I’m not a size two anymore, nor will I ever be again… and I do not care. I love my body. Yes, I have curves! But to me, that’s a sign of my strength. It is physical proof that I am taking better care of my body now than ever. I’m conquering my issues and defeating my demons. Someday, a man will love my body the way it is. That’s the man I will marry and give myself to completely. So for now, no other man’s opinion matters. I am strong, confident, curvy, and beautiful. And nothing you say can change my mind now :)


To This Day

Bullying was something that seriously effected my life. This video is part of the To The Day Project. If you know someone or even your self who is going through bullying please listen to this video and get help. 


Here are some links to look for help;








And remember, I love you and I know your family does too. Someone out here cares for you. Don’t you forget it.

Signs and symptons

An individual suffering from anorexia nervosa may reveal one or several

signs and symptoms such as:

• Chronic dieting despite being hazardously underweight

• Obsession with calories and fat contents of food

• Engaging in ritualistic eating patterns, such as cutting food into tiny

pieces, eating alone, and/or hiding food

• Continued fixation with food, recipes, or cooking; the individual may cook

intricate meals for others but refrain from partaking

• Amenorrhea: an abnormal absence of menstruation, or loss of 3

consecutive menstrual cycles

• Depression or lethargic stage

• Development of lanugo: soft, fine hair that grows on face and body

• Reported sensation of feeling cold, particularly in extremities

• Loss or thinning of hair

Avoidance of social functions, family and friends. May become isolated and