This will be our last post for DID Awareness Day!
I wanted to post some photos of more alters in our system, the ones we have a decent photo of.

From left to right with every row:
1. Precious - Currently 4, CSA trauma
2. Joseph (blind) – Currently 8, CSA trauma
3. Mia (mute) – Currently 3, CSA trauma
4. Ellie – Currently 3, CSA trauma
5. Pumpkin – Currently 5, Grooming
6. Alice – Currently 8, Imagination
7. Andrew – Currently 4, Physical abuse
8. Stevie – Currently 3, Picks at skin to cope with emotions/to punish
9. Michelle – Currently 10, Abandonment issues
10. Lizzy-B – Currently 12, Attached to abuser (my mom)

From Ellie to Lizzy-B, those photos were all taken on Easter, when Jenny having an Easter egg hunt within the apartment actually drew them out because they wanted to find an egg with their name on it. I’m actually thankful that drew them out because three of them (Andrew, Stevie, and Lizzy-B) Jenny met for the first time that day. It was a big deal!

Anyway, that’s another ten of the alters in my system! I’d post more photos if I had them!

Happy DID Awareness Day, everyone!

- Lizzy