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One of my favorite things about ebooks is not being able to get the latest bestselling romantic crapfest on my phone or tablet as soon as it comes out, but having access to hundreds of free literary classics that I’ve always meant to read but never gotten around to. 

OpenCulture has made it easy to find the free ebooks you’re looking for, with a list of 375 ebooks for Apple devices, Android, the B&N Nook and the Kindle


7 ways ebook apps can help brick-and-mortar bookstores

Source: O’Reilly Radar

My iPhone is always with me when I’m in the bookstore. Many times I’ve found a book that interests me, I pick it up and browse through it, then pull out my iPhone, open the Kindle app and grab the ebook sample (assuming one exists). I’ve even bought Kindle ebooks on the spot in a bookstore with my iPhone. I feel bad, sort of, but it makes me realize the enormous opportunity brick-and-mortar bookstores are missing out on.

I should also mention that I have several other bookstore apps on my iPhone including ones fromBarnes & Noble and Borders. I’ve never pulled either one of those out while I’m in those stores. Never. Why would I? All my ebooks are in my Kindle library and none of these other e-tailers have given me a compelling reason to switch.

There’s something the physical bookstores could do to stop me from constantly defaulting to the Kindle app: Build functionality into their own mobile apps that makes me want to go to their brick-and-mortar store.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  1. Use location-based services built into pretty much every smartphone to know when I’m in one of your stores.
  2. When I open your app and you’ve detected I’m in-store, offer me special deals which are only good for the next hour. Make sure all the deals are fully redeemable using only my smartphone app. Don’t email me coupons. Push them into the app so I can just flash my iPhone at the checkout counter and be on my way without fumbling through my email inbox
They're here!!

The Shifting Tides of History

The Tangled Path of Destiny

   Books 5 and 5.5 of the Salak’patan have been uploaded, published, and are now available from Smashwords.  They should hit Barnes and Noble sometime next week assuming there aren’t any serious problems lurking unseen in the background.

   Now I am going to go crawl into the corner and take a nap.