Binary Review  #32 - October

Now that October is finally here, I’d be lying if I said I could think of anything more appropriate to review than the biggest event of the month, the only day of October that really matters to anybody. Naturally, I speak of Easter.

At least, I would have been lying, right up until the very moment I first learned of the above picture’s existence. This picture is of far greater importance than Easter; a meaningless, overly commercialised, “Hallmark Holiday”, created in the 1950’s to sell more cigarettes. This picture says more about Easter than any review I could ever write.

First of all the larger, wealthier, 'bourgeoisie' chicken is lording it over the smaller, working class chicken (or 'proletariat' chicken, if you will). See the way he avoids eye contact with the lower classes, all the while patting himself on the back for his own generosity, wondering how the other chicken could ever have the audacity to complain about the gifts with which he has been bestowed.

"This lesser chicken should be most grateful that I have seen fit to give him anything at all!" he thinks to himself, while handing down just one of the millions of Easter cards printed on machinery oiled by the blood of the chicken-workers. "Ungrateful, the lot of them, I say." he quite literally clucks to his companions in his manor later that evening. He came away quite successful at cards tonight and is planning to reward himself after supper with one of his finer brandies and a well earned cigar.

The bourgeoisie chicken’s hat is an excellent example of the death of self-respect within our culture. It says to us, ‘Swag is for mere children. Real chickens have class.’ The colour coordination between his hat decoration and his umbrella carries no deeper meaning than to say that this chicken has a rad as hell sense of style.

The umbrella itself however, carries a far more significant, deeper meaning. Why does the chicken need an umbrella? I think the proper way to ask this question is to turn it around. Why does the umbrella, need the chicken? That is to say, I think that the umbrella we are talking about here is our 'libido'; our pleasure. Why does our 'libido' need The Matrix (1999)?

In conclusion, this picture is such a perfect representation of everything wrong with October that I find it unnecessary to elaborate on this whatsoever. If you don’t 'get' it by now, you ARE the bourgeoisie chicken and you never will.

Score: 0/1

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Plastic boxes and rainbow baskets sat on the kitchen table, with pastel envelopes leaning against them at various angles. It was Easter Sunday, and my mom’s coworker clearly must have dropped by, because Mom doesn’t normally allow this much sugar in the house all at once. Chocolate bunnies hopped out of their packaging, and tinfoil got strewn across the table, as chocolate eggs were devoured, seven at a time. Jelly beans of all flavors were tossed into hungry mouths as well, all with the sole intent of getting hyper off of sugar that day.

But I was used to this. And I wanted a bit more than food on this day, so I asked Dad to tell me stories about his Easters growing up in a Greek Orthodox household. Dipping eggs in red dyes was his favorite part, he said. He also loved watching his uncle roast a lamb on one of those outdoor stoves. They’d collect pine cones to kindle the fire. Roast potatoes, flaky sweet breads, the lamb, and the colored eggs—that’s what Easter was to him. So after I stuffed myself to the point where cocoa lingered on my breath for hours, Mom decided we’d have a Greek Easter dinner the Sunday after.

Has this happened to anyone else?
So I was about to play Five Nights at Freddy’s and I just clicked on the icon and all of a sudden this comes up. (no eyes they appeared after about 15 seconds ) The game didn’t even go to the main menu… It obviously scared me. I don’t know if this happened to anyone else.. My friend said it could be an Easter Egg but there wasn’t anything about it on the Wikipedia page.. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m on the 20 20 20 20 mode if that helps..

markiplier I’m gonna tag you in it because I hope you see it

I actually feel like something bad is going to happen to me xD