What would Misha do for a Klondike bar? 


A few Monday morning shout-outs: 

Shout-out to Saxon & Parole for striking that sweet spot between mixing it up (mezcal and oyster shooters, brandy and corn milk punch) and sticking with what works (razor clam “egg salad,” martini service). We’ve been cheating on you with the Wren but swear we love you best.

Shout-out to Marco for throwing his lovely wife (and baby mama) Tiffany a glamorous 30th birthday party, complete with perfectly charming punch bowls, passed hors d’oeuvres, and 500+ balloons … that just so happened to coordinate with her sequined cocktail dress. (Fifty extra points just for that!)

And finally, a belated shout-out to the Experimental Cocktail Club. We never made it to the original in Paris but the LES location has all the understated sex appeal — not to mention handsome French barkeep and flavor combinations that set my heart aflutter. If you want to taste the future of cocktails, you’ll find it here.


Gesture drawings from the East Coast Classic belly dance competition. Each performance (mostly depicted by a separate color above) was less than 4 minutes. The final compilation (1st image) is just combining all the gestures onto one canvas XD it made for a crazy Jackson Pollock lookin’ piece, so I kept it.

Drawn in SketchbookPro app on my Tegranote7

where’s the fic where Enjolras and Combeferre start dating

and they make a deliberate point to not leave Courfeyrac out of anything and make sure that Courf knows that he’s still their best friend and they love him to death and their new relationship changes nothing

but little by little Courfeyrac starts pulling back from them, not because he feels excluded, but because he wants to be a part of their relationship

maybe he finds a pining buddy in Grantaire. maybe he starts spending more time with Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta and they don’t talk about it but seeing the three of them work makes him think that maybe it could work for him too

and of course Enjolras and Combeferre are worried about him because he’s not around as much and he’s quieter than he used to be and they know that there’s something big that he’s not telling them

and finally Courf breaks down and tells them and they talk about it like mature adults who know how to communicate and they end up together and live happily ever after as a beautiful threesome the end