my lifesaver, my best friend, my dog, is now permanently inked on me. she saved me from my depression, from my eating disorder, and is one of the main reasons I was determined to recover. to be that person that she loves, to be the person she sees me as. she will be with me forever now :)

after a run of bad days, i’m feeling on top of the world! 

when the guy had his hand on my leg tattooing me, I didn’t think of what my legs looked like. I ate my lunch in front of him, even joking along, saying I had the munchies, and joking about the 5 a day rule. he said he definitely didn’t make it, and wasn’t fussed at all. then a wonderful session at uni, followed by a trip to Costa for a giant drink, and then a practical session in the studio, where I laughed, posed for photos, pulled faces and socialized!

thank god I pulled through the bad days, without the bad ways :D