Recorded. PORTLANDIA. Season 4. Episode 2. “Ecoterrorists.”

Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversman show off the website for their new everything rental service, “Rent It Out!” on Lisa’s Macbook Pro.

Today I am not in the mood.

I am not in the mood for my ecoterrorist bitch of a teacher. She has expressed many times that she thinks she is better than most people because she wears hemp clothing, buys strictly from farmers markets, and doesn’t eat meat. Today she has really pissed me off because she doesn’t want to accept my homework. The reason for this is because in my other environmental science class we had the same homework due but about a month earlier, so I emailed her and asked if I could just resubmit my old homework for this homework. She said no, as long as the top of the homework says “Environmental Issues” and not “Human Interaction With The Environment” then she won’t take it. REALLY? BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST SIMPLY TITLES, THE CONTENT IS WHAT MATTERS. Jk, no it’s not.

She is probably doing this because earlier in the class I had voiced my distaste for PETA for ruining the safety of my family for a year. She said that some of the members of PETA were really radical and I shouldn’t judge a whole group of people on radicals. While that is extremely true, my father had contacted them several times asking them to stop and insisted that they needed to leave his children alone since he was the one they were after. Nope.

Maxie was perfectly comfortable spending his own time in sweet, sweet isolation. It allowed for him to be with his own thoughts. Maxie did not consider himself a social person. The very thought of current social issues within today’s society was not of interest to him whatsoever. He, the leader of Team Magma, had different, more pressing issues to attend to.

His time of solace was interrupted at last, however, when his Mightyena began to growl at an unknown visitor standing behind him. Rolling his eyes, Maxie turned around to the new presence, snapping his fingers to call the canine Pokemon to heel at his side. 

This had better be worth his time.


"If you wish to vie for my attention, I suggest you begin talking while you still hold it."

anonymous said:

Errr, terrorists? Elaborate?

It’s a play on the insult “eco terrorists”, which as I’m sure you know many activists in general have been called.
I guess you could say we’re being ironic ;).

Besides, I don’t see how we can be eco terrorists when we’re not the ones terrorizing the ecosystem.