early years

Intimacy and touch are not easy subjects for Gillian. When she first arrived on the set of The X-Files, aged 24, she found the physical contact of the crew hard to take.

“I’d always been such a private person, such a loner, and such a non-physical person, and all of a sudden hair, makeup, wardrobe were here at the same time. At the beginning, I couldn’t take it. I think I had some tantrums… somebody would come from behind and brush my hair and I'd literally be like, ‘Ugh’, I felt violated, it was that strong. It must, from the outside, have looked as if I was just a spoilt bitch. And I probably was.”

Gillian Anderson, The Times (UK), October 2000


“It’s great. You know, it was great then, too. It’s like a sibling relationship. And I never had siblings. I had brothers and sisters that started when I was 13. So I was out of the house and didn’t have that experience. […]

"I think now we’ve grown up. We’re older. And I think we are more appreciative of the relationship, period, and the unique experience that we had together - and that we have an opportunity to continue that and foster it. We’ve always loved each other, and we’re always going to be at battle sometimes.”

Gillian Anderson, IWTB set interviews, 2008