Phantom quartz - Fantom kvarc

Phantom crystal symbolizes universal consciousness. Its purpose is to stimulate the healing of the planet and that robudi iseljiteljske abilities in individuals. For this purpose associated with spiritual vodjstvomi enhances meditation.

Sapphire - Safir

Sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom and each color has its own particular wisdom. Directs and calms the mind, release unwanted thoughts, and mental tension. Bringing peace and equanimity of mind, sapphire coordinate physical, mental and spiritual sphere to establish a balance within the body.

Ruby - Rubin

Rubin is an excellent stone for energy. Entries force in the world, supplying energy and brings balance, although sometimes too sensitive or irritable stimulate people. Rubin encourages passion with my life, but never in the sense of self-destruction. Improves motivation and setting realistic goals.