmas is picking up its pace and yes, more money. I need a part time job, I just want to give gifts to my mom, dad and brother.
  • N E E D I N G a new planner. I need to organize my endeavors and avoid forgetting the stuff I need to remember. 
  • F E E L I N G nervous because of our ETAR quiz tomorrow. I suck at Math, I suck at solving and analyzing things that generally involve numbers hooking up with letters. I just suck at it. Also, I feel nervous because of our PE practical exam this coming Wednesday, I also suck at dancing (folk dance, that is) and I need to ace this practical test because ugh, I got an almost failing mark last exam. DI NA TALAGA KO AABSENT ULIT UGH. Ang hirap pala talagang humabol sa steps. 

just tried having another talk w my parents about college. shut down again. im going to have to pay for this on my fucking own. arent parents supposed to be ecstatic when their kids mention college??fuck it im not going to college idk what im gonna do i guess start saving up now so when i graduate i can get the fuck out of st charles. i hate my parents i hate them so much

[Fan Account] Eric Nam Toronto Showcase + Meet and Greet

Hey guys, its Yunji!

Wow I haven’t been very active in a while here on the internet (mostly tumblr to be honest) but I guess I’m here to WRITE MY FIRST FAN ACCOUNT EVER.  I will be talking about the overall experience of the concert AND HOW I GOT CHOSEN TO BE SERENADED BY THE ERIC NAM.

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Tonight was perfect. I don’t even have words to explain my feelings towards YMAS and to see them live just made everything right in my life. I also got to meet, take pictures with, and chat with Gustav from Young Guns and Cameron from The Downtown Fiction. I’m still ecstatic. Plus I got told Cameron and I look like a couple so, yeah…