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One Direction is ranked at No. 7 on Forbes magazine’s 2014 list of the world’s highest-paid musicians.

One Direction is ranked at No. 7 on Forbes magazine’s 2014 list of the world’s highest-paid musicians. According to Forbes, One Direction made $75 million (before taxes). Forbes explained how the list was compiled: “To form this year’s list, we considered income from touring, recorded music, publishing, merchandise sales, endorsements and other ventures. Management, agent and lawyer fees were not deducted. Earnings were calculated from June 2013 to June 2014 and based on data from Pollstar, the RIAA and Nielsen, and on interviews with managers, lawyers, executives and some artists themselves.”

After taxes, management, agent and lawyer fees, that’s about $5 million each.  Nothing to sneeze at, but Zayn was right, not as many zeroes on the account as people like to think.

The iPhone Company

It’s Apple earnings day which means two things:

1) Wall Street freaking out amidst record numbers.

2) Lots of people on Twitter linking to lots of different charts trying to explain Apple’s quarter.

I’m pretty sure we’ve reached peak chart.

The issue is that the only real things these charts show at this point is that Apple is both a habitual company and a money-making machine. And, to some extent, they prove the law of large numbers. The charts aren’t going up-and-to-the-right as fast as they used to because well, there are only so many people in the world who can buy Apple products.

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Women do at least enjoy better percentage pay bumps than men as their grades improve: The study, based on high-school transcript data and interviews of more than 10,000 students, found that, for men, a one-point increase in GPA translated to an 11.85-percent increase in annual earnings, compared to a 13.77 percent annual earnings increase for women. Still, the higher percentage increase isn’t enough for women to catch up to men because their base salary starts off so much lower.

Keanu has also done the same philanthropic acts in the past. He donated millions to cancer research as his sister has suffered a 10-year battle with leukemia. During the shooting of his film in Australia, he also gave the stuntmen team a $9,500 Harley Davidson motorcycle each. It was reported that he took paycuts on the Devil’s Advocate and The Replacements just to work with Al Pacino and Gene Hackman.

He deserves maximum respect! 

Quick Observations On Apple's Q2 2014

In no particular order:

  • A 7-for-1 stock split is insane (in a good way).
  • 800 million iTunes accounts and almost all of them have credit cards attached. This is perhaps the most important (and to some extent, most overlooked) part of Apple’s business going forward. They’ll hit a billion very soon.
  • Tim Cook’s second explanation on the iPad “miss” was better than his first. At first, he said it was channel inventory and sell-through. But later he spoke about how fast it grew — faster than any other product Apple has ever done — and implied that it’s hard to maintain such growth. Both explanations may be true, but the first is a technicality, the second is something everyone should be able to understand.
  • iPad revenue for the quarter was $7.6 billion. If my math is correct, the iPad has brought it roughly $32 billion in revenue in the past 12 months. If it were a stand-alone business, those numbers would place it in the top 100 of the Fortune 500. Think about that for a second.
  • By the same count, the iPhone as a stand-alone business would be in the top 25 of the Fortune 500.
  • Overall, this quarter was only the 15th best in terms of profit in the history of any company in the world.
  • Apple cash horde was actually down this quarter due to the buybacks. But it was almost all U.S. cash that was down — Apple still refuses to repatriate the overseas cash and instead is borrowing debt to pay for these massive buybacks. At one point, it sounded like Apple was basically (but indirectly) asking the U.S. for a tax holiday to bring some of their money back to the U.S.
  • The iPhone ASP decreased by quite a bit. But it wasn’t because the iPhone 5c is selling well, it’s because the iPhone 4S continues to sell well.
  • That said, margins overall were still amazing at 39.3 percent.
  • Angela Ahrendts is starting next week, nullifying reports to the contrary.
  • Tim Cook continues to sound more confident about the Apple TV as a product category as he announced “about” 20 million units sold. If I had to guess, I think we’ll see a new Apple TV product announced well before the iWatch this year.

One of these companies is not like the others. Can you spot it?

A few more tidbits:

The list goes to 22 with no end of oil companies in sight…

The last oil and gas company quarter on the list is from 2011. Since then, it’s only Apple.

And all but one of those Apple quarters was a holiday quarter (Q2 2012).