The cupcakes have gone to stores! Yay! And Allison’s going to be back blogging on Monday! DOUBLE YAY! And our online store is open for business! TRIPLE YAY!

Dom DeLuise: Pistachio cake, cannoli cream buttercream, chopped citron, roasted pistachio, mini chocolate chips

Tiramisu: Espresso soaked cake, espresso ganache, mascarpone buttercream, cocoa powder

The Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

Pumpkin Spice Latte: Pumpkin cake, espresso mascarpone buttercream, crushed chocolate espresso beans


My take on Ebinger’s Bakery “Blackout Cake”. The least I could do since our buddy Mike brought over gorgeous rib eyes for me to grill.

My riff includes 80% cocoa with ground chipotle, King Arthur Flour Triple Cocoa Blend and espresso powder.


“Can an accident happen again? Of course it can, because we’re going down deeper and deeper,” says Charles Ebinger, an energy expert at the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank. However, he expects future accidents will not be as serious as the 2010 disaster because of recent safety measures.

Last week, the Obama administration proposed new rules for offshore oil and gas rigs that would require more testing, monitoring, and backup equipment for blowout preventers.

BP and other oil companies say deepwater drilling is safer now. Many industry watchers and environmental groups agree, but given the push toward ultradeep Gulf wells drilled a mile or more underwater, they say it’s still not safe enough.

The blowout preventer (right) and lower marine riser (left) retrieved from BP’s Macondo well were key pieces of evidence in an investigation of what caused the nation’s largest oil spill. The blowout preventer, sitting atop the well, did not activate so the device failed to stop the gushing oil. A federal judge ruled that BP was grossly negligent.



Chicken n'Waffles: Vanilla “Waffle” cake, vanilla buttercream, buttermilk soaked fried chicken dunked in pure Vermont maple syrup (yes, it’s really chicken)

The Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

Iona: Pear Olive Oil cake, blue cheese buttercream, candied walnuts, port wine reduction

Butternut Spice: Butternut squash cake, vanilla buttercream, spiced candied pumpkin seeds, butternut squash seed oil


Classic with French Sea Salt

The Maltz with Bourbon and Bacon

The Fany with Cinnamon and Cajeta


Classic Vanilla Marshmallow

NEW!!!! Pumpkin Spice: Valrhona chocolate cookies filled with pumpkin & toasted marshmallow buttercream and brown sugar streusel


Along with Meatopia and the Lobster Roll Rumble, this is one of THE best food events of the year.  And yes, it will probably get crowded, but so does every good food event worth checking out.  As someone who’s worked on the other side of the table at tons of these things, I thought I could help you all out with this:


1.ARRIVE EARLY.  Grub Street runs from 10am til 6pm.  Several thousand people are going to attend, and they are all going to show up between 1 and 4. If you are one of those people who are shows up during that window, don’t be surprised if there’s gigantic lines. This doesn't necessarily mean the event was poorly planned, disorganized etc and you need to complain en masse over Twitter- it just means that in a city of 8+ million people, a few thousand other folks thought a food festival with free admission would be a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Your best bet is to get there before noon, when we’ll all be fully stocked and most of the city is still hungover in bed.  You can also try hitting us up after 5pm- though some vendors will be sold out at this point, many won’t, and there will be virtually no lines. However, I will more than likely have not had a cup of coffee for several hours at that point, so I may be either speaking in tongues or passed out on our table.  Just FYI.

2.  HELP US KEEP THE LINE MOVING. If you’re looking to chat with vendors you’re friendly with, pitch a service to, etc, again show up before noon or after 5.  We really, really, really want to talk to you, but when we’re slammed we have to put customers first.  Events like this are honestly some of the only time we get to socialize, so if we miss you because the lines backing up, we're genuinely dissapointed. Please feel free to come back when the craziness dies down to talk to us- we really do love hanging out with you all!

3.  BRING SINGLES.  We bring as much change as we can, but there have been times where I’ve gotten ten people in a row paying with a $20 bill on a $3-4 item. If you’re the 11th guy with a $20, you’re going to have to stay on the line while I call people with singles up to the front.  I’ve had instances where people have gotten to skip 15 places in line just because they had singles, so not only does this help us out, it helps you out, too.

4.  DESSERT LINES MOVE THE QUICKEST if there’s a line at all. Since all our stuff if prepared off-site, all we need to do is grab your cash and give you your food.  Personally we don’t want our line to get too long, so we’re going to try to move you guys out as fast as we can.  Tell us your order, I’ll get you your food while you pay Matt, and you can be on your way!  

5.  TRAVEL IN PACKS. Even if you show up early there’s going to be lines, especially for hot food.  Get one person to stand on the longest one, then split up and go grab stuff that you can all pick on together while you wait.  


7.  BRING BAGS AND CONTAINERS. You are not going to be able to eat everything, and you may want to take some of what you order home. It also helps you navigate better- fill up your bags, then grab a place to sit and you don’t have to get up except to grab more beer or pee.  Some vendors will have to-go containers for their stuff, but some won’t.  And please don’t go to vendors and ask them for containers to use for other food- it’s disrespectful if you don’t offer to pay for it.  

8.  READ THE MENU BEFORE YOU ORDER. We want to be respectful to all of our customers by keeping the waiting to a minimum.  If you were at our store we’d be able to spend the time with you to describe our products in detail, but you will need to forgive us at a crowded festival if we just rattle off the names of what we have quickly, or ask you to step to the side to read the menu as we help other customers (we’ll take your order as soon as you’ve made your decision).  We honestly are not trying to be disrespectful- we just need to keep the line moving not only to be fair to everyone, but to keep walking paths clear for safety reasons.

Of course, if you’re asking a question regarding a food allergy or sensitivity- feel free to ask it.  We’re more than happy to help!

9.  BE POLITE AND GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!  Most of you have no problems with this, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret- we may not always remember names, but we remember faces. And we ALWAYS remember the people who are extra nice and make us smile every time we see them. Those are the people who occasionally get discounts, or get a little something extra thrown in their bag if we can manage it, or have us go above and beyond to handle special requests or last minute orders. I’m not saying we’re going to be handing out free cupcakes to everyone who give us a wink, but you DO go in our memory banks, and there will come a time where that pays off.

Plus when you’re nice to us, we end up in super good moods and are extra nice to all the rest of our customers! Then they’re nicer to everyone, and we all have an awesome time! WINNING! 

    I’m sure some of you have tips of your own, so visit us on Facebook and let me know what they are!  And come visit us tomorrow- we can’t wait to stuff your faces with baked goods!


    F train to East Broadway, JMZ to Delancey, D to Grand and then walk a little bit

    The earthquake in Kathmandu – a popular tourist destination – killed both locals and visitors. Here’s what travelers can do to pack for geohazards.

    (Photo credit: Flickr/SIM Central and South East Asia)

    Here are some tips from Professor Cindy Ebinger and students in her “Geohazards and Their Mitigation” class:

    • Just as we consult weather predictions when packing suitcases, travelers can consider the earthquake, volcano, and other related hazards from landslides, avalanche, and tsunamis worldwide.
    • Know the layout of the hotel or residential neighborhood, the tsunami safety point, and review the guidelines for disaster response on the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA, United States Geological Service, or national websites.
    • In earthquake-prone areas, tourists can request information on the age of hotels, the building standard, and preparedness for earthquakes. News reports indicate that many sightseers and tourists were killed in the historic districts of Kathmandu, constructed before building standards were established. Adobe (unfired brick) and brick structures lacking cement are particularly susceptible to damage. This was the case in many recent earthquakes, including in Izmit, Turkey in 1999, Bam, Iran, in 2003, and L’Aquila, Italy in 2009.
    • Centuries-old buildings are unique and beautiful, but visitors with choices may wish to choose beds in new structures adhering to strict building codes.
    Flavors: Friday, October 25th

    When I announced that we would be opening a new shop a few weeks ago, I opted to do it here on our blog rather than a formal press release, because press releases are boring and stupid and no one wants to read them. “Ooooh, a fake quote from your CEO about how you’re excited for a new chapter and you’ll be shifting the paradigm of your industry into the 21st century!”  Did you even read that last sentence? Because I sure as hell didn’t. 

    Then I chose not to give out the news of the exact location of the shop because I thought I’d have a little fun with it and milk it for a bit. We hadn’t started buildout yet because we were stuck in an endless pit of paperwork hell, so any fun I could have was essential.  And c'mon, who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt?

    Yesterday, we FINALLY opted to reveal the exact address of the store. Not on Eater, or Grub Street, or even on our blog. I did it in the Staten Island Advance. Why? Well, why the hell not? I’ve gone on the record countless times about how much I love Staten Island, and they’re just as much a part of this city as anyone else is. That’s why we’re also doing a book signing/cupcake tasting event there tonight in a 19th century mansion on top of a hill overlooking the harbor with completely unobstructed views. Take that, Manhattan.

    And there’s going to be WINE! Get your tickets now!

    Back to the shop- we will officially be at 9009 5th Avenue. This is one block north of craft beer/artisan sausage/“hipster” bar The Lockyard, one block south of Chinese food superpower, Grand Sichuan House, one and a half blocks away from Century 21 ( with a lovely kitchen supply store and parking garage!), and, most importantly, directly across the street from Brooklyn’s only pole dancing fitness studio. Come eat some cookies, then burn some calories the hard way.

    It’s also going to look a little something like this. What the inside will look like is going to be an adventure- paperwork took far, far longer than expected, so the interior is going to be a “work in progress” for bit.  We’d rather get open and get to the important stuff – baking for you guys – then delay ourselves for months because we’re waiting for just the right type of lightbulb to become available. 

    Know what else is stupid to wait for? Today’s cupcakes. Because they’re in stores as we speak:

    Bourbon Caramel Apple: Apple cake, bourbon salted caramel buttercream, roasted apple, caramel sauce

    S'Mores: chocolate cake, speculoos pudding, toasted marshmallow buttercream, graham crumbs, ganache

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

    Pumpkin Spice Latte: Pumpkin cake, espresso mascarpone buttercream, fall spiced chocolate espresso beans

    Flavors: Friday, September 13th


    I’m still not believing it. I’m waiting for Penguin to call me and say there needs to be more edits, or we need to add another chapter, or something.  

    Speaking of cookbooks, our panel on how to navigate a cookbook deal at Taste Talks is TOMORROW. We’ll be joined by my agent Melissa Sarver of Folio Literary Management, so if you want to know the cold hard truth about the process, the emotional ups and downs, what it takes to make your idea stand out from a crowd, and see and honest-to-goodness literary agent in the wild, then come on down tomorrow from noon to one! 

    And now, with out further ado……the first pumpkin cake of the season has arrived. Go nuts.

    Pumpkin Caramel: Pumpkin cake, salted caramel buttercream, candied pumpkin seeds

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

    Apple Maple Crisp: Apple cake, vanilla buttercream, homemade roasted apple butter, maple syrup, oat crisp

    Butterbrew: Butterscotch soaked cake, butterscotch buttercream, edible gold dust

    Flavors: Thanksgiving

    At this time two years ago Matt and I were broke, almost homeless and begging for food.  We had two clients, Hom and Blue Apron, and were selling maybe 120 cupcakes on a good week.  That Christmas, I had to ask my mom for money so I would be able to buy presents for my family.  My parents would send over leftover food so we never went hungry, and never made it seem like charity.  My extended family, who owns the building we live in, allowed us to stay rent-free until we could get back on our feet.  

    This Thanksgiving, we are back on our feet.  We have a new store. We are working on a book.  We’ve in stores through Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island.  We are making jobs for this country. And we are growing faster than we can keep up sometimes.

    I am incredibly thankful for my parents, who even though it pained them to watch me go to hell and back, stood behind me and supported us 100% every step of the way.  If it wasn’t for them, this company wouldn’t function.  They are always there when we need them, helping raise our kids, backing us up when we need help being in six places at the same time, letting us sleep on their floor when our apartment floods (only twice this year!), and still making sure we eat well (we’re Italian- it’s what we do).

    I am thankful for all the people who have helped us believe in ourselves, lent us a hand so we could keep going, gave us an “in” where they could, and sat there and listened during every nervous breakdown and panic attack I’ve had.

    I am thankful my children still love me, even though we are not typical parents, and we don’t live a typical life.  I am thankful they are turning out to be such amazing little boys, no doubt thanks not only to Matt and myself, but the vast number of people who pitch in to help raise them on a daily basis.

    I am thankful to Matt for staying married to me, because I know that I’m nuts and a pain in the ass, but he still loves me.  He also makes me laugh harder than anyone on earth, challenges me as a chef and a human being, and is pretty much the best dad in the whole wide world.  I never for a second forget just how lucky I am.

    And most of all, I am thankful for YOU. Because you guys are our everything.  Seriously.  You have been supporting us, rooting for us, inspiring us and making us believe we could do this since day one.  We want to be the best at what we do because you deserve nothing but the best- I don’t think we’ll ever stop being in awe of the fact that people are fanatical about the food that we make.  It is a gigantic honor to be allowed to feed someone, and we are humbled by it.

    We love you guys so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Clockwise from front: The Ebinger, Pumpkin Pie, Bourbon Caramel Apple, Sweet Potato Casserole, Pumpkin Spice Latte

    NEW! Sweet Potato Casserole: Sweet potato cake, toasted marshmallow buttercream, turbinado sugar

    Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin cake, vanilla buttercream, crushed pie dough

    Bourbon Caramel Apple: Apple cake, bourbon salted caramel buttercream, roasted apple, bourbon caramel sauce

    Pumpkin Spice Latte: Pumpkin cake, espresso mascarpone buttercream, fall spiced chocolate covered espresso beans

    The Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, cake crumbs


    Robicelli’s at Union Square Holiday Market

    Robicelli’s at DeKalb Market: 138 Willoughby Street, Downtown Brooklyn

    Cafe at Sam’s Bakery: 94th Street off Third Avenue, Bay Ridge

    Bagel Schmagel: 76th Street and Third Avenue, Bay Ridge

    Hom: Third Avenue & 88th Street, Bay Ridge

    Crespella: 7th Avenue off 9th Street, Park Slope

    Blue Apron Foods: Union Street off 7th Avenue, Park Slope

    Battery Place Market: 77 Battery Place, Battery Park City

    Joe Columbia University: West 120th Street btwn Broadway & Amsterdam, Morningside Heights

    Red Hook Lobster Pound (Whoopie Pies Only)

    Queen City Cupcakes: 62 West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island

    This blog here, for the past four years, has been a repository for things like this:

    And this:

    While led to things like this:

    (In the event you want to find out what this crap was about, all four episodes of Let’s Bake the Whole Thing Off are archived here)

    Now that I have a real fancy pants writing job at Medium, I’m required to take a no-holes barred approach to serious topics, like dressing my son up like Hello Kitty, or what tourists need to do when visiting New York to make sure no one punches them.  

    This past weekend, I got the assignment of breaking down the the Paula Deen fiasco. And let me tell you – as a small business owner and Q-list food personality, going after a major celebrity and the Food Network itself, reading pages upon pages of legal documents, and tackling race relations in the 21st century is absolutely not intimidating at all!

    I do hope you’ll make some time to click on over and read the post, because I honestly tried to be as objective and open minded as possible, attempted not to make assumptions, and did a ton of research to inform my opinions.  But I can understand if you really don’t give a crap about what I think, because after days of media silence, we finally have a statement from the one man we’ve all been dying to hear from:


      That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, that is Chris Reed, aka “Kid”, from KID AND MOTHER F****ING PLAY. The man rapped “Funhouse”, invented the kick-step and Funky Charleston, made not one, not two, but THREE House Party movies, AND had the flyest hair of the 20th century.

    There will be no more comments, because Paula Deengate is OFFICIALLY CLOSED.   Now here’s some baked stuff which, as always, we encourage you to eat in moderation. (And here’s a nice segway – I often post pics of the healthy meals I cook at home over on our Instagram page and give recipes, so if you’re looking for new ideas for healthy non-processed dinners, particularly if you’re a slow carber or a devotee of the 4-hour body, follow us!)  

    Chocolate Caramel Pretzel: Chocolate cake, salted caramel buttercream, crushed pretzels, ganache & caramel drizzles

    Bananas Foster: Banana cake, rum salted caramel buttercream and drizzle

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

    Rue McClanahan: Peach cake, cheesecake buttercream, roasted peach compote

    Flavors: Friday, January 18th

    We are one day away from the first puck drop of the 2013 Rangers season! And though as a lifelong Ranger fan I’m always hoping for the best but bracing myself for the inevitable soul-crushing disappointment, this year is different! We’re always amazing the first half of the season, then somewhere midway everything goes to hell and the amount of screaming that goes on in this household exponentially increases.

    However- THIS year thanks to the contractual lockout- we’re only getting a first half of the season! By the time the Rangers reach the point they’re supposed to start sucking horribly, the season is already over! There’s no way we’re not winning the cup this year!

    In other news- Matt was on Sweet Genius this past week (with a cameo from me and the boys). However it’s not online, so there’s nothing fun I can post here. Nor should I post any of my thoughts on the show here without completely torpedoing my career or whatever tenuous relationship I currently have with Food Network. Nor am I allowed to make any commentary about that photo above, or talk about the kinds of things we do at home while speaking in his accent. This is really killing me, guys.

    I’ll just say if you see the episode “Sci-Fi Genius”, you should Tivo it. Matt looks super sexy (as always), and I’m very proud of him for not passing out since they filmed this in a pastry kitchen under hot lights in the middle of July. I’ll also say that both Matt, myself, and the entire Robicelli’s team ADORE Ron Ben-Israel- he’s as sweet at the cakes he makes. 

    Now onto flavors- it’s been a while, but today is a BRAND SPANKING NEW FLAVOR day! Heading to stores today is Banoffee- a banana cake filled with toffee pudding, topped with mascarpone buttercream and homemade toffee candy. This is an incredibly popular kind of pie over in England, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why it isn’t on this side of the pond. Hopefully you’ll try this cupcake and agree, and perhaps some small to medium-sized riots will bread out that will force more pubs and restaurants to put this on the menu. I mean, if we can have “Cupcake Wars”, then CERTAINLY rioting over them is also appropriate.  

    NEW! Banoffee: Banana cake, toffee pudding, mascarpone buttercream, toffee shards

    Tiramisu: Espresso soaked cake, espresso ganache, mascarpone buttercream, cocoa powder

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

    Dom DeLuise: Pistachio cake, cannoli buttercream, chopped citron, pistachios and mini chocolate chips

    Flavors: Friday, August 23rd

    The New York Aquarium means a lot to us – not only have we been members for years, but it was also the place Matt and I got married in 2006.  It’s been nearly a year since Superstorm Sandy, and still the aquarium is a mess.  About 2/3 of the exhibits remain shuttered or have been destroyed, and the lower level of the Sea Cliffs is still flooded. Even partially opened, revenues are down since there’s almost nothing left to see – no tour groups, class trips, or day camp visits.  We visited a few weeks ago and were completely devastated to see a place we love so much in such disarray.

    Naturally, we jumped at the chance to help them. And though we do lots of cool events, this one might be one of the most memorable ones.

    On Thursday, September 12th, we’ll be participating in Sip for the Sea – a big ol’ fancy food tasting event with bites and drinks and jazz and blah blah blah. You probably know the drill by now since we do a few dozen of these every year, and you’re always getting asked to shell out a few hundred bucks to go to a food tasting event.  This one is worth it, and here’s why:

    1.  It’s for the aquarium! Walruses! Penguins! Come ON!  I bet you look at cute animals on the internet all the time!


    2.  The tickets are expensive at $200, but $125 of each is tax deductible. And since all the food is being donated, you can sleep knowing most of the money is going to otters and seals and other things that are so cute you can’t help but squee-ing.  


    3. The food at this one is going to be killer: Del Posto, Union Square Hospitality (Danny Meyer’s group), Beauty & Essex, Almond, etc etc etc.  How fancy will you feel in a cocktail dress, listening to the sounds of some early 20th century jazz, noshing on that food? Perhaps the only thing that would be better….


    4.  ……………would be drinking wine and eating fancy food while listening to early 20th century jazz in a pretty outfit in the Central Park Zoo!

    You can act like the fanciest lady (or lad) that has ever lived while supporting a great cause AND looking at a freaking polar bear.  Tell me you know another person who can say they’ve done that.

    Learn more about Sip for the Sea, and buy your tickets, HERE.  And when you’re done with that, go out and buy yourself a cupcake or brownie or something, because, hey, it’s Friday!

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, cake crumbs

    Peach Cobbler: Peach cake, vanilla buttercream, peach compote, brown sugar streusel

    German Chocolate: Chocolate cake, salted caramel buttercream, roasted coconut

    Root Beer Float: Root beer cake, root beer custard, vanilla buttercream, maraschino cherries

    Flavors: Friday, August 19th

    One of the best parts of having the new shop at DeKalb Market is being able not only to see all our old regulars again, but to meet all the new fans of Robicelli’s- seeing their reactions as they take their first bite, telling them more about our company, and answering their questions.  Some questions are about baking, some are about running a small business, but one comes up so often I just can’t keep count at this point:

    “So when are you guys going to be on Cupcake Wars?”

    If you’ll recall, we were asked to make an audition video for the show last year, which we gladly did.  However, we decided NOT to do the program, as they refused to let us compete as a team- they wanted one of us to be the “chef” and one to be the “assistant”, and that’s not how things work over here.  Matt and I are equal partners in marriage, parenting and business, so even though it meant turning down a trip to LA and the opportunity to FINALLY experience In-N-Out, we knew it was the right decision.  

    I want to try one of these so effing bad.

    They called us again for the next season.  Again, we said no.  When we tell people this story, they look at us like we have sixteen heads.  But we both got into this business before “Celebrichefs”, “Cheftestants”, “Chefthaletes” or “Chefarazzi”- we just got into it to cook. We always said that if we had a good tv opportunity we’d consider it, but the ultimate goal was never to be on television- it was to do what we love every day, and do it with each other.

    Earlier this year, we were approached about doing a reality show. Totally honest- it was tempting.  We asked lot of friends what to do, and everyone said we would be stupid to turn it down.  Then we thought about the heart of Robicelli’s- our family.  We didn’t want our kids to go to school and have other kids (and other parents) say things to them about our “personal life” they saw on TV, because we all know these shows are 95% fiction and fabrication.  Regardless, children don’t know that, and we didn’t want our kids growing up in a false reality. And then after surveying the reality television landscape, we thought we should just cut to the chase and name the show “Robicelli’s: The Fast Track To Divorce”.  

    We said no.  Our family comes first.

    And then three week later, we signed the kids up for preschool and saw the bill.

    Then we realized that they have slight overbites, and probably need braces like I did. 

    Then the kids asked why we don’t have yard and requested a puppy.

    Then we went down to Princeton to put pressure on our kids, and realized that it’s going to cost us over a million dollars to put them both through college one day.

    And that’s when we started to think that the mature, responsible decision we made might have been really really really really stupid.

    Seeing that our moment had passed, we went back to our original plan for success: working ridiculously hard.  Then a few weeks ago, our apartment flooded and we had to move in with my parents for a while, meaning that I had access to cable television again.  And OH MY FREAKING GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO TELEVISION. What was passable guilty pleasure crap has now degraded into such ridiculousness as “Famous Food”, “Mob Wives” and “Hillbilly Handfishing” (thanks to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck for turning me onto that one!).

    Yes, this actually exists.  And you thought I was kidding, didn’t you.

    What have I learned from this? Well, despite us thinking that no one would want to watch something as boring as two bakers at work, well….really America?!?!? Storage Wars? Cupcake Wars? Parking Wars? I mean, these aren’t really wars, it’s just people working. I’m pretty sure you can walk into any business and just stand there for a while and watch people work.  That would be a stupid idea though- it would be far better if you could sit on the couch in your living room and watch people work.  This way you could eat popcorn & unbuckle your pants without everyone saying you’re creeping them out like the people at Starbucks are always telling me.

    I’ve also learned that since television has apparently completely run out of ideas, maybe our chance hasn’t passed! We decided to give it another shot and put together a little reality tv pilot for you! Now, I have spent HOURS watching Food Network and learning exactly what the people want to see today, and I think I’ve come across the magic formula. A guy, a girl, a bakery? Anything could happen- and DOES!

    Call us, Food Network! And go buy some cupcakes, too! 

    Clockwise from front: Ebinger, Lemon Blueberry Ricotta, Dom DeLuise, Coconut Custard

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream chocolate fudge glaze, chocolate cake crumbs

    Lemon Blueberry Ricotta: Italian lemon cake, ricotta buttercream, blueberries with lemon zest

    Dom DeLuise: Pistachio cake, ricotta buttercream, pistachios, citron, chocolate chips

    Coconut Custard: Coconut cake, vanilla custard buttercream, roasted coconut 

    Available at:

    ROBICELLI’S AT DEKALB MARKET: Flatbush Ave Extension & Willoughby Street, Downtown Brooklyn

    CAFE AT SAM’S BAKERY- 94th Street off 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge

    BAGEL SCHMAGEL:  Third Avenue btwn Bay Ridge Pkway & 76th Street, Bay Ridge

    ALOHA GRINDS: Third Avenue and 77th Street, Bay Ridge

    THE CUPCAKE STAND: Fifth Avenue between 60th and 61st, Sunset Park

    CRESPELLA CREPE & ESPRESSO BAR- 321 7th Avenue at 9th Street, Park Slope

    TAZZA CAFES- Henry off Atlantic and Clark off Henry, Brooklyn Heights

    COURT STREET GROCERS: 485 Court Street, Carroll Gardens

    RADISH- Bedford Ave off N8th, Williamsburg

    EASTERN DISTRICT- Manhattan Ave off Eagle St, Greenpoint

    BROOKLYN STANDARD:  Nassau Ave & Jewel St, Greenpoint

    RED HOOK LOBSTER POUND: 284 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook and Roving Food Truck *Whoopie Pies only*

    CAKESHOP- Ludlow btwn Stanton & Rivington, Lower East Side 

    BATTERY PLACE MARKET:  77 Battery Place, Battery Park City

    Flavors: Friday, February 1st

    It’s a brand new month, which means…….IT’S FANY FEBRUARY!

    Maybe you don’t know what Fany February is- particularly since I made it up. But it’s super awesome! Promise!

    Many of you here in NYC know Fany Gerson as the owner of La Newyorkina, maker of the best paletas (aka Mexican ice pops) on earth. Some of you around the country as the author of My Sweet Mexico, one of the greatest cookbooks ever written. Matt and I know her as a good friend, and one of the most wonderful, generous people we have ever known.

    We used to share a kitchen with Fany, but last year she moved to Red Hook. And when Sandy came, it destroyed everything in her kitchen. She has two of these gigantic machines that allow her to make and freeze the paletas- without them, she’s only be able to prepare a small amount of product every day (that is, if Sandy hadn’t also destroyed her freezers). Each of those machines cost over $20,000. They also come from Argentina, so the freight costs are significant. Both machines were completely submerged by saltwater and were irreparably destroyed.

    Fany ran a successful Kickstarter and has been working her ass off to get her company back to where it was, but to be honest, she’s just trying to get back up and running. As someone who’s been her friend for years, this girl has put EVERYTHING into La Newyorkina- blood, sweat, tears, lost sleep (LOTS of lost sleep)- and there is no reason she needs to be finding ways to just squeak by by the skin of her teeth because the insurers are finding creative ways to deny her claims, no reason why she should be sitting home with her fingers crossed that her FEMA loans will be approved and she’ll be able to get back to business as usual.

    And hopefully, she won’t have a reason. Because Fany has a lot of friends who love her very, very much. 

    Starting today and continuing til the end of the month, we are donating a chunk of the profits of our Fany brownie directly to the lovely Ms. Gerson (and yes, this brownie was named after her). It’s our dark chocolate brownie base spiked with Mexican cinnamon, swirled with sweet sexy cajeta. You can order them online in both 4 and 12 packs- get some for yourself to store in the freezer for any time you need a quick hit of chocolate, or send some to someone you love for Valentine’s Day or Lincoln’s Birthday.

    And that’s not all! It wouldn’t be warranted for us to declare this Fany February if it was just little old us- LOTS of her friends are pitching in to help our girl out! Here’s who’s signed on so far:

    Whimsy & Spice: Portion of the profits from their whisky cookie (Fany’s favorite)

    Danny Macaroons: Special dulce de leche macaroon available at select locations

    Liddabit Sweets: Portion of all profits from items sold at the Brooklyn Flea

    Butter & Scotch: Portion of profits from Mexican Chocolate at Brooklyn Flea

    Roni Sue’s Chocolates: 50% of the Chili Lover’s Collection

    Brooklyn Cured: Portion of profits from the Park Slope Farmer’s Market

    We’ll be adding more friends as people return my emails- if you’d also like to be a part of Fany February, shoot me an email at allison at robicellis.com and I’ll add you to the master list up top! And I’ll make sure everyone on Twitter knows about it!

    And now off brownies, and onto the cupcakes that are in today’s rotation. They’re plenty delicious, too. You should eat them AND order brownies, because why the hell not? It’s Friday, right?

    Tres Leches: Three milk soaked brown butter cake, dulce de leche buttercream, caramel shards

    Chai Latte: Chai spiced cake, mascarpone buttercream, toasted chai spices

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, cake crumbs

    Banana Cream Pie: Banana cake, vanilla custard, custard buttercream, banana chip, graham cracker crumbs

    Flavors: Friday, January 20th

    I hate to freak you guys out, but Valentine’s Day is a little more than three weeks away. AND we’ve already started booking up.  The way I see it, you have two options:

    #1: Place your Valentine’s Day order now.  For $50, you get a dozen cupcakes or brownies, some pretty ribbon wrapping, delivery to your loved ones home or office, and a card with your personalized message handwritten by moi


    #2: You wait three weeks, realize you have nothing, panic, end up buying a crappy last minute gift at Duane Reade, disappoint your significant other, and have to hear about the time you bought them a box of Entenmann’s Pop-ums and hair gel for Valentine’s Day for the rest of your freaking life.

    So pretty much, if you just order now and get it over with, you can relax for the next few weeks, then sit back and watch all your friends and coworkers freak out! SUCKAS!

    (PS: That pic above is from a wedding we did last Valentine’s Day. Want our cupcakes at your wedding/Sweet 16/Bat Mitzvah/Corporate Event/46th Birthday Party/Oscar-night shindig/President’s Day kegger?  Click here to make it happen!)

    One of the flavors from our Valentine’s rotation, the Ebinger, is on today’s rotation for you to try. It’s our “Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake”- the perfect gift for, well, anyone who’s not allergic to chocolate. Or better yet, the perfect gift for yourself. Right? Right. Go reward yourself for surviving the week!

    Clockwise from front: The Ebinger, Tiramisu, The Duckwalk, Dom DeLuise

    The Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

    Tiramisu: Espresso soaked cake, espresso ganache, mascarpone buttercream, cocoa powder

    Duckwalk: Blueberry port soaked cake, blueberry port mascarpone buttercream, port simmered blueberries

    Dom DeLuise: Pistachio cake, cannoli cream buttercream, pistachios, candied citron, mini chocolate chips


    Cupcakes Available at:

    Cafe at Sam’s Bakery: 94th Street off 3rd Avenue, Bay Ridge

    Aloha Grinds: 77th & 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge

    Bagel Schmagel: 76th & 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge

    Crespella: 7th Ave off 9th Street, Park Slope

    Tazza Cafes: Clark St off Henry AND Henry St off Atlantic, Brooklyn Heights

    Blue Apron Foods: Union Street off 7th Ave, Park Slope

    Court Street Grocers: Court Street off Luquer, Carroll Gardens

    Eastern District: Manhattan Ave off Eagle, Greenpoint

    Brooklyn Standard: Nassau Street off Jewel, Greenpoint

    Cake Shop: Ludlow btwn Stanton & Rivington, LES

    The Brooklyneer: 220 West Houston Street, West Village

    Joe Columbia University: West 120th Street btwn Broadway & Amsterdam, Morningside Heights

    Queen City Cupcakes: Patchogue, Long Island

    Whoopie Pies Available At:

    Red Hook Lobster Pound: 284 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook

    Tazza Cafes: Clark off Henry AND Henry off Atlantic, Brooklyn Heights

    Queen City Cupcakes: West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island

    Brownies Available At:

    Crespella: 7th Ave off 9th Street, Park Slope

    Queen City Cupcakes: West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island

    Oaxaca Tacos: 250 4th Avenue- Park Slope Brooklyn; 251 Smith Street Cobble Hill Brooklyn; 16 Extra Place, LES Manhattan

    Flavors: Friday, May 31st

    In the five years we’ve been in business, I’ve always juggled about 900 things at the same time. This week I’m finally getting close to heading down to Disney World and getting myself cloned (you KNOW Disney has that technology hidden away somewhere).  I’ve been terribly behind on updating this blog and keeping you all in the loop on various projects – here’s why:

    #1: THE BOOK

    It has a cover and a layout! It’s like so freaking close you can already buy a copy!!! However, it’s not really done yet – I’m currently in the stage where I get to read through the entire book with a fine toothed comb looking for spelling errors, typos, and making sure all the recipes are correct.  I’d always wonder how books ended up with mistakes with all those smart people involved in the publishing process.  Now that I’ve been through it myself, I am honestly surprised there are not more mistakes in all the books we read.  Matt and I are stressing out trying to make sure there are none in our book, so we’re putting in extra hours and snorting a lot of espresso grounds to keep us on point.

    When I’m not twitching, vomiting and gouging at my own flesh with a red pen, I’ve been doing lots of advance press for the book, meeting magazine editors and giving them the two minute pitch about how I’m the greatest person ever and they should buy my book.  It’s like speed dating, which I’m awful at. I was awful at dating period.  Only reason I got Matt to marry me was I got him drunk (that story is in the book!).  Plus, as regular readers know by now, I’m Catholic, and being proud of yourself is a HUGE sin.  So I’ve been doing a lot of meeting important people saying things like “Eh- I’m alright I guess.  I mean, you should buy my book and all.  There’s a lot of other books though that are really good, too. I guess mine’s pretty ok – you can write about it if you want.  I don’t want to force you or anything.  I mean, not like I’m going to be totally devastated or anything if you hate it!  Because, you know, I'm totally a big girl and not freaking out even a little about the acceptance of my peers! That’s me – Mrs. Cool!”.  (please buy my book)

    #2: Writing For CNN

    That’s right, I wrote something for C-N-f***king-N! And I totally forgot to post it here because I’m an idiot. So here it is! Read it!  And if you like the piece, know that we’re still not done with our fundraiser to help Moore, Oklahoma.  We didn’t want people to forget us after Sandy, and we absolutely cannot forget either Oklahoma, or the men and women of Team Rubicon who are rebuilding their town like they did for us.  Make a donation – even $10 is spectacular – and help us inch towards our goal of $15,000 by the fourth of July.

    #3: Writing for Medium

    Medium is brought to you by the inventors of Twitter and Blogger, and is being heralded as “The Future of Online Journalism”,  And for some reason they offered me an actual honest to goodness biweekly column, where my stuff gets looked at my editors and goes through multiple drafts and I get paid and everything.  So my A-game is going to be over there, and the poor syntax, grammar, and punctuation you’ve grown to know and love will be staying right here on our Tumblr.  

    Thusfar I’ve written four articles for them, including a thorough takedown of the Googa Mooga debacle (is it just me or does that already feel like it happened forever ago? Though I still have all this bottled water in my apartment…..).  If you haven’t had the chance to read them, here they are!

    Cupcake Wars 4.23.13

    Letter to a First Time Father 5.6.13

    What Tourists Need To Know About NYC 5.17.13

    The “Great” Googa Mooga 5.24.13

    #4: More Writing

    I’m working on three other writing projects right now.  There’s so much writing going on that I finally bought a new laptop last week to replace the one that has been dying a slow painful death for months, and still haven’t had the time to switch all my crap over.  I don’t want to forget to do it and lose all the MS Paint classics I’ve got stored on this thing.

    I don’t even remember why I drew this, but it gives me unending joy when I accidentally stumble across it.

    #5: Sesame Place

    You know you’re stressed when you think picking up and hightailing it to Sesame Place with two young sons will be relaxing. Within 6 hours of our “vacation” we had an emergency room visit. Oddly, still more soothing than being home.

    #6: Stuff I Can’t Tell You Yet

    Don’t you just HATE it when I pull this crap? You should! But part of my job is working really hard on projects that I have to sign non-disclosure agreements and various other legal forms, and when those things become the center of my universe, I end up having nothing to talk about when I sit down to write the Tumblr.  Long term gain, short term loss.  Sorry.

    #7: Baking Stuff

    Like whoopie pies that are showing up from here to Montauk! Brownies! Loaf cakes! And of course, the cupcakes!

    Bailey’s Cheesecake: Bailey’s chocolate cake, Bailey’s cheesecake buttercream, chocolate cake crumbs

    Banoffee: Banana cake, toffee pudding, mascarpone buttercream, homemade toffee shards

    The Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

    Horchata: Horchata cake, pudding and buttercream, cinnamon sugar rice krispies 

    Flavors: Monday, April 29th


    We’re going to be at The World’s Largest Bakesale at Grand Central Station with Sandra Lee! And YES I had to use the picture where she’s dressed up like Cher!

    This event benefits Share Our Strength’s “No Kid Hungry” campaign, and all money made that day will go directly to helping eradicating childhood hunger in America. Not just profits – every single cent we make.  And we’re bringing well over 1,000 pieces, so we’re hoping you’ll come down for the day and help us do some serious damage.

    And it’s not just us! You’ll be able to buy stuff from over thirty awesome bakeries and restaurants, including places like Del Posto, Jean Georges, Gramercy Tavern and more.  You are going to eat better than you ever have in your entire freaking life, you’ll be helping feed needy kids, AND if we all sell out, we’ll have officially set a world record for the largest bakesale in history. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

    If all that do-gooding and dessert eating wasn’t enough for you, there’s some awesome people co-chairing this event: aside from Ms. Lee, there’s Martha Stewart, Mario Batali, Emerill Lagasse, and WENDY FREAKING WILLIAMS.

    She doesn’t need to be dressing up like Cher - Wendy Freaking Williams really is just that damn faboosh. That wasn’t even a real word, but that’s the type of woman she is. You need to make up a whole separate book of brand spanking new adjectives for Wendy Freaking Williams. Things like “Batankah” and “Schmoovious”. Lowly, simple, common English words would never be able to do the enormity of this woman justice.  I don’t know if she’ll personally be there, but if I encounter Wendy Freaking Williams, I may pass out because my body cannot handle the amount of awesome she radiates.

    Now to the menu.  We’ll be bringing:

    -Limited Edition Mint Julep Pound cake (made with lots of real Kentucky bourbon – great to have on hand for some Derby watchin’ this weekend)

    -Our Famous Carrot Cake

    -Mini Brownies Sampler: featuring our Classic Sea Salt and Fany (cajeta cinnamon) varieties

    -Ultimate Nutella Whoopie Pie: Valrhona chocolate shells filled with Nutella buttercream and crunchy hazelnut praline

    You’ll have to head to Grand Central Station on Wednesday beginning at 10am to get your hands on that particular stuff, but you can head to some of our retail partners right now and pick up brownies, whoopie pies, cakes, and these cupcakes we made last night. They are also pretty damn faboosh if I do say so myself.

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

    Dom DeLuise: Pistachio cake, cannoli cream buttercream, roasted pistachios, candied citron, chocolate chips

    Liddabit: Chocolate cake, salted caramel nougat buttercream, roasted peanuts, ganache & caramel drizzle

    Funky Monkey: Banana chocolate chip cake, peanut butter buttercream, banana chip, ganache


    Thanksgiving: 2012

    Every year I do a Thanksgiving post that mentions all the things I’m thankful for.

    I don’t even know where to begin this year.

    I’m of course thankful for the usual things: amazing kids, doing what I love for a living, incredible customers, and being married to an incredibly hot piece of ass. You all already know about those things. I’m also thankful that my business, while set back a tad, wasn’t completely destroyed. That Bay Ridge was spared when so many neighborhoods I love weren’t. That my family is safe.

    I have lived in Brooklyn all my life, as did my father before me, and his father before him. Crazy thing about kids from Brooklyn- this isn’t a “place” to us, it’s not simple a hometown. 

    It’s sticking your head out of the window and screaming at your friends on the street- many times while in a moving vehicle. Now that I’m thinking about that one, that’s really not smart. We should probably stop doing that.

    The knowing everyone’s mother and grandmother. Particularly the ones who barely spoke English, but knew enough to always tell you that you “looked too skinny” and would feed you a little something.

    The fact that “a little something” is a giant plate of meatballs, or stuffed cabbage, or pernil, or a nice fat slab of spanikopita.

    The riceballs. Not “Oh, you don’t really know how it’s done until you go to Italy like I did when I backpacked through Europe and had authentic (say in randomly ethnic accent) arrrrr-an-CHEEEE-neeee”. Not “arancini”. RICEBAAAAAAWWWWWWWLS. Big fat stinking riceballs the size of a small child’s head, covered in globs of sauce, ricotta and mozzarella.  You hit Joe’s of Avenue U if you want to know how the f*** it’s done.

    Knowing that if anyone says “Meh, Joe’s is good, but it isn't that good”, you will punch them square in the face, and no cop in Brooklyn would blame you. This also applies to Brennan & Carr, Randazzo’s, and Lioni’s. Don’t ask about pizza unless you want to hear us yelling amongst ourselves for hours on end (though the correct answer is Totonno’s. Yeah, I said it).

    Also that you pronounced the riceball description as “covered in globs of sawce, riGOAT, and MUHTzarell”. You call anyone who says different a “mar-ah-KONE”, even if your family has, like mine, been in Brooklyn 100 years.

    The accent. Years of speech classes as a teenager have made mine almost disappear, but you get me angry (or drunk) enough, and I sound like an extra in a Jimmy Cagney flick. Also, you should know if you know if you ever hear my accent you are possibly in imminent danger and should run away as quickly as possible.

    The hip-hop and freestyle. Especially George LaMond. I don’t care how many hardcore and metal albums are in my collection- “Bad of the Heart” comes on, and I lose it every. single time. He’s also TOTALLY playing tonight in Bay Ridge, and I am TOTALLY going to be at home on my laptop working on getting holiday ordering up for you guys (December schedule’s up by the way!)

    Biohazard, Indecision, Type O Negative, Candiria, Beastie Boys, and DEBBIE FREAKING GIBSON. We also gave the world Barry Manillow and Neil Diamond. YOU’RE WELCOME, REST OF THE WORLD.

    The fact that you live in a place with over 3 million people EVERYONE finds a way that the’re connected. Everyone went to school with someone’s brother, or your first cousin watches some kid after school whose grandma lives next door to your best friend. You think I’m popular? You should meet my mother. One time when I was a kid we went to Disney World, and the guy driving the train on “The Great Movie Ride” knew who she was. Woman’s not even on the internet and she has more fans than any of us ever will. She runs a dental office in Bay Ridge.

    Deep down, we’re all the take-no-prisoners tough guys and gals of legend, the type who will throw down any time and any place if someone or something goes after one of our own. 

    I am so thankful that in this lifetime, I get to say that I am from Brooklyn. And I am thankful for every single one of my brothers and sisters here and in Staten Island (if you didn’t know, everyone from Staten Island is originally from Brooklyn. They even have their own Joe’s of Avenue U over there!). Sandy came for us, and we are standing together and swinging back. You DO NOT mess with Brooklyn. Ever.

    I love you, Brooklyn, and I will never stop being proud of the person you made me, and what you have always been. Even before the New York Times found out about you.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge buttercream, chocolate cake crumbs

    Pumpkin Spice Latte: Pumpkin cake, espresso mascarpone buttercream, chocolate espresso beans

    Bourbon Caramel Apple: Apple cake, bourbon salted caramel buttercream, roasted apple, bourbon caramel drizzle

    Sweet Potato Casserole: Sweet potato cake, toasted marshmallow buttercream, demerera sugar

    Flavors: Friday, April 27th

    Big weekend news guys! So big- there’s going to be a second Tumblr post today all about it. Maybe another tomorrow. Tweets, Facebook posts, generalized yelling and screaming- point is, we’re going to be all over this crap for the next couple of days, so you better start preparing yourself for becoming so overcome with excitement, you may need all new underwear.

    First up, Saturday is “Brunch All Day” at DeKalb til 6pm, meaning we were asked to make special “brunchy” things (yeah, that’s a word now. I didn’t invent it, so don’t look at me). We used to do an insanely popular brunch at our original (and long shuttered) Bay Ridge store, but haven’t made any of our signature doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches, sticky buns etc for ages now. One item in particular gets asked for over and over and over again…..and since we love you guys so much, we’re bringing back our famous scones for one day only!

    Now I know some of you are having a little trouble getting really excited about scones. Really, no, I get it. Even telling you that there’s going to be blueberries involved isn’t going to be enough, and that’s fine. I’ve still got more for you to get excited about:

    It’s time for the Beta launch of Twilight Market! I’ve probably mentioned this before, but this year the market is being run by spectacle wunderkids Joann Kim and Jen Lyon, two of my favorite people of all time because they do nothing but show you a good time. It’s their job. Just like Santa Claus.

    And we’ve got SPANK ROCK playing! Even if you’ve never heard of them, you have to admit it's really fun saying “Spank Rock”.  I know I’ll be saying it as much as I possibly can over the next two days until Matt eventually threatens to divorce me.

    So now you’ve got your weekend planned, you have the exciting promise of another riveting post going down sometime today, the knowledge of impending scones…..what more could you want?  How about some delicious sweets in your belly to end the workweek on a high note? 

    Clockwise from front: Banana Nutella, Sixpoint Brownstone, The Aris, Ebinger

    Banana Nutella: Banana cake, Nutella buttercream, hazelnut banana chip praline

    Sixpoint Brownstone: Sixpoint brownstone ale cake, Brownstone ale toffee buttercream, crushed chocolate espresso beans

    The Aris: Walnut cake, honey butter, Greek yogurt buttercream with orange zest and cinnamon, honey glazed spiced walnuts

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge dip, chocolate cake crumbs


    Cupcakes Available at:

    Robicelli’s at DeKalb Market: 138 Willoughby Street, Downtown Brooklyn

    Aloha Grinds: 77th & 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge

    Bagel Schmagel: 76th & 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge

    Crespella: 7th Avenue off 9th Street, Park Slope

    Blue Apron Foods: Union Street off 7th Ave, Park Slope

    Eastern District: Manhattan Ave off Eagle, Greenpoint

    Brooklyn Standard: Nassau Street off Jewel, Greenpoint

    Battery Place Market: 240 Murray Street, Financial District

    Cake Shop: Ludlow btwn Stanton & Rivington, LES

    Bar 5F at Bergdorf Goodman: 5th Avenue & 58th Street, 5th Floor, Manhattan

    Queen City Cupcakes: 62 West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island


    Whoopie Pies Available At:

    Robicelli’s at DeKalb Market: 138 Willoughby Street, Downtown Brooklyn

    Red Hook Lobster Pound: 284 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook

    Queen City Cupcakes: 62 West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island


    Brownies Available At:

    Robicelli’s at DeKalb Market: 138 Willoughby Street, Downtown Brooklyn

    Queen City Cupcakes: 62 West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island

    Oaxaca Tacos: 250 4th Avenue- Park Slope Brooklyn; 251 Smith Street Cobble Hill Brooklyn; 16 Extra Place, LES Manhattan; 48 Greenwich Avenue, West Village, Manhattan

    Flavors: Wednesday, January 18th

    We can’t go TOTALLY dark today, but I’m not writing anything (this doesn’t count).  Click on the pic above to be taken to the online petition to stop SOPA. If you don’t know anything about it, scroll through this infographic I pilfered from their site:

    Back on Friday!

    Clockwise from front: Pecan French Toast, S'Mores, Ebinger, Dom DeLuise

    Pecan French Toast: Maple custard soaked cinnamon cake, maple cinnamon buttercream, maple glazed pecans

    S'Mores: Chocolate cake, speculoos pudding, toasted marshmallow buttercream, ganache, graham cracker crumbs

    Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake crumbs

    Dom DeLuise: Pistachio cake, cannoli cream buttercream, pistachios, citron, mini chocolate chips


    Cupcakes Available at:

    Hom: Third Avenue and 88th Street, Bay Ridge

    Cafe at Sam’s Bakery:  94th off 3rd, Bay Ridge

    Tazza Cafes: Clark off Henry AND Henry off Atlantic, Brooklyn Heights

    Battery Place Market: 77 Battery Place, Batter Park City

    Joe Columbia University: 120th btwn Broadway & Amsterdam, Morningside Heights

    Queen City Cupcakes: West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island

    Whoopie Pies Available At:

    Red Hook Lobster Pound: 284 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook

    Tazza Cafes: Clark off Henry AND Henry off Atlantic, Brooklyn Heights

    Queen City Cupcakes: West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island

    Brownies Available At:

    Crespella: 7th Ave off 9th Street, Park Slope

    Queen City Cupcakes: West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island

    Oaxaca Tacos: 250 4th Avenue- Park Slope Brooklyn; 251 Smith Street Cobble Hill Brooklyn; 16 Extra Place, LES Manhattan