Duelling trolls

Fair game it has been
the match you have played
from your face, wipe that grin
it will not be of aide

when I tell that you’ve failed
you’ve failed to dissuade
ownership for the unveiled
‘tis an uneven trade

behind the grey, I can write
 I can write what I like
but before, again, I strike
I bid you adieu, and goodnight. 

Fair game?
Wouldn’t that mean I took part?
But you claimed a win and I didn’t start
Smart of you to cart through
To claim the blue ribbon as though it was given to you
But I must do
What I must do
I will chew, swallow and follow through
‘fore I’m done with you.
If you think I’m grinning you must be spinning
With sanity thinning, thinking you’re winning
Goodnight, sleep tight, rest well ‘til first light
Because my fight will see you 
Never again quite right at night 


Accidental collab with echo4charlie


You three were trouble ever since the day your eyes opened up like wrists in a bathtub. You three were “The Boys”, that means that all of you would be the ragtag trio that liked to bring your mother to her knees, that means that our father would leave you because he couldn’t handle a mess, his eyes downcast from your longing faces.

When you three were kids, you liked to play Cops and Robbers, your fingers cocked into the perfect gun, obscenities falling from your mouth like bullets. You used to ricochet off the walls, screaming over how you couldn’t catch each other, over how death would never touch you. You three believed you were invincible, like you were always swallowing Super Mario stars, the ones that made you glow from the inside out.

But then you grew up. And you never grew out of that phase. You never learned to put the guns down, transforming tender fingers into shiny black metal. You swallowed pills and smoked blunts, listened to Tupac, screamed “FUCK THE WORLD!”, believed that death would never catch you, would never touch you, would never fill you.

We lost a brother because of that. We lost a brother to ignorance and darkness. We lost a brother because you couldn’t stop being children who liked to run around in the dark, toting weapons and saying, “Motherfucker, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

I’ve watched you three grow up in photographs. I’ve watched you three be soldiers of the street. I’ve listened to the phone calls where you said, “I don’t think I’m going to make it to the morning, sis. Maybe I’ll be better in another life.”

I don’t want you in another life, my brothers. I don’t want to hear another phone call about how one of you have died at one fifteen in the morning, your body lifeless on a couch. I want our father to stop listening to police scanners like they’re a lullaby, searching for your description amongst the bodies that fill up their feed.

Please, my brothers. Grow up. Stop dreaming of your blood filling up a gutter. I want you to be the men that I know you are, the men that our father failed to be, the men that our brother would want you to be for him.

Please. Wake up. Stop waging a war on this world when there are arms that are ready to hold you, when there are shoulders that know your burdens, when there are people that can look up and say, “I need you to stop fighting. Come home. Be my family. I love you. Please. don’t. die.”

I have been on Tumblr for one year now. One whole year.  That essentially means about fifteen years of commitment if I had shown the same enthusiasm to something in real life.

During that one year, I have never, ever posted my crush list. So to help celebrate the one year anniversary for rakuli.com, here are the people that have helped to make this place great. I place absolutely no stock in crush lists — mostly because I never appear on other people’s — so don’t worry if you’re not on this list, it’s only numbers.

Tumblr Crushes:

  • jayarrarr — Jen and I started by talking about cicadas, then I realised she was a really snarky bitch but I was willing to ignore that because she writes so damned well. (Yes, she’s probably only at the top of this list because she’s Tumblr famous and I’m arse-kissing.)
  • therealvagabondking — Dennis and I have had some ups and downs. I’ve unfollowed him a couple of times and he has done the same for me. His poetry is what keeps me coming back and believe it or not, he is quite a nice guy so I just ignore his drunken tirades now.
  • spiritedsaphira — This beautiful lady captured my eye with her beauty and then proceeded to capture my heart and mind with her words and sass. (See the pattern emerging? I guess I like people who fight back when I troll them.)
  • poeticallyundead — Would you believe that in the beginning, I sent ask messages to this lovely lady requesting that she reblog me? I thought that was how Tumblr worked. Turns out, she was not an unreachable entity and has now become a good friend.
  • echo4charlie — Yep, you guessed it; a class A troll. Fun to piss off and troll in turn, I also have a lot of respect for the way he carries himself and performs his duty.
  • aquietjoy — Not sure how this happened. Joy’s awful. I guess she must write some pleasant things on occasion. Either that or she laughed me into submission with her cackle.
  • mylifeinitalics — Nicole was the first person to ever send me an ask box message and then she had the audacity to say she was fan-girling when I replied. She’s had a year of major downs but she’s still vibrant and great value to talk to, not to mention her wonderful words.
  • shesanargonaut — I unfollowed Solange for a few months because she posted too many photos and reblogs, but when I did start following her again, I realised I was missing out on some amazing poetry and prose. She captures hearts (not mine, that’s icky) and imagination with her words.
  • flawsstitchedwithgoodintentions — Danny. Another of my very first Tumblr friends. We’ve rapped together and we both agree we created the best collaborative effort Tumblr has ever seen. The guy’s a genius and that’s not even mentioning his amazing writing talent.

So. The first time I have ever posted my crush list. I probably won’t do this again until at least the two year milestone, if not the five year one.

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Spoken Word Collaboration Project (by TheEcho4charlie)

Video, dialogue, production, editing, casting, subtitles and story by… well- me. 


She’s not unpredictable. Not if you have eyes in the back of your head, and you keep at least two of them focused on her at any given time.

There’s a method to her mayhem. The mayhem is her method… of predictability.

All you have to do is sit back, refrain from blinking, and just expect the unexpected. It’s not that she’s mysterious. She just like the Uncertainty principle. Once you’ve pinned down her position, her momentum is unknown. Once you understand her momentum… she’s hard to pin down.

So maybe if you stop trying to get a hand on her, a handle on her… if you just put your hand out, and wait patiently… you might be surprised that no matter how fast she strays, or far out she goes — she’ll always come back, to put her hand in yours. You’re the constant. 

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll be able to see that you’ve already got her. She’s already yours, and no amount of unpredictability will ever change that. 

The problem is that most people… have to blink. They miss it. So, they end up missing her. 

But yeah. She is a bit scary. 

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And there are times 
I miss the penetrating fuck you of her eyes. 
As if on the coast I’d miss the ocean for the skies, 
on my chest- I miss the palpitating beating of her heart. 
And the sorrow it must be to be apart,
I miss the rising of the tides. 
But even more- I miss her eyes.


Okay. I know it looks like I’ve been spamming this shit all day- but I’ve been having trouble with Youtube being a retard about it (music copyright bullshit). So here it is, once again. I’m deleting the other post. 

Give it a chance. 

And tell me if you can tell it was all shot with an iPhone. 

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antonio banderas (by TheEcho4charlie)

In the video, he says “I don’t want you to imitate me.”
I thought that was funny and ironic.  

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Car ride (by TheEcho4charlie)

Smokin’, talkin’ and makin’ the shopping list. Pretty funny. I think. 

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whistling (by TheEcho4charlie)

I suggest you lower the volume. 

Something you may want to think about-

Here’s something you might want to look into- in trying to have as much contact as possible with your left hand as possible (as high as possible), you’re lifting your thumb to this position-


Now, with that pretty new Glock of yours (I’m not being sarcastic here), eventually you may want to install the extended slide release, in which case you’re not going to be able to get away with this- your thumb will depress the slide release and your slide won’t lock to the rear on your last round. This lesson, I learned on my last trip to the range.


This position forces your left hand to go a bit lower, but guarantees the function of your gun (with or without the extension).


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Answers (by TheEcho4charlie)