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some people say Harry Potter is haram because of the element of magic being glorified? What do you think? I love the series :(

“One may read such books to increase ones linguistic skills on condition the reading does not affect ones Imani (religious) values and thinking. If ones Imani values and thinking will be wrongly influenced, then it is prohibited to read such books.” - Mufti Ebrahim Desai


“143” - A Valentine’s Collabo (PASSION x LEEJAY x EBRAHIM)

It’s that time again! Here’s a special treat from us to you. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! :) 


so much love for quick crew!


Quick Crew are one of the best in the game. A lot of people can dance but not everyone’s got style and originality like this crew.


Swim Good | Frank Ocean Cover - Ebrahim

I'll Be Alright
  • I'll Be Alright
  • Slakah the Beatchild (ft Ebrahim)
  • Soul Movement Vol I

*TOTD* | Slakah The Beatchild - Be Alright (ft Ebrahim) - Soul Movement Vol I

I first came across Slakah The Beatchild on a track called “Between Us” by producer Häzel, which features fellow Canadian Drake and Slak, a track I have previously posted. The track is an absolute banger and left me wondering who the heck this guy was. 

Well, having stumbled across two of his mixtapes  - “Something Forever” and “Soul Movement Vol I” - where today’s track of the day comes from. “Be Alright” was written by Slakah’s countryman Ebrahim (look out for a post on him) and also appears on his EP “Goldrush”. 

Gotta love the guitars on the track and it’s general feel-good vibe. If you like anything along the lines of the stuff we usually post up on here, then you should definitely appreciate this. Endorsed by the multi-platinum selling Drake (but far less commercial), Slakah’s mixtapes are certainly worth checking out.

♫"Baby, baby, baby…I don’t need you in my life. I’m doing all the right things…I’m gonna be alright" ♫

*bops head*

Enjoy :)

~Ri~ x