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what is the chance you might draw stan and kyle kissing soonish? i would very much love to see more of that in your drawing style.


listen here you goth ecoterrorist piece of shit

Today I am not in the mood.

I am not in the mood for my ecoterrorist bitch of a teacher. She has expressed many times that she thinks she is better than most people because she wears hemp clothing, buys strictly from farmers markets, and doesn’t eat meat. Today she has really pissed me off because she doesn’t want to accept my homework. The reason for this is because in my other environmental science class we had the same homework due but about a month earlier, so I emailed her and asked if I could just resubmit my old homework for this homework. She said no, as long as the top of the homework says “Environmental Issues” and not “Human Interaction With The Environment” then she won’t take it. REALLY? BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST SIMPLY TITLES, THE CONTENT IS WHAT MATTERS. Jk, no it’s not.

She is probably doing this because earlier in the class I had voiced my distaste for PETA for ruining the safety of my family for a year. She said that some of the members of PETA were really radical and I shouldn’t judge a whole group of people on radicals. While that is extremely true, my father had contacted them several times asking them to stop and insisted that they needed to leave his children alone since he was the one they were after. Nope.

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they did have a zombie apocalypse, could be cell towers were destroyed and they focused on getting internet and landlines up and are only now thinking about cells

  1. cellphone towers are basically very tall and sturdy unmanned metal poles. coordinated human actions can knock them down without too much fuss—ecoterrorists sometimes go on about this— but it involves heavy tool use. a bunch of zombies would have no reason whatsoever to even look at a cellphone tower, and even if they did they’d have no way to coordinate action against it.
  2. during a zombie invasion, cellphone communication would be valuable as shit, because it would help coordinate resistance and relief efforts. civil resistance against police action is already being coordinated on mobile devices, it would be a snap to apply the same tactics against zombies. it would be in the interest of all humans in this situation to protect the towers, pass out phones, and lean on service providers and civilians to get everyone possible hooked up.   
  3. season two is set something like a year after season one, which is already set after the close of the war, where the government has enough infrastructure and resources to house and treat thousands and thousands of pds sufferers. i feel like the interests of the regular alive public would call for repairing communications and travel infrastructure at least concurrently, if not before. 
  4. seriously it’s 2014. the show even says it’s 2014. what the heck. 

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[TEXT MESSAGE] - aren't you a traitor to the entire force for being so friendly with those two terrorists from Hoenn. Don't you have any shame in your body? Disgrace. Traitor. Disgusting. {nerdlordmaxie and txifu}


He reads through the message several times, seemingly deep in thought.
It leaves a sinking feeling in his stomach, because even if the message is horribly rude and makes Looker uncomfortable, it is probably true on some level.

That is why it makes him uncomfortable - all those thoughts haunts him, even if the agent does his best to keep them subdued. When you work for Interpol, it is never a good idea to actually enjoy the company of criminals.

He has grown a little fond of those two lately, even if he does not agree in the slightest with their ideas or goals.

Headcanon - Bel's opinion on Villain Teams

Just because I saw that post going around about RPing with villains tbh

Rocket - Fuckers that keep coming back like godsdamned [insert Pokémon equivalent of cockroaches here]
Aqua - Very passionate about environmental issues. Friendly so far? What do you mean they’re considered ecoterrorists, nobody told me?!
Magma - Equally passionate about environmental issues. May or may not have sticks shoved a little farther up their asses than their counterparts, though. Not sure. What the fuck did you guys even do to be wanted by Interpol seriously
Galactic - How have I not just killed you all yet I swear to Arceus-
Plasma - Rood and the girls have everything under control. Good people.
Neo Plasma - Nutjobs in ninja outfits.
Flare - Nutjobs in sparkly outfits.
Snagem - Cool bros as long as you don’t piss them off. Still waiting on proper back-up to actually arrest them, though. Thirteen-on-one is a biiiit much.
Cipher - …Hang on, isn’t that Miror’s gang?

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Errr, terrorists? Elaborate?

It’s a play on the insult “eco terrorists”, which as I’m sure you know many activists in general have been called.
I guess you could say we’re being ironic ;).

Besides, I don’t see how we can be eco terrorists when we’re not the ones terrorizing the ecosystem. 

Team Rocket: big pieces of shit who love crime
Team Aqua/Magma: ecoterrorists
Team Galactic: world domination… time-space… thing
Team Plasma: they wanted to free Pokemon But then they didn’t? idfk (I never finished black 2)
Team Flare: the world is not (fab) enough