• Wrestling:the thing where we get excited about everyone wearing more clothes, breaking necks, beating one another with things, 6 foot bearded men are our little babies, divas being epic, but also hoping that there are sleepovers happening with the wrestlers and corporate during huge storms.
  • Wrestling:we love it. Everything about it.

Lets clear up why RAW is cancelled tonight. It has nothing to do with the Royal Rumble last night. It has nothing to do with Roman Reigns. There is a Blizzard hitting Hartford where RAW was supposed to take place tonight. They have a travel ban issued for 9pm in Connecticut which means NO CARS, TRUCKS, OR ANY KIND OF VEHICLES, should be on the road from that time on (RAW doesn’t end until 11, 11:30 the latest if you’re there live). This blizzard is supposed to be ‘historic’. Labeled as one of the worst in CT since ‘96. It’s only 12:30 and it’s starting to snow yet some news reports say it was supposed to start at the time of the travel ban.