My candle collection. So obsessed with my room smelling like paradise or icecream. … only downside of candles are that you are LITERALLY burning money :’( GLASSHOUSE TAHAA vanilla caramel candle. This is very strong and will last forever and totally worth $56 from Peter Alexander. BUT they’re $40 in Myer/David Jones in Australia. NZ is sooo expensive. This is no joke. Be prepared if you want to visit nz for a holiday. The ECOYA candles are also amazing. I havr french pear and sweet pea & jasmine. Amazing. Very subtle though. And then I have my Aveda Chakra spray to calm my nerves and “balance the heart chakra”. The small yellow bottle is DARPHIN in orange blossom. Good for aromatic carr. I’m all about calming my nerves! Post study you only want to enjoy your downtime right????

oh the other two tealights and candle was a gift from the farmers market somewhere in auckland. I won’t recommend it because it has zero scent. Apparently its coconut lime but all i smell is wax. :(