Jamus once told me he always thought that the Draenei had more of an Indian flair to them, despite the Russian accents. And you kids know me and my affinity for pretty dresses, so naturally, I had to draw little Saashenka in something rather Bollywood inspired.

Will probably eventually ink and color this. And add a gratuitous amount of detail and bling. Drew inspiration from traditional Indian dance garb, and many Bollywood outfits.

My scanner still hates things, I still talk too much, and I’m still figuring out how Draenei legs work so, gomen.

Don’t believe I posted this one yet! Here’s a fairly new doodle drawing of a younger Kanta, and a babby Hypolyta. Kanta adopted Hypolyta at a young age by her mother’s request. Kanta raised her as if Hypolyta was own. She became stronger, and taller than Kanta could ever be. She now towers over him to this day. Kanta’s short afterall, being a runt at 6'4". This doodle is also done by Hypolyta’s player!

Reasons to come to Earthen Ring’s bi-weekly Harbor Markets. May you not be pro-bear or anti-rock people! (srsly)

(Info stuffs: The Harbor Market is a regular Alliance-side roleplay event on Earthen Ring-US that kicked off in 2010. It’s still rocking after all these years and welcomes cross-realm roleplayers. As for the bear thing… long story. TL;DR some gnome named Toddles.)

Here’s probably one of my most favorite comissions to date. This was mostly a gift when a good friend of mine was partly sick during the work. At first it was supposed to just be B&W linework but she hit it up a notch because she felt bad. What I had paid for a $25-35 dollar commission became an awesome present.

Kanta Wildsabre and his mate, Anarial Mistglaive, enjoying a moment of peace in the land of Moonglade.