#1680: Aroi Curry Me! Penang White Curry Soup Noodle - Malaysia

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added mint, fishball, mungbean sprouts and tau pok. The noodles were very plump and had a thicker gauge than I expected - good stuff! The broth had a little sweetness to it and a spiciness as well. The curry flavor was pretty good. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 9556466211838.

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omg i literally cannot believe that rufio-mun was getting hate bc every time they log on I literally scream because they're so great. just. wow. i didn't really like rufio until Ean showed up like she portrays rufio so well i kind of am dying inside by how much of an Ean fankid I am


No, but really: thank you so much! Everyone’s been really sweet and I was not expecting the number of messages I got like this! Go you guys for being A+!

For those who asked about the freckles, ask me on my personal and I’ll give a tutorial, though it’s just walnut ink.

I hope you all have a nice day/night/existence ^ ^ ~ Ean/ Rufioh-mun}}

the fucking fantastic thing about supernatural fic is that sometimes its set @ my college in my college town, sometimes someone is an english major in the english department in my college in my college town in the fic. and im just like, wow,

its funny bc its a Good Reminder of why research even into like. things u think u wouldnt need to. is necessary if ur using a Real Place instead of a fake one (which most fics like this do) , bc like. its going to be a Trip . im ean, its just. weird, u know. whereas , well. maybe they did research. that would be even more of a trip.