LOL EA. Decided to try this game time thing with TS4, just to see if I have grossly underestimated it.

Right off the bat, Origin is counting my TS4 time played at 20 hours - from the time spent in CAS on the demo over the summer. Mmkay, thanks guy.

And, according to their FAQ: “Your Origin Game Time clock begins when you first launch the game after it’s been fully downloaded and installed. Once started, the clock will continue to run whether you’re in the game or taking a break.” So God forbid I get to sleep or eat or do any of the grown up things that need to be done.

I hate loading screens.

The lighting is terrible.

And the game crashed.

I think we’re well under way for a personal conclusion that my impressions were right on the money.

  • Me:*enters Volcano nest*
  • Me:Ah the mechanics are pretty easy
  • Me:..? God damned lizard
  • Me:God damned shinysparkle hoarder
  • Me:God damned crocodile
  • Me:God damned chicken
  • Windwalker:lol fly with it
  • Artillery:snipe it
  • Crusader:*Holy Relic cuz fuck you thats why*
  • Me:* ends up throwing triple edge and air-left click*
  • Me:The chicken keeps eating my buff
  • Me:When it uses ring pls let me go to the middle god dang it I'm the highest DPS .-.
  • Me:Fuck the chicken I want the Fel Guardian back


10 Reasons Why Literary Adaptation Webseries Fandoms Are the Best Kinds of Fandoms

1. Episodes are free and regular and easily available! Also, there can be several episodes a week, which is AWESOME.

2. Binge-watching is always possible, and because episodes are short, you can usually go on a  binge without the crippling guilt and exhaustion you get after bingeing a TV show.

3. Fandoms are tight-knit and happy. Everyone supports everyone, no shipwars, no drama, and the whole thing is one massive support group.

4. You can interact with fictional characters online. Full on conversations about anything and everything, and it’s the best thing ever.

5. You can easily interact with the creators and actors online, and they tend to be the coolest and most talented people ever, which is awesome.

6. People usually watch several webseries together, so there’s always someone to fangirl with.

7. Barely any hiatuses, and the ones there are are usually about 1 week.

8. They feel way more realistic than most TV shows or movies, so immersing yourself in them is easy.

9. Lots of these series are made by high school/college students, so it renews faith in our generation.

10. Your favourite classic novels come to life in the modern day and it’s beautiful and perfect and generally incredible.

Bonus Point : The shipping is ASDFGHJKL beyond words


Borderlands Collector’s Edition - Sam Spratt

Been buried away working on one of the more difficult illustration projects I’ve ever had to tackle, but before I forget.. 2K Games commissioned me to paint the box art for the new Borderlands Collector’s Edition.