So this is my very first follow forever, and I don’t know how I should put it…

I’ve been on tumblr for exactly nine months, so I thought it was time I thanked all those wonderful people out there !

So here is the random list of the people I will follow forever, just because they’re great. I don’t talk to a lot of you, but I’m still there if you need it :3

A: asheathes; acciothehungergames; agoodpersonbutashittywriter; avoxia

B: booksandhotchocolate; braverdeen; blueprincez; bookporn

C: circumcising; clube-da-limonada; clarencetheclarinet; cheeryblossom1123; crazed-fangirl; cnbjonghyun

D: deppycn; dreambig-and-nevergiveup; danishbookworm; dios-mio; dinosauwrr; dooleycouple; drchocopops

E: elfkissme; emma-b-xx; ennobaria; earthlyfearofoblivion

F: foreverlarking; fyeah-kyu; foolish-kid; fuckyeahjapanandkorea; finnicksbottom; foxed-face

G: getsby; goliath1357

H: hartpaulymykatt; hagkyo2013; heunsoonfeels

I: ijustcantlie; im-obesses-with-some-things; ibuildmyself; iheart-kyu

J: jumponthefizzy; jjong-asm; jonghyun-angel

K: kyuline13; knowbe; kdramaconfessions; kayleecorner; kyuclam

L: lost-in-a-sea-of-monsters; loveiscrying; lollygagging-along; loveyourquotes

M: matin1994; mars-bar94; mydraco; magnaegyu; mockingflame; missmaddierose; muggleland: mockingfire; matt-smith-sonian

N: niclovesbacon; nerdwasavid; nric

O: ohpercy; ohtrinkets

P: pizza; pattydepulcha; paperstown; prihor

R: rvnescape; rneerkat; rrue; rose-and-jack

S: sherocksyeah; slenderica; slytherin; sojaneyo; shawol-inspirit; sexybassist; saranghaeyo-cnblue

T: thatshowmylifes; teachingliteracy; that-man-484

U: underthorne

V: varsharulz

W: we-donot-worry-be-happy: woo-binoraur; withljongsuk, wanna-live-in-eiffel-tower

Y: your-future-author-in-law; yghws; yonghwaholic

Z: zaruba-needslove

Whole list of my followers here

Well I don’t know what to say, but thank you guys, I’m happy ;)

earthlyfearofoblivion said:

Hi ! I'm french and I just wanted to say that Kaamelott is like one of the few really really good french shows and of course it's nothing at all like Merlin, it's mainly a comedy and the humour is weird but once you get into it it's really really worth watching :)

well i got really tired last night so i only made it thrugh 30 minutes of it. but I’ll surely give it a better chance and maybe i can catch some meanings too with my minimal french knowledge.

rian-in-a-blue-box replied to your post: karmaladragon replied to …

I don’t think there is deleted scene, Kaamelot represents the lower level of french humor. for exemple Merlin is unable to use magic correctly ^^”

I figured out the episodes are only like 3 minutes long…