They are truly amazing artists in singing and dancing, therefore I will do my best to show the audience the both features of them. With regard to dance music, I do not need to talk about Yunho but the ability of Changmin in dancing has incredibly progressed, so that I give them choreography at the level for professional dancers. Additionally, I want all audience can enjoy the show, so I direct their stage in 360° space (full view).

The attractive points/charm points of them are that they truly care about their fans and they seriously devote themselves into their live shows. Changmin always pays attention to staffs and cares for them. He is a junior (to the most of the people) but he really is mature. Yunho tends to forget about (some part of ) lyrics and Changmin secretly tells Yunho the part by whispering to Yunho’s ear (Changmin is not letting other people to know about this).

Yunho is self aware that he is the leader. He really is confident/strong. But during rehearsals, Yunho plays silly/jokes around, and Changmin feeds Yunho his lines. However, Yunho does look over the whole picture with good balance, and he keeps thinking about how to make Tohoshinki even better.

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[Eng Sub-TVXQ! Express] 140924 Exclusive SuhoTV Interview with Yunho

About filming NWJ, enjoying kickboxing practice, looks forward to co-star with Changmin



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