Retford station is where dreams go to die. To wait there is to step into the Narnia of the rail network, you will wait hours, maybe days for a connecting train, yet when it arrives it transpires that you have stood there waiting for only ten or fifteen minutes. You can’t kill time at Retford station; you can only prolong its suffering.

East Coast Mainline

In comfort
England slips past.

Over rivers and streams
and by glimpses of copses,
rabbits and foxes,
past empty platforms and orchards
we mix the wild flowers’ scent.

and we plunge into darkness,
and we awaken in misty forests of brick and cement
to glimpse choked back gardens,
The bustle of pardons,
and grind to a halt.

Stepping into the streets is a surprise
for those who watched England slip past -
And like memories of the dream last
what was there may be but lies.

#TwitterDinnerClub - on the train

See and download the full gallery on posterousLong journey ahead of me, haven’t had any breakfast so opted for lunch on the train.

1 x Syrah 2009 Domaine Peirere Languedoc-Rousillon 37.5cl at £8.50
1 x Beef Lasagne at £6.95

The only good thing about this meal is the wine.

The food was luke warm, swimming in grease and barely edible. But needs must! Captive audience and not that much choice.

Oh how I miss the old restaurant silver service days….

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‘Morning Pacer’ follows the real Pacer services centred around Newcastle and the surrounding areas. You will take one of the sets to Metrocentre, then Morpeth on a wet Thursday morning. Part 1 follows the first service from Newcastle direct to Metrocentre, then the return to Newcastle and Manors. The conditions are wet, so wheel slip is commonplace unless your skills come into fruition.

This scenario requires the following assets:


DPS East Coast Mainline - North East v1.3:

Startours Class 91 East Coast Reskin

Startours Class 156 Scotrail reskin:

rfletcher72 Class 170 First Transpennine Express reskin

rfletcher72 Class 156 Northern reskin


AP Class 142:


JustTrains Voyager Advanced:


Intercity 225 Mega Pack:


Oovee Class 156:

Thomson West Highland Line:

Class 66 Freightliner v2: