my journey to becoming a better artists

About a month ago i joined deviantArt. i did so mostly so i could fave resource pics and wouldn’t have to keep looking for the same ones over and over again. i decided to try and become a more active member some days later, so i put some of my drawings up. they weren’t very good though since i wasn’t sure how to scan them to my PC from my scanner in nice quality. i used my ipod to take the pics and put it up that way ( i know, bad ideal. ) i finally learned how to use my scanner the right way and got the pics up. i wasn’t interested in putting my plain ole’ hand drawings up so i focus on my digital art skills, which isn’t that good since i’m still learning how to use adobe photoshop, and corel 4. i haven’t really gotten much notice on DA, but i haven’t put that much stuff up either. besides, i want to improve my skills much, much more before that happens. i would like to find more fellow digital artists to trade tricks with and also give and receive support from. i’m sure they’re others like me who feel the same. i will continue working on my skills as a traditional and digital artists, and who knows, maybe i’ll one day become famous.   

check out my drawings and leave a comment if you like what you see. :)

I downloaded Paint tool sai, and this is what I came up within a few hours of using it. I still need to go and download brushes, plus, figure out a better why to blend colors in it, but other than that, I think it came out great. I really like the program, I like it way better than Painter 12, actually. Think I’ll keep using it. 

There’s a fuller version of this drawing, that I may decide to upload later. 

FAQ+ask box!

Ok. So I just set up a FAQ page, and put an ask box in it. I don’t have any FAQ, yet. But I’m hoping for that to change. “wink, wink, people

Hoping to do more with my blog, and having it set up more user friendly. Trying to go for more of an art centered type of theme, along with videogames posts, and music but art is my strong suit so, going to stick with mostly that. Or just, whatever I’m in the mood for. Lol.

Would like to start posting my traditional art again, but having problems with that since my printer/scanner no longer works right. ( I have to hit it to get the thing to turn off and on ) So, until I get a another printer/scanner, or just a scanner, which I think I might do, I’ll be posting tutorial videos and blogs, art supplies reviews, and my digital work, when I feel like messing with my buggy program. Lol. 

Anyway, if anyone mines recommending an inexpensive scanner, ideal for ink works and color drawings, I’d be very appreciative of it. 

Art: My journey

I think I’m going to start posting my sketches, and works in progress on my Tumblr page. And put the finished works on my DA, unless I don’t think it’s good enough to be on there. I totally don’t use my Tumblr enough, and I think I should. So this is going to be my attempt to do just that. ‘course I’ll try not to bomb-bard Tumblr with my unfinished works, but, I thought this was a way I could get a good use out of it. 

I also thought that this might help me find other artists out there. I hardly ever get the chance to talk to other artists, I would like to because it’s nice when you find someone who understands, or can relate to doing art, whatever kind of art it may be. You can trade tricks, and tips. Talk to each other for inspiration when you’re stuck. 

Anyway, I’m just looking to expose my art more, and find some friends along the way.  

Thinking of you wherever you are by ~echo2themoon

Didn’t realize I never put I description for this drawing; This is just a drawing I did a while back of Kairi from Kingdom hearts. I game I love playing as a kid. I actually don’t like the character Kairi that much, but, I do like the way she looks. It was pretty fun drawing her, though, it doesn’t come any where close to Tetsuya Nomura’s art work, I think I did a pretty good job with this one.  

this is one of the pictures i did a few days ago. can you believe i used baby oil instead of water for the water color pencils? a little trick i found while on youtube looking for blending tips. it works pretty well and its not oily like how one would think either. you can check out this pic and others on my devianart page. if you like my drawings watch me,let me know your from tumblr if you decide to do so. 

back....sorta kinda.

ok so, well i haven’t really made i post in a long,long,long time. i haven’t really been in the mood for it. but now i’m ready to start writing again. I’ve been drawing a lot lately so that’s where most of my time has been. i think i might start posting the drawings I’ve done on here. might as well for right now till i find something else to write about. i’ll put the link to me deviant page down below.#mce_temp_url#