If you’re wondering can you create something really beautiful and tasty for a #holiday get together AND it be quick AND it be simple AND yes it not break the bank. My go-to app is a thick, organic, #glutenfree hearty bread, slather some rich, homemade cream cheese (email me for the recipe) and wild smoked salmon laced with lemon zest, fresh dill spriggies and crack pepper. Serve with mineral heavy sparkling H2O and a super dry white and you’re on your way to #Christmas heaven. D i v i n e. #foodies #latenightbinge #eatwellfeelgood

Combining #salmon & #quinoa packs quite a powerful punch in the when it comes to best choices for dinner or lunch. Here’s why:
🔹Quinoa🔹is a gluten free grain that has 14g protein per serving (higher than any other grain) plus iron and potassium. So it ranks high in the overall nutrition category plus I just love the texture and flavor👌 You can do a lot with it too. Add pine nuts & dried cranberries, or here I did ginger, carrot & peas, and a lot of people cook it overnight with berries & milk for a breakfast cereal.
🔸Salmon🔸is one of my favorite meats and we eat it about 2xs a week bc it digests easily and makes us feel good.
Its is no wonder we feel so good after eating #salmon bc it’s loaded with anti-inflammatory fatty acids like #omega3 (both #dha & #epa) which also boost our brain functionality and help keep our eyes healthy too. Salmon also has high amounts of #selenium and Vitamins A, D & B12 which protect our nervous system and calm our brains so we think more clearly.
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I love getting my variety of farm fresh, organic produce every week! It’s a great way to ensure we always have fresh food around the house and it eliminates a trip to the grocery store for me too👏I’m sure there’s a farm to doorstep delivery service near you. I pay $40 a week which is a great price for organic produce. #absoluteorganics #eatwellfeelgood #nourish #cleaneats #fitforlife