The man behind Cake & Whiskey Club has been nominated in Eagle Rare Bourbon's Rare Life philanthropy awards for 2015! Carlo gives back on a daily basis to different organizations. Vote for him and he could win 50K to donate to charity! All it takes is a click on this link and a click on “VOTE for this story”. No sign up or anything! #livingphilanthropic

Spoiler alert: our version of inception. We took a Redstone exclusive and aged it inside another Redstone exclusive for 6 months. @idlehandsbeer aged 319 quad brewed with cherries in our hand selected eagle rare single barrel bourbon. Release will be this Saturday at noon right before our Beer fest to fight cancer…we will also have a small amount of original 319 on hand that we saved for this release for those who want to compare.

Boston’s speakeasy, The Marliave, did serve up what was declared by Brigadier Gratton to be ‘The Pinnacle’ of Old Fashionedness… Sadly a maintaining of consistency was not to be so a score of nine was declared upon this fine establishment. A return on Christmas Eve could return a higher score one hopes! The Brigadier was impressed that the cherries used in his Bourbon cocktail were not the neon red glacier that one would find in a lesser establishment… they were imported from Italy and soaked in home made Grenadine.