Capitalism is an institution, like our public-school system or our healthcare system. As a nation we think it’s appropriate to debate whether our schools and our healthcare system are working properly and meeting our needs. Why is it taboo to ask whether the way we organize the production and distribution of goods and services is meeting our needs?
—  Richard Wolff, in an interview with The Sun Magazine

Over the last 30 years, America’s wealth gap and socioeconomic inequality have grown rapidly while the very wealthiest have been showered with tax cuts and deductions. Sadly, our government has turned a blind eye to the ever-shrinking middle class while…

FRANCE’S leaders are increasingly worried about the apparent rise of anti-Semitism in their country. Yesterday afternoon François Hollande, the president, called…

“Anti-Semitic acts and threats are getting worse every day,” said CRIF (the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France) in a statement, calling it an offshoot of terrorism that should be treated as such. Though there were far fewer anti-Jewish acts and threats in 2013 than in 2012, according to the Society for the Protection of the Jewish Community (SPCJ), since 2000 anti-Jewish violence is running at an average annual rate seven times higher than in the 1990s. Two-fifths of racist violence in France in 2013 was focused on Jews, the SPCJ says, though they constitute less than 1% of the population. 

Laurent Fabius, France’s foreign minister, and Bernard Cazeneuve, his opposite number at the interior ministry, have a different view. In an unusual op-ed piece in the New York Timeson July 10th called “France is Not an Anti-Semitic Nation” they chose to compare the 2013 crop of anti-Jewish words and deeds with those of 2004, and found them far lower.

Even so, and spurred partly by sputtering economic prospects at home, French Jews are voting with their feet. Emigration to Israel is rising. The number of emigrants in 2013­ (3,289) was 60% higher than in 2012 and this year more than 5,000 are expected to follow suit.  Around 400 French Jews will reportedly leave France for Israel tomorrow, undeterred by the prospect of walking into a war zone.


I really enjoyed this article in The Economist on the astonishing increase in textbook prices relative to the consumer price index, so I decided to investigate some other items.  Food and apparel both had interesting results, so here are the graphs!  These use CPI for all urban consumers, and the data are seasonally adjusted.

Data source:

I found a job!

I am now a project manager for The Economist Group in their commercial unit. My new boss said she hired me in part because I had managed long term projects (election coverage) and dealt with short term deadlines (editing hourly newscasts.)  #DeadlineJedi.

I thought it’d be fun to depict my job search numbers in an infographic, so here it is, created by Elizabeth Carey Smith of The Letter Office

People are asking whether my Vine Resume and its media coverage got me hired. I actually got this job through old fashioned networking, a referral by a friend. But I would say that the Vine Resume did impress them once I was in the door. 

Many thanks to all the friends, family and professional contacts I met who helped me and cheered me on along the way.