listening to arcade fire and eating ice cream cake in bed about to open presents. also its the holidays my life is truly peaking right now this is the apex 

Reblog if you have ever
  • - made your self throw up
  • - starved
  • - took a razor to your skin
  • - felt like your not good enough
  • - thought about suicide
  • - attempted suicide
  • - burnt your self
  • - got bullied
  • - been called ugly/fat etc..
  • - or harmed your self in any way
  • - cried your self to sleep
  • - been abused

I will message every fucking single one of you.

Here the children have a custom. After the
celebration of
evil they take those vacant heads that
shone once with such
anguish and glee and throw them over the
bridge, watching
the smash, orange, as they hit below. We
were standing
underneath when you told it. People do
that with them-
selves when they are finished, light
scooped out. He landed
here, you said, marking it with your foot.

You wouldn’t do it that way, empty, you
wouldn’t wait,
you would jump with the light still in you.
—  Margaret Atwood, “Eating fire,” from Circe/Mud Poems

Some days
you will fight
and it will
be enough.

Some days
you will crawl
calm as the sea.

You are allowed
to sink into your bed.
You are allowed
to jump into the fire.

I have yet
to outrun myself,
no matter
how often I have tried.

—  Michelle K., Changing Seasons.