"egalitarians": omfg it’s just a joke sjws need to calm the fuck down

"egalitarians": *overhear a joke about a cishet white dude*

"egalitarians": omfg!!!! Why are you such a cunt!!! You’re the reason nobody wants to help you people!!! Reverse racism!!! Misandry!!!! Heterophobia!!! CISPHOBIA!!! SJWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the idea of cultural appropriation being dangerous is poison to culture itself. culture is an ever evolving stream of ideas, interpreted and reinterpreted by groups and individuals, culture is the life stream of humanity.

the reason why there are different, ‘seperate’ cultures is that until recently countries and people were indeed seperated by distance. fortunately that is not the case anymore, so culture isn’t limited to a certain group of people but can spread globally and the amount of people that have access to all different kinds of it and can take part in keeping it alive by interpreting it their way has risen infinitely.

the idea of cultural appropriation being a bad thing is nothing else but the desire to get back into the dark ages, to seperate what only flourishes when mixed, to kill all new culture, the desire to achieve stagnation. it sickens me.