Grey and gloomy Saturday? Us tea aficionados know that means it’s time to relax and try out DavidsTea’s new fall collection! I’m brewing some Persian Apple right now, but meanwhile here’s another review to keep you going.

The Earl of Lemon (White bai mu dan tea, Green tea, lemon peel, freeze-dried yogurt, marigold blossoms, natural flavouring): ***

I find these twists on the classic Earl Grey rather interesting. Instead of channelling bergamot, the Earl of Lemon takes advantage of the lighter and subtler flavours of white tea to channel lemon. The end result is rather like a lemon cream cookie; it doesn’t pack the punch of true lemon oil essence, but gives a mild and pleasant creamy lemon flavour. While lacking in pizzazz and in memorability, it’s not a bad way to wind up a stressful weekday.

Im only a casual watcher of Adventure Time (I’ve seen them all though) but I got feelings because while rewatching Mystery Dungeon I noticed how Lemongrab responds to Tree Trunks discipline, and he kind of accepts it (he says the wrong thing AGAIN but he has a resonant and submissive response nonetheless) which made me sad because it kind of implies that through all his bad behavior and cruelty, it’s really not all his fault because he’s had little to no guidance in his life. He came out wrong so Bubblegum sort of brushed him aside. His response to Tree Trunks’ disciplinary speech implies that he wants limits and to have a sense of control around him. A parental type figure.
It’s just really sad that he turned out the way he did because what he needed was more love and better treatment.

But that’s probably far fetched, again I’m only a casual fan.
Also not excusing his tyranny and dictatorship, I’m just expressing the sadness behind the reason for it.

Stuff I’ve been missing thanks to the patria querida
  • Ordinary black, green or chamomile tea. Not fancy blends like Earl Grey or Honey and Lemon Chamomile, not herbal blends for slimming or sleeping or good digestion or “for those feminine days“, not any “super flavor added“ bullshitery, just plain black, green or chamomile tea. And even the blends are disappearing! The only thing available now is Rosa Jamaica, because even linden, only drink by those with nervous disposition, has disappeared.
  • Getting my favorite snacks at any kiosk. Because you getting Yukitas chips or ripe plantain Natuchips or Plain Ruffles or ordinary red bag  Doritos shouldn’t be subject to what distributors could release this week.
  • Going to the supermarket at the corner of my workplace at lunchtime to buy some supplemental thing (like a ramen cup or a salad bag or some soda for the coworkers) and not being deterred by the kilometric line waiting for the trucks bringing milk or toilet paper or chicken or whatever came today.
  • The ability of buying a new computer paying the equivalent of three months of salary. Because that was what my desktop cost in 2010. Today I would have to save 4 months of salary to buy a decent tablet, and about one full year to buy a replacement of it with their current specs, not a better one.

This was the easy one.

Disclaimer: There are literally thousands of cocktail recipes out there so if someone has already thought this up, my apologies.

Jagermeister Spice
Earl Grey Tea
Wedge of lemon (or orange if you must)
Mint leaves
Nice Tea set
Favourite biscuits or cookies

1. Start by adding a small handful of lightly crushed mint leaves to pot. Make a strong cup of Earl Grey tea. (I am going to assume you know how to make tea). Cool to room temperature.
2. In a nice tea cup, add a shot of Jagermeister, then top up with tea. Serve with bikkies (cookies to you Americans).
3. Garnish with a spring of mint and a wedge of lemon.
4. Drink may be sweetened, if wished, like normal tea or you could use simple syrup. Use a cinnamon stick as a stirrer.

1. Jagermeister is a liquour made with 56 herbs and spices. Urban myth says that opium is an ingredient. Definitely the definition of a herbal soother. Jagermeister Spice has a touch more vanilla and cinnamon.
2. You could drink the tea hot but that would reduce the alcohol content.
3. In a blind taste test conducted a year or two ago, the Earl Grey tea sold by Aldi was voted the best (cheap, too). The addition of bergamot in Earl Grey, makes it, in my opinion, the best match to the Jagermeister.