eat your face


soulffles tagged me in the six selfie thing goin’ around, so i figured i should get around to uploading some. i’m sorry in advance, friends.

Who the fuck wants to be tagged in this? 

shamejob-prente psychadelicrose minnesota-jake honeykise the-witch-from-heaven sakura-petal91 s-h-i-i-n-a laurentarzan apinkhairedpyromaniac the-dragonslayer-natsu or if you see this go ahead and post some selfies - but make sure to tag me so i can see! ^w^

Only post something if you’re comfortable! But if you want to post something that’s not your face, go ahead and post six pictures of your bookshelf or your pokemon cards or your goddamn waifu. Let’s go.


“Dean what are you doing here?”, you asked. Dean Winchester was standing in front of your house. It was raining and just by standing at the door you could feel the cold and wetness.

“I love you Y/N”, Dean suddenly said. No, he didn’t said it. It was more like he screamed it into the rainy night.

“You do what?”, you shouted back with a big shit eating grin on your face. 

“I love you Y/N”, Dean repeated himself and now you couldn’t help it and started running towards him. You didn’t mind the rain. You didn’t mind that you were only wearing your pyjamas. 

“I love you too Dean. And now let’s kiss in the rain like the cheesy couple we are.”

This is my dog.

Last Thursday, my dog had an enucleation surgery - a tumor had developed in her left eye and so we had it surgically removed.

However, for whatever reason, the dog doesn’t seem at all perturbed by this, and if the surgery site is troubling her, she’s been giving no sign at all.

This is my cat.

The cat’s favorite game is “Eat Your Face.” The dog rather enjoys it too. And because her eye isn’t bother her, she is happy to play Eat Your Face. I’m less willing to permit it. The cat knows I won’t let them, and so as soon as he knows I’m looking, he pretends that he’s eating some other part of the dog’s body, such as her leg.

And then I turn away for an instant, and…

Why, yes, that IS the cat’s teeth locked exactly around the stapled shut eye wound.