Telling if the Zodiac Signs like you

-Leo: Flirts, shows off, gets red, tells everyone about it.
-Aquarius: Tells you.
-Cancer: Extra nice and a bit flirty.
-Libra: If someone ask them if they like you, they never say no. Plus, they are extra flirty.
-Gemini: Really nice to you.
-Aries: Always around you.
-Sagittarius: ~and you’re hot and you’re cold…~ Life in a K.P. song.
-Taurus: Thay act way too normal around you.
-Pisces: They are shy around everyone, but maybe they will try talking to you…?
-Capricorn: You can never tell if they like you.
-Scorpio: Acts like you are just a normal friend.
-Virgo: They have friendzoned you without knowing.


These are Pocket Spell Sticks.

Pocket Spell Sticks are designed to be discreet and portable spell markers, already loaded with powerful herbs chosen by Rose to enhance your spellwork, and marked with a relevant rune.
The Pocket Spell Sticks are designed to be as easy to use as chalk but without leaving any obvious mark. Use them to draw runes, sigils, spells of your own design, or even just draw a small line and let the specially chosen herbs and oils do the work.

Each stick is made from a base of organic and home-collected beeswax, and organic coconut oil.

This Spell Stick is for Protection. It is designed in an easy application form so you can swiftly draw sigils, protection runes, or just bless your front door or other items with ease.

With herbs specially chosen by Rose and already marked with Elhaz, a simple but powerful rune of protection; these sticks are ready to use at any time.

The selection of herbs and oils in these are chosen specifically to promote protection.

Each stick contains:

Devils claw
Sea salt
Black cohosh
Witch hazel
Olive leaf extract

Each stick has been blessed and is ready for use. 

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