Check it out!! Our solar panels are up! AND WORKING! It was such a sunny day yesterday, we were so lucky ☀️The battery was super flat though so the monitor isn’t working yet, but the wee regulator light was flashing so it’s being charged :D

I am so over the moon, I’m so happy and excited. I have to say a humungous THANK YOU again for all your support helping us raise the money to buy the panels. These things are like witchcraft to me, they create electricity from sunlight?! We can charge our phones from trapped sunshine? It’s mad, and bizarre, and incredibly liberating! We don’t rely on anyone else for our electricity now, just the sun!

Thank you for making the Sunshine Fund such a success, here’s to living off grid! 🍻

La voz de ese eco distante sonaba quebradiza al mismo tiempo que diáfana, se asimilaba a aquel espejo roto de cristal que quedó atascado en el recuerdo por las lágrimas que quedaron putrefactas sobre su superficie.
Lloraba de miedo, estaba resquebrajando un futuro sin vida ya latente y un efímero presente destinado a morir, perdiéndome en el tiempo. Soñaba con un final precipitado mientras le miraba a los ojos en silencio, le intentaba acariciar y solo abrazaba el aire, le sostenía, sin querer, la mirada al viento.
Sin embargo, el arruyo de los años sustituyó su ausencia por la soledad, y mi dolor, se convirtió en invierno.
Durante muchas lunas busqué su cuerpo, mientras yo yacía en la tierra de la somnolencia sin razón ni conciencia de mis hechos y mis deseos.
Habitaba un mundo equidistante a mi verdad, perpendicular a mis ilusiones y diagonal a mis expectativas. En él, sobresalía una tenue llama que derrumbaba todo intento de perdición, que mantenía mis pesadillas lo suficientemente lejos de mí para que sobreviviera, aunque sin llegar jamás a vivir.
Siempre caminaba aterrorizada hacia ella con la esperanza de desprenderme de la mitad sobrante en mi ser, pero nunca fui capaz de dividirme para entregarme a medias, y ese fue mi gran defecto y error, ser un imposible, inalcanzable e ineludible ente de amor infinito.

Laguna Lodge - Guatemala

Set on its own nature reserve on the shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, Laguna Lodge is a luxury eco resort with 6 individually designed suites, spa, and a scenic lakefront restaurant serving delicious organic cuisine. Offering decadent views over the lake and the volcanoes beyond, the rustic chic accommodation units are decorated with hand-crafted furnishings, Mayan antiques, marble bathrooms, and private balconies/terraces.

Website | TripAdvisor

Please share this video - Dear Bill Gates: ‘Will you lead the fight against climate change?

“The Gates Foundation is already helping to tackle polio, HIV, malaria, sanitation, and much more… which is why we are asking you in this video to divest from fossil fuels.”

Sign our petition asking the Gates Foundation to divest

The 25 reasons why you should ride

  1. No gas required
  2. Free parking everywhere
  3. No traffic
  4. Always be the first one in line at the light
  5. A bike goes where you want, when you want
  6. Get your exercise while commuting to work
  7. Builds muscle and increases strength and endurance
  8. Annual cost of operating a bike: $120, vs annual cost of operating a car $5170
  9. 100 bicycles can be produced for the same energy and resources required to build one medium-sized car
  10. Decrease your carbon footprint
  11. Limit your otherwise excessive purchases at the grocery store
  12. Tend to support local businesses
  13. Automatic air conditioning
  14. There’s adventure around every corner
  15. You get to see the city
  16. Less expensive to fix or replace than a car
  17. You can learn how to fix your bike and maintain it
  18. Makes you feel like a kid again
  19. You appreciate a beautiful day
  20. Feel the wind in your face and in your hair
  21. Get some vitamin D
  22. You meet people on bikes
  23. Puts your mind at ease
  24. Anyone can do it
  25. It’s fun

Компания Microsoft начала гадать по фотографиям Экология познания: Нет, не то, чтобы представители одной из крупнейших в мире IT-компаний переоделись в пёстрые цыганские наряды и начали приставать к прохожим, но что-то от популярных нынче экстрасенсов во всём этом есть. Во время конференции BUILD, Microsoft…
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A carving of an elephant into a giant stone in India. India has an amazing connection with its wildlife and nature, if only the rest of the world could as well. #animal #animals #india #wild #wildlife #nature #mothernature #conservation #love #follow #followme #statue #asia #plant #plants #protect #preservation #oneplanet #educate #education #eco #earth