the semiology police

these are a few early ideas for road signs suggested by a swiss automobile magazine in 1923. they depict road hazards ranging from the obvious: beware of giant snails—to the not-so: warning, ironman is about to swat you down. 

RMS Mauretania in Canada Dock in 1909.

Constructed by Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson on the Tyne in 1907, Mauretania was up until the Olympic was completed in 1911, the largest ship in the world and held the record for the fastest Trans-Atlantic crossing for 29 years.

The gentleman seen wearing uniform is Mauretania’s first Chief Engineer John Currie.

Thanks goes to Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums for the free uses of this image with accordance to the Commons.

Black and light, my family’s story
My great great grandmother was mixed “a quadroon” (3 parts white 1 part black) from what I was told she could pass for white, she then married a mixed man which produced light skinned children, she wanted them to all marry like she did.. “light skinned”
to produce more light skins which they all did, that’s my grandmother on the left, light skin like her grandmother wanted.

My grandmother was a “rebel” though she married a “dark skinned” and her family shunned her for years until they would except her and her family back into their lives. They had 5 children together out of 5 children only one light skinned was produced, which is the little boy clinging to her side in the photo, he became the favourite, meaning out of all her children he would get special meals, toys clothes etc.

My mom is the dark skinned little girl in this photo and she told me a story that has always messed with me, one day her and my grandmother went to visit my great great grandmother and she wouldn’t allow her to enter her home because she was too dark, she said something along the lines of “get that black child out of my house never bring her back here ever again ” I can’t imagine someone having so much self hate to deny their own blood.

My grandmother loved all of her kids but she was probably so brainwashed that she wanted to hold on to the one light skinned she had the one child the rest of her family would except she was probably looking for validation that she was still accepted within her own family.

This obviously had negative affects on my mother so when I married my husband whose white she didn’t talk to me for months, she has never said it but I know she wanted me to marry black. My son is now 2 and I’m afraid he’ll be skintoned obsessed like the other mixed kids on his fathers side that only consider themselves white. It’s 2014 and it’s like we haven’t moved anywhere from the early 1900s. I’m afraid that my great great grandmothers cycle will begin again.. Everytime I hear team light skin or team dark skin I cringe.