booked in to have my next tattoo done! it’s going to be my reward for gaining weight, and winning at recovery, and i’m so excited to get it inked! (its a portrait of my little life-saver puppy)

Pounds, stones, kilograms, calories and BMI calculations are just numbers. They do not mean ANYTHING as long as you’re happy and feel good yourself. They do not reflect beauty or personality - they simply record your body mass which comes in all shapes and sizes.

These numbers cannot hurt you and are not a true reflection of you - do not dwell on them.

Continuing the theme for lunch with some littleneck clams steamed in garlic and white wine. This is such an easy dish to make. It takes five minutes and costs about $5 to make at home. 

Heat two tablespoons of olive oil in a good sized pot (5 quarts). I put in a pat of butter here too, but it’s optional. Mine 2-3 cloves of garlic and bring the oil and garlic (and butter) up to temperature together. When the garlic starts to turn golden, put the clams in the pot and give it a good shake to incorporate. I let it go for another minute or so now just to let the flavors marry a bit. Now pour a healthy glass of white wine (anything good enough to drink) into the bottom of the pot and pop a cover on. Let it steam for a few minutes until all the clams open. Boom. Chop up a bit of parsley for garnish because you love yourself. 

Pro tip 1: don’t eat any clams that don’t open because they were dead before you started

Pro tip 2: yep, the clams were alive when you put them in the pot, so remember to cook them quickly after you buy them and not to put them in anything airtight if you fridge them for a few hours. 

Pro tip 3: clams come in lots of varieties. For most applications, you want littlenecks. Cherrystones are too small. Quahogs are too big and tough. The latter is okay for chowder, but if you are going to steam, use with pasta, eat on the half shell, etc, go for the littlenecks.