Extend the life of our earth tomorrow the 28.3.2015, from 8:30pm to 9:30pm #EarthHour إجعل لحياة الأرض ضوءاً أطول

Who is joining in with #EarthHour? 🌍 simply get some candles ready and turn off the lights for an hour at 8.30🌟 just think about how much energy will be saved if we all joined in, use #YourPower to #ChangeClimateChange ♻️ (at EARTH HOUR ♻️🌟🌍💚)

Morning #London. This is #BigBen by @stevebrightphotography, taken last night, lights switched off in support of the WWF #EarthHour. The global annual event aims to inspire collective action on climate change. Landmarks all over the world switched their lights off in support. // #thisislondon

Earth Hour ambassador Nadya Hutagalung talks about new campaign: Let Elephants Be Elephants

As an ambassador for Earth Hour, I love nothing more than reaching out to people about what’s happening to the planet we all share and encouraging one and all to do their part to help.

My passion project is Let Elephants Be Elephants, a movement I co-founded with elephant expert and author, Dr Tammie Matson in 2012.

Movements often start with a small seed, much like the way Earth Hour began in 2006, and that’s also how it was with Let Elephants Be Elephants. At the end of 2012 I was at an MTV reunion/Earth Hour end of year catch up, and this is where I met Dr Tammie Matson. Tammie was sharing some of her experiences in Africa amongst a small group of us and from what she was saying the situation on the ground for the elephants (and rhinos) was really quite dire. The reason for that was the demand for ivory and rhino horn from consumers in Asia.

Growing up in Australia I was exposed to the lobbying that brought about the global ivory trade ban in 1989 and had just assumed that there was no longer an issue. I quickly realised that if i didn’t know about this, then chances are a lot of other people wouldn’t know either. I wanted to learn about this myself and decided to take a journey to Africa with Tammie to meet the world’s top elephant scientists and conservationists to find out of this was really true.

Sadly, it is. We now see about 30,000 elephants killed every year to feed the demand for ivory.

70% of people don’t know that the elephant has to die (horrifically, by having its face hacked into to get the ivory out) to be able to supply this Asian consumption.

So, Tammie and I founded Let Elephants Be Elephants with the goal to educate the Asian public about the realities of the ivory trade with the goal to reduce demand. We need your help to spread the word. Please take the pledge to say no to ivory at and share the videos and facts on social media.

View the trailer to our documentary here.

Learn more about the plight of the elephants, pledge to never buy ivory and share what you learn at : 

-Nadya Hutagalung