Why I could never hate John Cena. [2015]

Growing up, I was always attracted to villains. I don’t know what it was, I just loved the bad guys. Shredder, The Joker, The Riddler, Carnage, The Mandarin, you name it, I loved them all. When I got into pro wrestling at a young age, the villains were always my favorite. Of course, Roddy Piper stood out to me, followed by Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Goldust, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, and others. When they won, I was ecstatic. When they lost, I was furious.

Of course, all of my friends loved the good guys. They were fans of Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Lex Luger (for some fucking reason), The Rock, and others. I stood by the side of my favorite bad guys, and remember the feeling of watching my heroes (the villains) succeed. I remember standing by my cousin’s side when Shawn Michaels was on the TV screen, dancing around just like he did in our stupid heart-shaped sunglasses, and just thinking, “There’s our guy. He’s our wrestler. He wrestles for us.” Sure, he was a bad guy, but looking at him, we never knew. He was just so cool to us.

When I started going to WWE shows regularly, I started to understand why people would cheer and boo certain guys. Of course, I hated Owen Hart at the first show I went to, because he was a baby face who was feuding with the heel, Triple H. When Triple H hit Owen with his crutch, I remember screaming “Yeah! Beat him up, Hunter!” I was 12 years old, and I was so excited to see my favorite wrestler beat up (who was, to me) the bad guy.

Fast forward to 2002. I was a 16 year old regular at OVW’s shows at Six Flags, and my favorite wrestler was Nova. His opponent? The Prototype. The Prototype was a guy who had a loud mouth, who was cocky, who showed off, and I remember thinking, “Man, I love Nova, he’s one of my favorite wrestlers, but I’m loving this Prototype guy!" When the fans would chant "Homotype! Homotype!" at him, I would shout for them to shut up. At one show, Prototype heard me standing up for him and pointed at me, then shouted to the crowd, "He’s okay. The rest of you SUCK!" I laughed, sat down, then bragged to my buddy about how me and The Prototype were ‘cool’. A week later, The Prototype debuted on SmackDown as John Cena.

Four years later, it’s 2006, and John Cena returned to OVW for his second Six Flags show of the year. The first one he did was a surprise, as he was subbing for an absent Kurt Angle, but the second one was announced as he’d be facing Aron “The Idol” Stevens. Before the show, members of the OVW Fan Club would get bracelets that got you backstage for a meet and greet with whoever the guest of the week was. I jumped in line with an 8x10 that I’d ordered on eBay for Cena to sign, as he and Kane were both guests on the show. After a conversation with both men, getting my autographs and taking pictures with them both, I left the backstage area and was headed back to my seat.

Someone caught my eye. I looked to my left and saw a kid, maybe about 8 years old. He was seated with his dad, who looked like your typical wrestling fan dad rocking a Kentucky Wildcats t-shirt and baseball cap. His son was sitting next to him, covered in John Cena merchandise from head to toe. He had the hat, the shirt, the necklace, and the wristbands. The adorable little Cena kid that you see at every show, just looking around at everything, and for a second, just looking at him, I remembered how it felt to be at my first wrestling show. I was in awe at the size of the ring. I remember thinking, “how do they run across that so fast?" I remember holding my Pepsi, eating popcorn, listening to the music playing over the P.A., trying to ignore the conversations of people around me, and just staring at that fucking ring. "Look at that thing. Wow. It’s huge. I’m actually here!”

Looking at that kid put me right back at 12 years old, an impressionable kid who just loved the heroes and villains of pro wrestling. I remember seeing all these superstars I loved, from Savio Vega to Triple H, from Sable to Brian Christopher, from The Headbangers to The Nation Of Domination. I thought, man, they’re superheroes”. They seemed untouchable. They seemed impossibly far out of reach for me. Someone so huge, so powerful, so larger than life, they were Gods to me as a kid. I met my first wrestler when I was 11 years old, and I’ve met almost every single one of my favorites ever since. In the span of about 10 steps, I saw this kid, had this huge flashback, and just immediately came up with an idea.

After dropping my stuff off at my chair and making sure my friend wasn’t going to abandon it, I started to slowly peel off my bracelet. It was a little sticky one they give you at concerts and stuff, so I had to be super careful or else I’d rip it. I darted back over to the man and his son and held the bracelet out, pointing off to where the meet and greet was. I said to him, “Here, dude. Put this on and go over there, and you guys can meet John Cena.” The dad looked at me with surprise in his eyes and said, “For real?” I said “Yeah, but you gotta hurry, they’re probably gonna cut the line off soon.” He took the bracelet, thanked me, then took his son over to the line. I don’t even think they took their Pepsi with them.

Later, I had completely forgotten about giving the guy my bracelet when the semi-main came to pass. I was standing up, taking a picture when the guy came and stood sort of close to me. After I got the shot, I lowered my camera and the dude said, “Hey man, thanks again for that.” I looked at him, confused, and said “For what?” He said “For this!” He held up his wrist and I saw the wristband, then remembered. It wasn’t a big deal to me, so I had honestly forgotten. I said “Oh, it’s all good, man.” He said “Dude, that was awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him light up like that.” When he said that, I looked over at the guy as he looked at the ring. He had a tear in his eye, so I smiled. “Yeah?” He smiled and nodded. “Yeah man, he was so excited. It’s gonna be hard to top this on Christmas.” I laughed with him and said, “Well, I’m glad, man. Was he cool?” He looked over at me with a big smile and a shaky laugh. “Man, he was awesome. He shook his hand, took a picture with him, signed his magazine, and his shirt… it was pretty cool.” When he added the last part, he looked away and I saw his lip quiver a little bit.

I looked back to the ring and started making some small talk about CM Punk (who was teaming with Kane against Cryme Tyme). He seemed happy to change the subject and talked with me for a little bit. I took another picture, which I guess cued him. He said, “Well man, I’m not gonna bother you too much. I just wanted to say thanks.” I looked at him and said, “No, man, you’re not bothering me. I’m happy that you guys got to meet him.” He thanked me again and said “I better get back over there so I can watch his hero with him.” I said, “You’re the one who got him back there. You’re his hero.” He smiled and shook my hand, then walked away.

That conversation rings in my head all the time. I can’t tell it without getting a tear in my eye, just thinking of how cool it must be to see your kid so happy. Any chance I get to make a little wrestling fan happy, I take it. I just remember being that kid and holding my camera, taking a picture of Triple H. He saw the flash, looked down at me from the top rope, and did the DX chop to me. I did it back with a big gap-toothed smile on my face, which he smiled at and turned back to the ring. If John Cena is the guy who’s bringing millions, literally, millions of kids that same joy, that same feeling of being recognized by your hero, then I couldn’t possibly see myself hating him. Not even a little.


For the longest time I second guessed myself, thought my choices were always wrong, never thought I’d be pretty like I saw everyone else, and held back from doing or wearing certain things because I didn’t feel like I was good enough. Then everything just changed. I looked at myself and saw a beautiful, loving, caring, and giving person. I let go of all the bad thoughts about myself and about my past. Once you let go of your own demons and stop worrying about what everyone thinks, you are free. I love me, and I am fucking ecstatic about it.

Mystery Trio miniseries ideas and musings

I’ve been hearing several talented artists and writers showing interest in collaborating to make a Mystery Trio miniseries, and I could not be more ecstatic! If there are any ways I can contribute, I will gladly do so! I am curious to see what kind of format this project would take.

In my opinion, it would be interesting to have an artist showcase style format, an anthology of stories with an underlying plotline connecting them. Similar to “Animatrix”. “Artist of the week” episodes, even. The mystery trio is mostly made of fan lore. So keeping a loose style and ministory structure would be fitting for this fascinating experiment. All of it is anchored to Gravity Falls canon, but nothing plot related should feel entirely like it’s gospel.  It should be noted in the credits or before the opening or somewhere that these episodes are based on speculation and will most likely not be canon, but are collaborative stories spun between writers and artists who love Gravity Falls. I have a feeling that could be essential, and a bit of a fun challenge. Some grounding things should be established right away, particularly characters’ personalities. A character-based series needs solid characters more than anything else.

176. You're pregnant but worried because you're both busy people (requested)

Dan: You had just called your mother to tell her the news. She was ecstatic— the first grandchild. She was immediately talking about names, nursery colors, and little outfits. You were definitely happy, but you were still having doubts, which was visible on your face. Dan immediately noticed. “What’s wrong? This is a good thing, right?” “Yeah. It is. We’re just really busy people. Are we going to be able to handle a baby on top of everything else?” ”If I need to cut back with videos and stuff, I have no problem with that. You and the baby are way more important.” You smiled. “Now I know why I married you,” you teased.

Phil: You were both painting the baby’s room a light gray. You weren’t due for another three months, but you figured it should probably be done now, since later, you wouldn’t be able to help. Phil looked over at you. “Everything okay?” Phil questioned. “Yeah. I’m just worried,” you sighed. Phil cocked his head to the side. ”What about?” You looked at him. “Do you think we’re ready for this? We’re already so busy as it is.” “Well, I think we are. We both have been talking about working less. Maybe it’s time we did that— enjoy life a little more, not stress as much. We can just enjoy being a little family,” Phil smiled. ”Yeah, I guess you’re right,” you smiled in return.

List 15 things that make you happy, then tag 15 more people.

I was tagged by onemooncircles <3

1. Fluffy pajamas fresh out to the dryer.

2. Collections of itty bitty things in jars. I have jars of buttons and jars of keys and jars of feathers and… well, lots of other things I’ll likely never have any practical reason to keep.

3. Putney Mountain apple maple wine.

4. Watching from my porch as a storm rolls in.

5. Dexter and Rin, my cats. Even when they’re being A-Holes. Okay, especially when they’re being A-Holes. Cats man. Cats.

6. People I can ecstatically gush to about my obsessions without feeling judged (hello tumblr friends I love you).

7. When people gush to me about their obsessions and loves.

8. Fall. Everything about fall. The colors and smells and that perfect crisp breeze.

9. Books. Particularly those few I’ve had forever and still feel compelled to reread every few years.

10. My boyfriend’s magnificent beard. After 12 years I’ve finally convinced him to grow out a full beard for winter. It is everything I hoped it would be.

11. The potential in a blank canvas you know before I go and ruin it ha ha.

12. Discovering new music to love.

13. My lovely little sister and her facetious (and often dirty) sense of humor.

14. When people like my art.

15. Cheese tortellini with mushroom and cream sauce from my favorite restaurant.

Baby update!!!

Okay so symptoms so far are :

I got a hold of a midwife in our area and we have an appointment Saturday at 3pm so I will keep you all updated! She seemed very nice over the phone and estimates me at 5-6 weeks pregnant :)!! I’m so excited

told my mom and while she isn’t happy we aren’t married (wedding date was already set, only four more months!) she is beyond ecstatic to be a grandma . It went amazing . So far she is going to be the only one we tell till 3 months. I’m just so happy to have her support!

All in all everything is going fantastic and I can’t wait till my baby starts really growing.

Ps- any tips for the cramping would be greatly appreciated! It’s really painful.😩

I cannot imagine the astonishing feeling of having someone messaging you and calling you only to make you feel like you’re the most important thing in life. ‘Im so grateful to have you’ ‘I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you’ ‘You’re so special and I can’t start to explain all the beautiful things about you, because I’d never stop’. Things that people go out of their way to say, to type, to message so that you, only you, for a split second, feel ecstatic. So meaningful and essential.

anonymous asked:

Many are all "Good riddance!" when Togepi/Togetic left. How about you? How do you feel about Togetic and Misty's goodbye?

I was heartbroken.

I was really ecstatic watching the episodes because Misty and Togepi/Togetic got all the focus. I love the idea of them strengthening their bond even more. I’ve been wanting Togepi to battle since In The Pink back in the Orange Islands so to finally see it happen (The Totodile Duel doesn’t really count for me; Misty knew Pikachu wouldn’t have the heart to attack Togepi) was amazing. Watching it evolve had me screaming. I was overjoyed to see it taking a stand. I started picturing them having another Chronicles episode where Misty could train with it… and before I knew it, they were saying goodbye. Fucking hell. I remember thinking, ‘did they seriously bring Misty over just to release Togetic?!’ And then I just cried.

Looking back, I really really wished Togepi could have evolved in Johto so we could have at least seen its dynamic with Misty. I have a love/hate relationship with Johto because there were so many fillers, even with the Whirl Cup (but that’s another topic). I really wanted to see what attacks Togetic would have known aside from Safeguard, Metronome, and Charm. Have Misty train it to learn Double-Edge or Headbutt. Johto could of had a mini-arc with Togetic learning other moves from being determined to protect others. That way it would make sense for Togetic to really want to protect the Mirage Kingdom. I would have been completely okay with that if the audience saw foreshadowing to that. It just didn’t make any sense because Orange Islands opened up the idea of it knowing attacks and then got ignored for the majority of Johto. Even Chronicles would have made sense if there was an episode of Misty training it. Like Misty’s departure, there was hardly any foreshadowing to leaving. It was too soon.

I’m saddened there wasn’t enough focus on it because it would have been awesome to watch.

I just don’t get it.

felicity smoak has had only two other men in her life that she’s loved.

1. her father

2. cooper

what do both of them have in common? L E A V I N G  H E R

then oliver comes along and shows her this new life; this life where she too can be a hero, someone who can do good. she spends 2 years falling in love with his cause and in turn falling in love with the man she sees he is. and in s3 he finally decides he can be with her and she’s fucking ecstatic and then OH SHIT he takes it back because he’s scared of being oliver queen. he walks away and so does she because she wants him to be all in like she is. he tells her NO. then what happens? he fucking dies after telling her ‘I love you’ and she never said it back. and she’s heartbroken, so much worse than it was with cooper. so when oliver comes back and he tells her he’s ready to start a life with her, when he tells her he doesn’t want to be scared anymore she’s gonna pull the plug.


oliver has played this push and pull thing with her all season. he’s said how he’s felt AND REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. why the hell would felicity start believing him now???? he’s done this before. he’s let her believe in the idea of them and then took it away.

don’t tell me felicity pushing oliver away in 3x12 is OOC. don’t tell me the writers have fucked up her character. THEY HAVE NOT.

felicity has always put herself first before any man. felicity cannot fathom the idea of losing oliver again.

oliver has always been first to realize his feelings for felicity. felicity is still in the process (ofc she loves him)

but oliver has come to realize he can be the hero; he can be Oliver Queen and the Arrow because it was never a choice between the two

NOW its time for felicity to realize if she can be with the hero

and she’ll realize it. she will. but people need to understand that she’s entitled to a bit of fear and reservation as well.

Conjecture: Dr. Zarei has some kind of eye problem, fixed or otherwise circumvented by her spirit.


1. Zack stated that if you removed Zarei’s glasses, her eyes would “sort of” come off. Also, we’ll be finding out later this chapter. 

2. Her glasses are a tool, as we have now seen them consume Spectral Energy. The decorative trim on the side of her frames is probably her spirit’s influence on the glasses. They sort of look like eyes.

3. Agent Day is ecstatic to finally meet Mina. Zack even managed to italicize Day’s allcaps exclamation of "YOU’RE MINA ZAREI.” Day is blind, and has “heard so much about” Zarei, and probably looks up to Zarei, someone who has had similar ocular difficulties and has still managed to do good work and rise to power in the Consortium’s ranks.


We’ll find out eventually.

pinkandpurpleunicorn asked:

You wanted request so here you go! Discussing baby names with luke ❤️

this is really cute okay

you two were sprawled across your bed with multiple baby name books lying around you, most of them open to a certain page and he looked ecstatic cause it felt so real and he was having a baby with the love of his life and you were flipping through this page of some book and finally you found one you liked and you nudged luke with your foot until he looked up at you and you showed him the name ‘i really like rory and it can work both ways’ and luke would smile because he automatically knew that ‘rory’ was the perfect name for your unborn kid and he smiled before saying ‘it’s perfect. just like you and just like your child will be’  this was really cheesy don’t kill me

But teacher x teacher and professor x professor ships and fics. They just make me so happy.

Like religious studies professor Lucifer and law professor Sam.

Like English teacher Dean and history teacher Castiel.

Like art teacher Meg and psychology teacher Cas. (Actually any pairing with an art teacher as one of the two makes me ridiculously happy, just as a side-note.)

Like seasoned band director and recently hired band director…this one could be any ship and I’d be ecstatic, actually.

Just teacher/teacher or professor/professor AUs. And shipping students and staff members. I need them.

5 things that made me SUPER happy today!

1. I just finished filing my taxes, and HOT DAMN. I didn’t even know EIC was a thing! I am so ecstatic to have a larger refund than I thought I would/could. Money has been a huge stress point lately, so it’ll be nice to not have to panic so much.

2. Tess Munster is trending! Honestly didn’t even know about her until a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been browsing through her stuff since, and I’m just really excited that there’s a size 22 lady out there showing we’re sexy too!

3. Emma Watson is going to play Belle in a Beauty and the Beast movie!! I am seriously never that excited about movie casting, but oh my goodness I think she’s going to be perfect. I hope she will be.

4. I just went down another pant size! I officially have to switch because the size I started out the year in is just impossible to keep up all day long.

5. I decided on my gift to myself for going a full year without ever calling in sick to work: a new dress from Torrid! I just have to make it to April 27th without calling in, and it’s MINE. I rarely spend more $15 on any item of clothing, so a $50-$70 dress is a HUGE splurge for me, but I really deserve it, and hey! Tax refund money!

Just felt like ending the day on a positive note since I’m feeling so happy right now. ^_^ But it’s 3 in the morning and I should really go to bed. I hope everyone has a great day!