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I need help finding a sub for me in Cincinnati OHIO. I don't know how much influence you have but I head no luck at all. I'm Jay 21, black with a cock that needs pleasing by a lowly cunt. Can you help me through the great vine?

Submissives need to be looked after, cherished; their submission is earnt by you respecting them and showing them that they can trust you. If you are looking for a submissive, do not immediately mention your cock because it makes you just look like an abusive perv. Submissives are not there just to please you. Some subs may not even want to have sex at all- they could just enjoy the d/s dynamic of the relationship. So if all you want is a ‘lowly cunt’ to please you then you aren’t really looking for a submissive, you are just a fake dom using bdsm as a cover to abuse vulnerable girls.

((So, today the partner and I are out of the country for a well earnt 10 day vacation and we don’t yet know what the state of the internet will be. Either, we’ll be fine and that means there will a lot of free time for RP (off game though since I’m not taking my gaming laptop :V) or we’ll basically be MIA. 

If anyone wants to leave prompts/questions/whatever, or would like us to do some kind of scene–either while we’re gone if net is good or for when we get get back–just toss something in my inbox! I do know I have a couple of people I need to get back to still, so I’ll try and get those done before we leave if I can. 

Anyways, take care, all! And we’ll see you either in GMT+1, or when we return. :) ))

So this is how I felt at the gym today. I’m unfortunately one of those girls who’s utterly terrified of the weights room. Men grunting at themselves in the mirror….not my cuppa tea ☕️
I usually hide upstairs using the weights and bench, but today for the first time ever was forced to go down into that dreaded room, and I won’t lie, I didn’t enjoy it too much at first but I’m do proud of myself for doing it properly!! Finally fought the fear!!
Don’t be a baby in the gym…I got this 👍💪🙊 #girlgains #shelifts #earnt #weights #fitness #fitfamuk #strong

First world problems soz

For the record, I now have one of the biggest dilemmas of all time, because if I take the job then it’s a huge step up on the career ladder and it would give me a ridiculously good level of experience, new contacts (and best friends, obvs) as well as a damn good blob on my CV and more money than I’ve ever earnt on one job before


it would coincide for about a month with Thing (it’s a 4 month contract), would necessitate getting up at 6am for an hour’s commute every day, would mean that I have to fit the work I currently do into evenings and weekends, and would involve 11 hour workdays.

Honestly, the only real barrier is Thing. Thing will always take priority, but I don’t even know if I’ve been accepted onto Thing yet, so I’d be a dick to say no to the job and then find out that Thing isn’t happening. Howevs, I’d also be a dick to say yes to the job and then miss a whole month of Thing.

I literally applied for this job thinking that there was no way I was going to get it because it’s such a big film, and then I only bloody went and got it.


No, but listen to me, Sunggyu’s first win is so important! Think about how much everyone teased him when his first album came out - they said it was a ‘flop’ and wasn’t successful. He spent years going on variety shows and having that said to him, even if it was a joke. And now he’s come back with this incredible album that he worked so so hard on. An album he got to work on with his hero, Nell’s Kim Jongwan. Every song is wonderful, and his title tracks show how he has matured both as an artist and a person. He deserves this win, and hopefully he gets more because this album truly is amazing. Sunggyu’s voice is one of the most beautiful and unique voices in the Kpop industry, and I say that not just as a Kpop fan and Inspirit, but as someone who appreciates and loves music of all genres.

Well done, Sunggyu. You earnt this win, and I hope you celebrate with everyone close to you!