And here come Asmodeus and Belzebuth, the other two rulers of Hel.

Asmee rules over the most vital part of Hel, where the Eadras go to recuperation/crystalised state and where they are at their most vulnerable. Besides, with their Daal, a recuperation crystal is the most precious thing to them.
This role gives her a lot of influence and power through Hel, especially since her presence/echo is felt by the eadras when they are crystalised. Giving them a feeling of protection and making their stay less ‘lonely’, thus unconsciously gaining their confidence.
She has a very calm (even for an eadra) and protective nature, as well as a longing to get out of where she is, yet being torn with keeping her duty as a guardian.

Belzbuth is a special eadra, since he was not born (unlike Asmee and Luce) at the creation of Hel, and thus was not a triple-tear when he separated from his crystal (quite some time after Asmee and Luce started ‘birthing’ eadras).
Actually, Belzee was just a single black tear. Which isn’t the bottom of the power chain, but far from high enough to even get close to Luce and Asmee (I’ll explain the tears and power system of eadras in another post, later). Thus he had to go though all the chain by himself, fighting and managing to eat enough other eadras to grow to a two-tear and even to a three-tears self (to this day, only Rena manage the same fate, and it is because of very different reasons, like the fact that she is not not a complete eadra when she comes to the world).
After becoming a three-tear self, Belzebuth was invited among the rulers, and given the living area, where he had lived and fought through all of his evolution. Luce and Asmee decided to leave him this area since it was the one where he had the most power and influence, having gained the respect of all eadras after developping a third tear.
Belzee uses a very thin humanoïd form and rarely goes to his full form because he feels ashamed of his big and massive shape (as opposed to both Luce and Asmee).

Daalesh [] is the name by which Eadras refers to their birther : Asmee. Rena uses it as an honorific title when talking to her, since Asmee is not her actual mother, but still raised her as if she were her child (for the short time Rena got to spend on Hel after her birth at least).

It is from that term that comes the word Daal []. This word being used to describe the Eadra’s “soul mate” in a general term. Each Daal has a name that only the Eadra linked to them knows. This name is not final, as it changes with the person who bears it through time and the experiences they live (exemple : Lana’s Daal name is Mirian but at some point in her life she become so different from who she used to be that Rena cannot call her my her Daal name anymore (aka : drama everywhere))

Idk I like drawing her travelling with a cape and stuff. This ‘gear’ would be more reserved for when she accomplishes missions she got from the Raven Rose rather than Symphonia.

Tying to figure out some OCs designs. This is Lucifer, Rena’s father and king of one of the three realms of Hel, the eadras’planet.
Lucifer rules over the realm of death (also called dead realm), where souls/echo remanants go to when they leave a physical body to be later redistributed to another body (by itself or fused with other souls).

The other two realms would be the main realm (or living realm) ruled by Belzebuth (Belzée), where the eadras live in biggest concentration, and the sleep realm (realm of void) ruled by Asmodeus (Asmée) where are put the incubators in which the eadras go when they have to regenerate (eadras have very very few ways of dying, they usually just go back to a larval evergy state where they are vulnerable for as long as they need before living again).

I shamelessly say that the top left hairdo is Aryian’s, a character belonging to crispyfishsticks xD (Ary was the only mental image I had for Lucifer, while they have nothing in common except their immortality… that’s kind of funny).
This design is far from being final, but I hope I’m on a good start.