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Honestly I think the penis sizes of the Battle Lovers would go as follows: En is like in life threatening territory, Io could be making a lot more money, Atsushi may not have the greatest ship but enough flow of the ocean, Ryuu’s deserves to be on display, and Yumoto is shota and I ain’t about that life. 

it's Earth day but it's also Doctor & River's anniversary

therefore i give you this

River is trying to finish the work she’s started at the university which explains the broken vase and skull. Archeology, riiight? The Doctor meanwhile wants to distract her by agressive cooking and acting like an adorable idiot, which apparently works.

It’s old as balls but what the hell… happy anniversary sweeties!



The Earthship concept is the brainchild of Michael Reynolds, who has written several books on the topic. Near Taos New Mexico, where he has his Earthship Biotecture business, are whole communities of earthships. The basic earthship design incorporates substantially bermed, passive solar architecture. The primary retaining walls are constructed with used tires, filled with earth and stacked up like bricks. The interior surface of the tires is then plastered with adobe or cement so the tires don’t normally show. Mike has also pioneered the use of empty aluminum cans mortared into lightweight, curvable walls. Earthships often employ many ecological concepts, such as water catchment from the roof, reuse of greywater, composting toilets, indoor gardening, etc.

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Am I just late or REALLY REALLY LATE? [haha I drew this when first trailer came out but didn’t actually have time to end it. procrastinatioon]

So, yeah. That’s how it should have been. Should? That’s how it was. In my head. In my heart. Haha. amount of stucky on my dash after this movie killed me a little

And yep, Nat is pretending she knows how to ink things.

[dj] nakushitamono to nakusanakattamono

Title: things that were lost and things that weren’t lost
Circle: こまめ通信社
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Characters: Tsukishima/Yamaguchi
Warnings: N/A (possibly cavity inducing)
Language: English
Scanlator: A Little Memorria
Please support the doujinka by buying your own copy & please do not reupload!

this pairing fuels me and smiling tsukki will always slay me
(( one day i’ll finish scanlating this doujin ))

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Gekkan Shoujo Week, Day 3, Favorite Ship / Favorite Friendship
——> Kashima/Hori


I used to think that the further away I got from it, the less it would hurt. But some days, the pain, it’s worse than the day that it happened. Some things you just can’t fight.