"And on the Mexican border,
Someone has ripped through a fence
Of reinforced chicken wire
With bolt cutters,
And erected a hammock
By suspending it
Between two of the fence’s
Concrete pillars.

After swinging gently back and forth,
From Texas to Mexico and then
From Mexico back to Texas,
They doze off; contemptuous
Of the security guards
Patrolling this artificial demarcation –
For, once upon a time,
Texas was Mexico
And Texas didn’t exist.

When Eugene Debs was imprisoned
For conscientious objection in World War One
He said, on September 11th 1915,
I have no country to fight for
My country is the earth
I’m a citizen of the world.’

– Heathcote Williams, “No Borders

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If you haven’t already seen this, PLEASE watch, it is disturbing, but if you consume animal products in any form, you really have no excuse not to watch it, if you can consume the end product, you can view the process.

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Earthlings - Full length documentary (multi-subtitles)

EARTHLINGS is the single most powerful and informative documentary about society’s tragic and unforgivable use of nonhuman animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby. Directed by Shaun Monson, this multi-award winning film by Nation Earth is a must-see for anyone who cares about nonhuman animals or wishes to make the world a better place.

PLEASE: don’t run from reality, watch the film and share your thoughts with other viewers in the comments section. Thank you.

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A request: subtitles in Japanese and Hindi do exist somewhere. If you know how I can get one of them, please let me know. Thanks.

Still didn’t watch the best video I know on Animal Rights - Gary Yourofsky’s amazing speech? Please do and SHARE it in any way you can.


We are all Earthlings - Make the Connection!

I would strongly recommend watching any or all of the following (all available to watch free through the above link, and the direct links below):

101 Reasons To Go Vegan

Gary Yourofsky’s Speech


VEGAN. For The People. For The Planet. For The Animals.

Slaughterhouse: The Task Of Blood

Supermarket Secrets

Meet Your Meat

Meet Your Milk

Wegmans Cruelty

Animals Should Be Off The Menu

‘This is not graphic or gory — but no less deplorable. Apparently, this is in Oregon. Each crate has a calf in it, removed from their mother one hour after they were born. The mother had enough time to clean up the birth, lick, smell and intially bond with the calf, before they were taken away to live in boxes. Death will ensue in approximately six weeks. Until then, here they remain, unable to move, so as to make their meat ‘tender.’ Then they become veal steaks. Please everyone, for the sake of all — go vegan.’  - Via Earthlings

This is horrific, people say they are against animal abuse but they just mean dogs and cats and pets…THIS IS animal abuse, each of these boxes contains a sentient, feeling calf, this is what their lives have been reduced to?! It’s heartbreaking :( Nothing justifies this ..


So this still requires our attention...

There are 829 signatures left on the petition to ask CNN to air Earthlings. The amount of signatures per day has slowed drastically, but we are so close! Let’s share and post and put it on every social media we have.

If you haven’t signed it yet, you can do so by clicking here.

If you have, sharing is still important! I doubt every single person you know has already signed it.  We’re at the point where every last person matters.

If you don’t know what this is even about, read the petition and watch Earthlings here.  Shoot, if you don’t feel like doing either, just sign the petition and go back to ignoring us crazy vegans.

C’mon guys, we are so close, I can taste the positive social changes this could bring about.

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Remember the amazing documentary EARTHLINGS narrated by Joaquin Phoenix? 

These are the scenes that had to be cut from the final movie because it became too long. Watch with caution but please, DO watch.

If I hear one more carnist saying ‘yeah but I don’t push my beliefs on others so why do you’ i’m going to scream. Here’s my reply to you and if you can’t understand then you’re morally bankrupt and I hate you.

The thing you mouth-breathing half-wits can’t seem to grasp is that veganism isn’t some fad diet, it’s a social movement. A social movement whose goal it is to gain popular support in order to lobby against the atrocities committed against animals. Vegans feel compelled to speak out and to break through the denial.

Historically, social justice revolutions (for example the abolition of slavery, and the instatement of democracy) have been championed by people who refused to live in denial and refused to be silenced by an oppressive system. Our goal as vegan activists is to transform denial into awareness. That’s why we want our beliefs to be heard. You wouldn’t expect a climate change activist to sit down and shut up about climate change, or a women’s rights activist to never bring up feminism in conversation. It’s something that we’re passionate about and we refuse to be silenced.