Sweaty fuzzbucket mare being a total brand-whore in her Ecogold saddle pad and Micklem Multi-Bridle, currently in bitless mode (we’re getting her focused on not stressing out about the bit or grabbing/pulling on it). Yes, my horse is better dressed than me, and I’m not ashamed of it!

The trainer at the new barn is enjoying the challenge she’s presenting, and she’s already improved after a few rides. I can’t wait to see how this progresses further!

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Totally drooling over the new Ecogold flip half pad right now.

Just ordered this pad, now to anxiously await its arrival. Its a “special order,” so they couldn’t really give me a time frame, boo. Wish they had purple, but i think Sydney will look pretty good in dark blue. Also bummed that SmartPak didn’t offer anything but black and white, I really wanted to get it monogrammed. Hopefully it doesn’t look too goofy with all of my other purple stuff.