This is my Mountain bike! My dad it selling it for me along with some Iphones in other sales soon. I’m selling alot of stuff for my secret project. As soon as I can sell the stuff, The better. This has only been used twice and there are no scratches, Dents, Anything! This is basically brand new!

If you or anyone you know lives in the area, Please buy it or at least think about buying it. It’s on auction and you buy it now too. It’s up to you. This is only for collection only because it will cost too much to send and we don’t have the money.

If anyone can buy this or anything then please do. You would help me out millions and I can finally get to work on my project and start my dream. This will be a big step for me and I will finally be outta this dark depression rut that I’m in.

Thank you so much! If you want anymore info then feel free to ask me here. The Iphones (4s) 2-3 will be sold. They will be up soon and I will post a link up like this to let you guys know or you can keep eye on the seller (my dad)’s page or check here ^^

Thank you to whoever can do this and thank you if you pass this around. It means the world and you’re helping a young girl out in her dream.

Thank you, lauren!

Edited; Will post item if needed but if not, Collection is available. We will even hold the bike here is required so.  We will also throw in a free helmet. 

& now, Free postage and packing!